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Next Door Nepal: A resurgent nationalism
Jul 11, 2017 Narendra Modi was cheered as a hero and trustworthy friend during his two visits to Nepal in July and November of 2014. He conveyed the impression that he had introspected about the grievances Nepalis had nursed over the years against its giant neighbour to the south. He said India would support Nepal’s journey to a federal republican order, speed up its projects in Nepal and finish them on deadline and that India recognised Nepal as the country of Buddha’s birth.
Nepal accepts $37 million loan from World Bank
Aug 12, 2013 Only 46 per cent of Nepal's population has electricity. To help remedy this and bring a change in living standards in the country, Nepal has accepted a $37 million loan from the World Bank for a power transmission and trade project with India.
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Nepal makes pitch for energy, connectivity
Feb 26, 2015 In a first of its kind, Nepal has made a strong pitch for foreign investments at a high-profile international forum, ‘ Nepal Investment Summit 2015’, organised outside the country. Despite constitutional vacuum and differences among political parties, Nepal i officials stressed, there is now broad political consensus that Nepal needs quick and heavy investments to upgrade its infrastructure--primarily, the energy and transportation sectors.
Disaster tool kit for Nepal's administrators
Feb 26, 2010 In order to sensitise policy makers and strengthen policy framework on disaster risk reduction, a group of DRR stakeholders have produced a concise information tool kit, including maps, fact sheets, existing legislation on disaster management, policy documents and possible early warning strategies for dealing with floods.
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India will continue to do its best to assist Nepal: Pranab
Dec 27, 2012 It is in India's interest that Nepal progresses as a stable, secular, democratic republic, the Indian President, Pranab Mukherjee, said.
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India provides NPRs 36.2 mn to Nepal for school building
Jul 11, 2014 The newly built infrastructure will help in the creation of better facilities for over 2,400 students, about 60 per cent of whom are girls.
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Double or Nothing: Nepal launches save tiger campaign
Feb 15, 2010 To mark year 2010 as year of Tiger, Nepal launched a campaign yesterday to double tiger population in the country. It pledged to increase tiger population from current 300 to 600 by the beginning of the next decade with intensified conservation efforts and control poaching.
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The road ahead for India-Nepal relations
Jun 22, 2017 June 20, 2017: A momentous task awaits Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the newly elected Prime Minister of Nepal, Sher Bahadur Deuba. The two have to maintain the momentum of the India-Nepal relationship (revived by former Nepal Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal) and alleviate the bitterness that had crept in during Dahal’s predecessor, Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli’s term. While several reasons can be cited for the plummeting of India-Nepal ties during Oli’s tenure, his accusation of India initiating an economic blockade against Nepal is noteworthy.
Nepal: Women are vulnerable to IEDs, says German Ambassador
Aug 06, 2012 The German Government, through the Federal Foreign Office, will provide grant assistance of 82,000 Euros (9,129,400 Nepali Rupees) to support UNICEF´s work of minimising the impact of explosive devices on civilians in Nepal.
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India gives Rs 35.7 mn aid for schools, hospital in Nepal
May 08, 2014 The India-Nepal Economic Programme has an outlay of over 65 billion Nepali rupees with more than 475 large and small development projects.
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Free-trade between Nepal and Pakistan on the cards
Jun 30, 2009 Foreign secretaries of Nepal and Pakistan attached special importance to inking Free Trade Agreement at the earliest at a meeting on Monday in Kathmandu. Both countries have also expressed their desire to further deepen bilateral cooperation in other areas of economy, agriculture, energy, environment and culture.
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IFC reaffirms support to Nepal
Aug 16, 2013 The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has confirmed it will continue supporting Nepal in its development efforts. The IFC looks at expanding Nepal's renewable energy portfolio, invest in agri-business and microfiance among other things.
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Communicating Climate Change in Nepal
Dec 24, 2013 The consequences of climate change will be devastating for a mountainous country like Nepal. Recent reports show Nepal's temperature will rise by up to 3 degrees Celsius in the next 40-90 years. The warming trends may result in heavy floods, landslides, forest fires, and soil erosion. Nepal will also suffer from droughts and Glacial Lake Outburst Flooding (GLOF), which is not only dangerous for those living in Nepal but will affect the livelihoods of people in South and East Asian regions who depend on Himalayan water. There is an urgent need to prepare vulnerable communities so that they can adapt. A small village in Madan Pokhara in west Nepal understands the consequences of changing climate and is preparing resilience mechanisms that will reduce their vulnerability. Source:
Nepal honoured with MDG award
Sep 20, 2010 Nepal received a Millennium Development Goal (MDG) award for its outstanding progress towards achievement of "improved maternity health goal" under the MDG-5. A video by UNDP highlights Nepal's slow but steady efforts for development.
Nepal: Indian quake a 'wake-up' call
Sep 21, 2011 The recent massive earthquake in northeast India, Nepal and Tibet is a ‘wake up’ call for people, says Nepal’s National Society for Earthquake Technology. It urges for increased earthquake preparedness and awareness.
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Love, sympathy, support, indifference, silence: How Nepal is responding to the Darjeeling unrest
Jul 05, 2017 Darjeeling is in turmoil and Nepal is watching each unfolding event with guarded support, sympathy, love, trepidation, a muted indifference or all of these emotions. Nepal shares a lot with Darjeeling, including the territory it ceded to the East India Company in 1816 through the Sugauli Treaty that also settled the current geographical boundary of Nepal. The Nepali-speaking people of Darjeeling look, dress, speak, and behave like us.
Nepal gets Indian aid for hospital, schools
May 08, 2014 May 8, 2014: India has provided Rs 35.7 million as financial assistance for the construction of two schools and a hospital in Nepal under a bilateral economic cooperation programme. Indian Ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae on Wednesday inaugurated the newly-constructed school building for Shree Sharda Higher Secondary School, among the oldest government- recognised schools in the district. The building constructed under Nepal-India Economic Cooperation Programme with an Indian assistance of 19.12 million Nepali rupees in Deurali village of Bhojpur district will help create better facilities for over 700 students, 55 per cent of whom are girls, according to an Indian Embassy press release. The India-Nepal Economic Programme has an outlay of over 65 billion Nepali rupees with more than 475 large and small development projects completed or currently being implemented in almost all the districts of Nepal. Photo: IFRC
Nepal: Conserving nature through religion
Sep 20, 2011 World Wildlife Fund has joined hands with Buddhist Lumbini Development Trust of Nepal and planted 108,000 tree saplings at Sacred Garden of Lumbini promoting harmony between humans, wildlife and nature to help Nepal adapt climate changes.
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Improved cooking stoves to foster health in rural Nepal
Jul 26, 2012 Nepal will produce nearly half a million improved cooking stoves over the next five years to benefit rural communities and bring the chance of better health to millions of people, particularly women and children.
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Mission Swabhimaan: Annual conference on rural telecentres
Jun 04, 2008 Forum for Information Technology Nepal is organising the third annual conference on rural telecentres of Nepal: Swabhimaan 2065 from June 19-20, 2008 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The event will global identify stakeholders and showcase successful model of telecentres for development communication.
Nepal’s farmers not gaining from research: experts
Aug 07, 2012 Nepal’s farmers are not benefiting from agricultural research, policy experts have warned. Its agricultural research system is not only poorly funded, but "research per se has become irrelevant, it has not reached farmers," Bhag Mal, consultant for the Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI), said at a policy dialogue on agricultural research, held in Kathmandu last week (25 July).
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Rebuilding Livelihoods, Building Back Better Key for Nepal, Says ADB Vice-President
Jun 24, 2015 KATHMANDU, NEPAL - Nepal needs immediate help to rebuild livelihoods after last month’s devastating earthquake but in the longer term, the country must make sure it is more resilient to future disasters, said Bindu N. Lohani, Asian Development Bank (ADB) Vice-President for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development
Nepal bans mercury-based equipment
Jul 17, 2013 The government has imposed a ban on the import, purchase and use of mercury-based equipment in Nepal, effective from Tuesday.
Nepal: Unmanned aerial technology to stop wildlife crime
Sep 19, 2012 Nepal’s anti-poaching efforts received a major boost this week as park rangers and army personnel learn how to operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in two national parks in a training program organized by WWF.
Tibetans facing hard time in Nepal
Sep 16, 2008 In the backdrop of fresh crackdown on Tibetans in Nepal living without valid papers, the International Campaign for Tibet has asked the Maoist government to issue identity cards to eligible refugees. Tibetan community is feeling increasingly insecure under the new regime, fearing that their status will get worse.
Nepal disaster preparedness needs to go local
Nov 14, 2014 Nepal's Ministry of Home Affairs put the number of people dead between June and September due to floods and landslides at 265.
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Mountain dwellers 'neglected' in Nepal
May 08, 2012 The mountain people in Nepal are worse off as compared to their brethren in the plains with nearly 40 per cent faring below the poverty line in a country where the national average is 31 per cent.
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Imparting education to women in Nepal
Dec 11, 2012 This video by the 'Foundation Care for All' portrays the implementation of ‘Care For All’ programme which aspires to uplift the literacy levels of women in Nepal thereby making them more independent.
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Tiger population in Nepal plummets
Jul 03, 2008 A new census in Nepal’s Suklaphanta Wildlife Conservation Park has revealed a sharp decline in its tiger count. Lack of resources and lax laws are said to have contributed to the spurt in poaching of the big cat. With India facing similar problems, Nepal wants to jointly redress the menace.
Nepal’s farmers not gaining from research: experts
Aug 09, 2012 Farmers in Nepal are not benefiting from agricultural research, policy experts have warned. Agriculture contributes up to 35 per cent of Nepal’s national wealth or gross domestic product (GDP), and supports the livelihood of over 60 per cent of its largely rural people, but farming research receives little attention.
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