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Land degradation damaging agricultural production: UN
Apr 10, 2013 The international community is losing vast amounts of agricultural production due to the effects of continuing land degradation such as desertification, a new United Nations study has warned, adding that without sustainable land management, development initiatives the world over will be stymied.
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Women's Cooperative diversifies farming activities in Orissa
Apr 09, 2013 National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI) has encouraged and empowered women to start managing a cooperative on their own, and has also started to address the issues that the poor farmers in the village were facing.
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Labour scarcity a constraint for Indian farm sector: expert
Sep 16, 2014 “The issue of agricultural labor shortage very closely affects poverty alleviation and basic food security,” ICRISAT DG.
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Digital sets to boost agricultural research in Bangladesh
Aug 12, 2015 The TEEAL digital sets containing more than 5 lakh articles will prove to be a boon in areas with limited access to internet.
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India needs proactive policy for water security
Feb 09, 2010 According to a study by Water Resources Group, India could face huge water deficit by 2030, if not followed by a vision and proactive policy. It suggests that by improving water efficiency and improved productivity in farming, this supply-demand gap could be reduced substantially.
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Bangladesh streamlines agriculture subsidy
Feb 11, 2010 The Bangladeshi government announces a novel agriculture input assistance card that will allow marginal, small and medium farmers to get a cash subsidy. The new system will streamline service delivery, enable automatic cash transfers and reduce misappropriation.
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Innovation projects bring food security in Himalayas
Feb 24, 2010 In the Ladakh region of high Himalayas where farming is only possible from April to August three-quarters of people depend on government subsidised food for survival. However innovation projects like artificial glaciers, hydraulic ram pumps to lift water and cooperative farming are changing the ground situation.
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New salt resistant paddy offers hope to farmers
Mar 16, 2010 A new salt resistant paddy is improving livelihoods of coastal farmers in southern Bangladesh, where increasing soil salinity in agricultural lands have become a major concern, due to rising sea levels. Bangladesh might lose the largest amount of cultivated land globally due to rising sea levels, warns UN.
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Train women smallholders for better crops, says report
Mar 18, 2010 A report issued by the City & Guilds Centre for Skills Development reveals that giving women farmers the same inputs and education as men could increase the yields by 20%. Although a large number of agricultural producers are women, it states that inadequate skill development remains a concern.
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Selling land in desperation
Apr 06, 2010 Big and small land owners in several parts of the state of Bengal have been sending request to the administration to help in selling off their land because agriculture is not turning out to be viable. This is a reverse trend where farmers are giving up their lands with consent.
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India: Agricultural investments urged to avert food crisis
Apr 30, 2010 A Dutch agricultural expert has cautioned India of a possible food crisis if the agricultural sector remains ignored for long. With India’s farm sector plagued by problems of irrigation and shortage of arable land, he advises the government to make new investments in agricultural infrastructure and in land reforms.
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As they sow, so they not reap
May 21, 2010 Ambiguity surrounds farmers of Afghanistan as profits yielded by crops differ remarkably. High investment associated with high-profit fruit and saffron production acts as barrier to crop switching. In effect, millions remain vulnerable and food insecure while humanitarian wheat procurement presents a gleam of hope.
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Declining wheat consumption indicates food insecurity in Pakistan
Jun 03, 2010 Decline in consumption of wheat, the most basic of food staples in Pakistan, raises concern as it indicates the loss of purchasing power of the country’s people, said a UN official on Wednesday. The situation seems to be unstable with the soaring price of wheat and struggling economy of the country.
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Kerala faces grim food scarcity
Jun 04, 2010 With the gap between production and requirement of food grain widening every year, Kerala’s food scene is turning gloomy. The steeping increase in food prices indicates the state’s large dependence on other states and an urgent need of a mechanism to face the imminent food crisis.
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Kashmir faces climate crisis
Dec 16, 2009 Kashmir on the Indian side is beginning to recover from two decades of bloody conflict. But the region, once known as ‘paradise on earth’ because of its stunning natural beauty and abundant resources, is now facing another crisis – a changing climate.
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New rice strains to fight Bangladesh floods
Dec 17, 2009 Researchers at the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute are hopeful that three new rice varieties currently being tested would help the country survive its floods and the impacts of global warming. Around 80% of Bangladeshi farmers are dependent on rice cultivation.
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Global food prices decline for third straight month: FAO
Jul 07, 2014 Global food prices dip for a third consecutive month in June following a ten-month surge, the United Nations agriculture agency said.
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Agro-forestry can boost rural economy: experts
Apr 22, 2013 To boost its rural economy, India must embrace a new approach that acknowledges the inter-connected nature of farming that integrates trees into agricultural landscapes, says Tony Simons, Director General, World Agro-forestry Centre.
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India to promote village level food processing centres
Jun 16, 2014 The Indian govt aims to introduce food processing centres at village level to boost farmers’ income and fight food inflation.
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Join us to improve the lot of farmers: Corporates to Govt
Jan 31, 2014 Private and public ventures should come together for extension programmes for the benefit of farmers, suggested agri-business entrepreneurs.
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Roundtable to discuss financing for sustainable farming
Jan 07, 2014 OneWorld along with SJS is organising a roundtable conference in New Delhi to discuss ways of financing sustainable agriculture in Uttarakhand.
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Experts meet to discuss financing for sustainable farming
Jan 07, 2014 Shri Jagdamba Samiti (SJS) along with OneWorld is organising a roundtable meet to discuss ways of financing sustainable agriculture in Uttarakhand.
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India’s food security scheme unviable, says trade body
Jul 18, 2013 According to Fertiliser Association of India, India’s food security scheme cannot be executed successfully unless farming is made profitable.
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Partnering for growth
Aug 31, 2013 The last session of the Rebuilding Uttarakhand conference was a mix of practical and pragmatism, cushioned on a well-reasoned nuance of leadership in the emerging times.
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Horti Expo 2008
Jul 25, 2008 Delhi based Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals is organising a mega horticultural exhibition from November 6-9, 2008 on the sidelines of the 3rd Indian Horticulture Congress to be held in Orissa in eastern India. The exhibition will showcase new initiatives in horticulture research and food processing sector.
Asia Pacific Rice Film Award 2008
Oct 10, 2008 Malaysia based Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific invites entries for the rice film award, the last date for which is January 31, 2009. The award seeks to recognise efforts generating awareness on role of rice in the region's economy, culture and livelihoods.
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No breakthrough in WTO talks
Jul 30, 2008 After nine days of hectic negotiations at Geneva, the Doha Round of multi-lateral trade talks collapsed once again as India and China remain unrelenting on the US demands for opening markets. The developing countries insist on safeguarding farmers’ livelihoods against emergencies like global food crisis and oil price rise.
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India ranks below B'desh on undernourishment: FAO
Jun 03, 2015 During the last 25 years, only 21.5 million people have been able to come out of hunger in India, says the FAO Hunger Map 2015
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US aid temporarily resolves Afghan pastureland conflict
Jun 24, 2009 US humanitarian aid has successfully staved off the brewing conflict between two ethnic communities in Afghanistan. Over past few years, disputes over access to public pastureland between Kuchis and ethnic Hazaras have frequently led to armed clashes.
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India may receive below normal monsoon this year
Jun 25, 2009 India’s Meteorological Department has revised its forecast saying that the country is expected to receive below normal monsoon this year. However, scientists and Planning Commission have allayed the fears of adverse impact on agriculture and economy.
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