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Sheikh Hasina urges rich to flourish talent of disabled
Jul 16, 2014 "There is no dearth of rich people in the country. So I would like to urge them to come forward to flourish the talent of the people with disability," she said.
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South Asian giants' fillip on LGBT discourse
Jun 29, 2016 The LGBT discourse in Pakistan and India has been reignited, thanks to a decree by a Pakistani religious group and a petition before India's Supreme Court
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Digital sets to boost agricultural research in Bangladesh
Aug 12, 2015 The TEEAL digital sets containing more than 5 lakh articles will prove to be a boon in areas with limited access to internet.
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Thousands benefit from vegetable farming in Bangladesh
Feb 01, 2010 The homestead vegetables gardens have helped more than 15,000 families of 150 villages in northwestern Bangladesh overcome poverty and achieve economic self-reliance. Earlier most of them were living in abject poverty in the erosion-prone sandy chars.
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Trafficking adds to the woes of pavement dwellers
Feb 03, 2010 Close to 14 million Bangladeshi citizens live in pavements and streets, most of them environmental refugees. While the women and children become vulnerable to trafficking, lack of awareness and legislation to protect their rights, social prejudices and corruption is aggravating their situation.
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Bangladesh riverbed cleaning drive goes futile
Feb 08, 2010 A riverbed cleaning drive initiated by the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority is becoming completely ineffective with tonnes of waste being disposed into the waters everyday. Environmentalists fear that unless urgent action is taken to prevent dumping rubbish into the rivers, it is going to remain a lifeless pit.
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Bangladesh: Fair price cards for marginal families
Feb 09, 2010 The Bangladeshi government has decided to introduce fair price cards for 25 lakh ultra poor families, without any permanent income, land or enlisted in safety net programmes. Beginning February 21, it will allow poor, especially women to purchase 20 kilogrammes of rice at Tk 22 a kg for three months.
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Bangladesh streamlines agriculture subsidy
Feb 11, 2010 The Bangladeshi government announces a novel agriculture input assistance card that will allow marginal, small and medium farmers to get a cash subsidy. The new system will streamline service delivery, enable automatic cash transfers and reduce misappropriation.
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Bangladesh rejects climate fund from UK
Feb 15, 2010 Dhaka has rejected Britain’s offer of £60m fund for climate change through World Bank saying that it would have unfavorable conditions attached to it. Activists from Britain and Bangladesh suggest that an alternative mechanism could be worked out to distribute all the money through a national board.
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Dhaka: Medical examinations traumatic for rape survivors
Feb 16, 2010 Lack of women doctors for medical examination is proving to be a major impediment to justice delivery in rape cases in Bangladesh. Many of the survivors baulk at the insensitivity of the examination which prevents legal action against the attackers.
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Embankments crucial to protect the homeless
Feb 18, 2010 Aid agencies have urged the Bangladeshi government to speed up reconstruction of the coastal embankments destroyed by cyclone Aila by the end of March. Failing to repair the embankments on time would leave more than two lakh homeless people facing another monsoon in appalling conditions.
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Rohingya refugees face uncertain future
Feb 19, 2010 A major humanitarian crisis is unfolding for the unregistered Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh say Medicines Sans Frontiers. Burma refuses to give them citizenship or land ownership and Bangladesh does not permit them to work or access food aid.
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Bangladesh's return to secularism
Feb 22, 2010 After a recent Supreme Court ruling to strike down an amendment that allowed religion-based political parties to flourish in the country, Bangladesh is all set to return its constitution to secular roots. The government has widely welcomed the move as a 'victory of constitutionalism'.
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Sunderbans eco-system under threat: WWF
Feb 23, 2010 According to a latest study rising sea levels would lead to the shrinkage of the Bangladesh Sunderbans by 96% within half a century. Although experts claim the Indian side of the Sunderbans will not be badly affected, concerns are rising over the impact on tiger habitat and livelihoods.
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From drug addicts to healers
Feb 24, 2010 Members of Punorjibon, an organisation dedicated to make a drug free society, conduct awareness campaign against drug abuse and have set up a service centre for addicts in Bangladesh. Many of the drug users belong to poor families and collect money by selling their blood.
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Bangladesh's ethnic tribe struggle to survive
Mar 11, 2010 Hundreds of Bangladeshi Buddhist monks have held peaceful protests across the world highlighting the violence against country’s indigenous people by the Bengali Muslim settlers. Human rights organisations have asked the government to stop this army backed violence and to implement the 1997 peace accord.
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Indigenous communities plight worsens in Bangladesh
Mar 16, 2010 The recent violence in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh has created panic and insecurity among the indigenous people and Bangalee settlers. While the successive governments have created suspicion among both the sections by encouraging Muslim settlement, no effort has been made to crate a harmonious atmosphere between them.
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New salt resistant paddy offers hope to farmers
Mar 16, 2010 A new salt resistant paddy is improving livelihoods of coastal farmers in southern Bangladesh, where increasing soil salinity in agricultural lands have become a major concern, due to rising sea levels. Bangladesh might lose the largest amount of cultivated land globally due to rising sea levels, warns UN.
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An ironic twist to maritime dispute in South Asia
Mar 25, 2010 A maritime dispute between India and Bangladesh over the New Moore Island in the Bay of Bengal seems to be resolved by its submergence due to global warming. According to a UN panel, Bangladesh which lies in a low lying delta remains vulnerable to rising sea levels.
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UNHCR helps self-reliant Rohingyas' resettle
Mar 29, 2010 The 19-year old Khaleda Begum and her entire family have been approved for resettlement in Australia by UN Refugee Agency because of her family’s progressive attitude and behavior such as emphasis on education and late marriage. Rohingyas’ are aware that becoming more self-reliant will ultimately enhance their future prospects.
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Bangladesh: Political will missing on RTI implementation
Mar 30, 2010 Taking stock of the Right to Information Act after one year of its coming into force, in a seminar organised at Jatiya Press Club, experts from different fields voiced concern over the slow implementation of the act and lack of awareness among the public about it.
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Water pipeline offers promise to Bangladeshi villagers
Apr 06, 2010 A pipeline network initiated under a public-private partnership for Satkhira villagers is preventing the use of arsenic contaminated water. Saving over 1500 lives many such pipeline schemes are scheduled to start by the end of April in several villages in different districts.
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Selling land in desperation
Apr 06, 2010 Big and small land owners in several parts of the state of Bengal have been sending request to the administration to help in selling off their land because agriculture is not turning out to be viable. This is a reverse trend where farmers are giving up their lands with consent.
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India-Bangladesh unite to protect Sunderbans
Apr 07, 2010 India and Bangladesh will jointly launch the Sunderbans Ecosystem Forum in September to protect the region from climate change. The project, to be funded by World Bank, will be executed over five years aimed at conserving the tigers, managing mangroves and improving livelihoods of inhabitants.
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Bangladesh documents women's role in 1971 war
Apr 15, 2010 A three-member parliamentary sub-committee has been formed to collate information on the role played by women in Bangladesh’s liberation war. The absence of a complete history of women’s participation and contribution in the war has brought out the need to archive their sacrifices.
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Army aids water management in Dhaka
Apr 20, 2010 The acute water crisis and a rise in water borne diseases necessitate troops to guard water pumps in Dhaka. With demand for water exceeding supply, an alternative to tapping surface water also remains to be explored.
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Bangladesh grows in size
Apr 23, 2010 A study reveals that the land mass of Bangladesh has increased due to high sedimentation flow from Himalayas after a high magnitude earthquake hit Assam in 1950. The new land that emerged in the Meghna river estuary of Bangladesh is five times larger than the area of Dhaka City.
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Bangladesh: Nine projects to fight climate change
Apr 27, 2010 The Climate Change Fund Trustee has sanctioned Tk 46.50 crore for initiating nine new projects led by various government agencies to fight the impacts of global warming. Besides the projects, the State Minister for Environment and Forests has also approved the policy guidelines of Climate Change Fellowship.
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Bangladesh to ratify UN treaty on migrant rights
Apr 28, 2010 Bangladesh's Foreign Ministry has announced to ratify the UN treaty on the protection of migrants enhancing the country's image, as not only a major migrant exporting nation but a caring nation as well. Although activists find the move critical, administrators feel this may help to assert migrants workers rights.
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Repression, deaths over dowry increase in Bangladesh
May 04, 2010 Bangladesh human rights group, BSEHR in its monthly report affirmed significant growth of human rights violation in the country. The BSEHR chairman has urged authorities to take effective measures to guarantee people’s rights, particularly women rights with regard to the increasing murder and suicide rate.
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