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Cross-border project launched to save Mt Kailash
Apr 12, 2010 India, Nepal and China have joined hands to conserve the Greater Mt Kailash Region, under the guidance of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development. In its first phase the project aims to establish a transboundary cultural and biodiversity conservation landscape and engage stakeholderds in the three countries.
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Burma's Chin villagers face persecution by junta
Apr 21, 2010 People of the Chin State in Burma have been subjected to abuse and persecution for decades as part of a Burmese government policy to suppress the villagers and their ethnic identity. Activists and refuges are coming out to narrate their stories to the world and provide them with support.
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Asian women filmmakers inspire change
May 06, 2010 The International Association of Women in Radio and Television organises an annual film festival wherein filmmakers across Asia document positive changes in women’s lives. The discussions and films at the event were a source of inspiration and learning for various filmmakers who consider documentary films a catalyst for change.
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Indian cabinet finalises climate position for Copenhagen
Dec 11, 2009 India’s union cabinet has finalised the brief for India's position to be adopted on the issue at the high-level talks at Copenhagen summit. Meanwhile Chinese premier Wen Jiabao called up Indian prime minister and sought harmonisation of positions of both countries.
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Report highlights climate adaptation in the Himalayas
Dec 11, 2009 For people in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas, adapting to increased risk of severe floods and droughts are among the new climatic realities. A report released on the sidelines of the Copenhagen climate summit draws attention to climate-induced water constraints and hazards faced by communities in the region.
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Sri Lanka: Can nationalism be separated from justice?
Jul 02, 2012 'Nationalism' according to Basil Fernando of the Asian Human Rights Commission is one of the most misused words in the 20th Century, and Basil feels Sri Lanka is no exception to this.
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"India is moving towards a system of universal healthcare"
Jul 10, 2012 According to Dr Dileep Mavalankar, Director, Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar, India cannot afford not to provide health care to all, because the consequences of lack of healthcare and lack of financial protection are too devastating for the poor.
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Award for excellence in media and communications
Oct 01, 2010 Asian Media Information Centre (AMIC) announces the AMIC Asia Communication Awards, 2011 to honour excellence in media and communications. Nominations are invited before December 31, 2010.
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International workshop on resource mobilisation
Apr 30, 2012 International charity, the Resource Alliance, is organising an international workshop on resource mobilisation (IWRM) Asia from 3-6 July 2012 in the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur. The workshop will provide comprehensive training on aspects of resource mobilisation and sustainable fundraising techniques.
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WHO recommends anti-diarrhoea vaccine
Jun 08, 2009 WHO’s group of experts, based on new clinical trials, have strongly recommended administering anti-diarrhoea vaccine on all children for reducing severe diarrhoea episodes. Rotavirus, cause of the disease among infants and young, kills half a million children in the developing world – mostly in Asia and Africa.
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ADB to double clean energy investments in Asia
Jun 18, 2009 As part of its energy efficiency initiative, the Asian Development Bank has decided to double its clean energy investments in Asia to US$ 2 billion, starting from 2013. Wind, biomass and hydropower in countries like China, India, Bhutan and others are likely to get a boost from this hike.
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Africa-Asia civil society exchange on MDGs
Jun 23, 2009 An African delegation of civil society leaders is on a visit to India to share their experiences, challenges and success in advocacy on MDGs. Organised by the UN Millennium Campaign, the visit's first day was marked by a meeting with a union cabinet minster and the release of MDGs Status Reports for two Indian states.
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Chinese president returns home amidst continuing violence
Jul 08, 2009 There has not been any let up in the violence that erupted in the city of Urumqi in China’s Xinjiang region last Sunday. The conflict has its roots in ethnic tension that has been brewing between the Turkic Muslim Uighurs and the Han Chinese for many decades now.
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Indonesia to host Asian meet on disaster risk reduction
Oct 23, 2012 Asian leaders will converge on October 23 to talk about the preparedness at the local level, for tackling the challenges brought by the disasters.
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India to create world’s biggest free trade market
Nov 19, 2012 India will enter negotiations to further liberalise trade in goods, services and investment in Asia in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh in the next two days that are expected to bring in significant economic benefits to the country.
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Enabling good carbon governance
Dec 16, 2009 ICIMOD’s new study entitled Potential for carbon finance in the land use sector in the Hindu Kush – Himalaya Region provides an insight into the carbon financing opportunities in the region. It highlights the need for adopting proper mechanisms while undertaking land-based carbon finance activities in the mountains.
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Burma's empty rice bowl
Jul 07, 2010 Once a leading rice exporter, Burma’s waning glory has been a story of declining yields, indebted farms, and falling incomes. With development initiatives not adequate to fill the gaps in the region, it has sown desperation among farmers and stunted economic growth in the countryside.
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Burmese tiger reserve razed for mono-crop development
Aug 27, 2010 The Hukuang Valley Tiger Reserve in northern Burma, largest in the world, is being grazed down for cash crops plantations. Construction is in full swing at a factory within the protected area which has rendered tigers as well as tribals residing in the reserve homeless.
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Asian nations at the forefront in green investments
May 06, 2010 China and Republic of Korea lead the way in green investments as part of their economic stimulus packages with 3% GDP allotted to environmental sectors, according to a new book co-published by UNEP. Other countries need to invest more in global economic recovery efforts to prevent further damages, says the author.
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Long-lasting conflicts require shift in approach
May 20, 2010 The annual report of International Committee of the Red Cross emphasizes on long-term humanitarian response to curb the socio-economic problems caused by extended armed conflicts in several parts of the world. Sustained and flexible assistance is required to ensure stability and growth of these countries.
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Meet UK's new Asian women leaders
May 21, 2010 The election of six British Asian women as members of parliament is being seen as an event that would reinforce the importance of these women in UK’s political arena. However, women's campaigners remain gloomy due to large inequality in number of seats won by women.
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Asia: Most vulnerable to natural disasters
Jun 01, 2010 Bangladesh, Indonesia and Iran have been rated as the most vulnerable to natural disasters, according to a new study ranking 229 countries on their vulnerability to natural disasters. These rankings are base on frequency of events as well as the likelihood of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, storms, flooding, droughts, landslides and epidemics.
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Unshackling the mentally ill
Jun 03, 2010 Mentally ill patients of Indonesia find hope as the government and experts come forward to eliminate the practice of shackling them. In Indonesia, where mental healthcare is scarce, a unique training programme has shown commendable results in improving the condition of thousands.
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Asia: Mobile news coverage gaining popularity
Jun 17, 2010 Mobile phones are proving very handy in relaying crucial information to the international community, report media experts. With many Asian countries facing media censorship, mobiles equipped with video camcorders and other multimedia tools are becoming fastest-growing communication device.
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For comfort, China adding more heat
Jul 05, 2010 Although China is making huge investments to make the nation energy-efficient, aspiration for a more westernised, comfortable living is spilling waters over the efforts. The 1.3 billion strong population clamoring for bigger cars, electrical home appliances, air-conditioned shopping malls is only making the goal to curb emissions arduous.
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Sunshine legislation against corruption in China
Jul 13, 2010 Amidst widening public anger against corruption in officialdom in China, its ruling communist party has decided to make anti-corruption laws more stringent. Through the new legislation, President Hu Jintao expects to reinforce the eroding legitimacy of the party and strengthen its control.
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North Korea: Alarming healthcare crisis
Jul 19, 2010 Healthcare in North Korea is collapsing in the wake of improper medical facilities and a dire lack of medicines, warns Amnesty International. The famine hit and shuffling economy relies mostly on foreign aid to procure food for its population leading to starvation, epidemics and malnutrition.
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Deadly asbestos selling like hot cakes in Asia
Jul 22, 2010 Though the use of asbestos faces a ban in many countries across the world, it enjoys a thriving market in India and other developing countries, a report says. The worker safety regulations are lax in these countries and an increasing number of people are being exposed to its hazards.
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Nuclear technology to boost agriculture in China
Aug 17, 2010 China is actively engaged in research and experiments to apply nuclear technology involving the use of irradiated seeds, for agricultural development. The method is expected to give either a massive boost to the productivity or enhance the quality of the crops.
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Asian countries record highest illegal tiger trade
Nov 10, 2010 A study done by British-based Traffic International with support from Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) said that more than 1,000 tigers have been killed in Asia over the last decade for illegal trade in parts. With barely 3,500 remaining in the wild, the region’s tiger population is nearing extinction.
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