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Sustainability is not a choice, but a necessity
Feb 12, 2014 South Asian region is most vulnerable to climate change impact, warns Thet Thet Zin, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry, Myanmar.
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Polling going on smoothly in Bhutan elections
May 31, 2013 The voters will decide the fate of the four parties, out of which the ones scoring the highest and second highest votes candidates will again face off on the 13th of July.
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South Asian giants' fillip on LGBT discourse
Jun 29, 2016 The LGBT discourse in Pakistan and India has been reignited, thanks to a decree by a Pakistani religious group and a petition before India's Supreme Court
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Addressing unemployment by entrepreneurship
Feb 23, 2010 The labour ministry of Bhutan has concluded its first entrepreneurship training for unemployed youth from the poorest regions. Organised as part of UNDP’s human security project, the programme aims to create new employment opportunities and reduce rural-urban migration.
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Local artisans learn to build safer homes
Mar 03, 2010 About 115 carpenters and masons from eastern Bhutan are being trained to build quake resistant homes under the Bhutan recovery and reconstruction plan funded by UNDP. Bhutan lies on a seismically active zone and the recurring aftershocks of last two quakes have put people and authorities on alert.
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Bhutan on a cleanliness drive for SAARC summit
Mar 17, 2010 For the upcoming SAARC summit, Thimphu City Corporation with the help of volunteers and support from Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry has started a campaign to make the city cleaner and greener. However involving the public is the best way to keep the city clean, argue volunteers.
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UN approves Bhutan's hydropower project
Apr 13, 2010 Bhutan's Dagachhu River hydropower project wins UN Cross-Border approval with an expected emissions reduction by about 500,000 tonnes per year. Developed jointly by India and Bhutan it will provide low-cost electricity to rural domestic customers in Bhutan, as well as export clean energy to India.
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Bhutan caught in a scrabble of climate change
Apr 14, 2010 The only country among 194 UN members that has declared itself ‘climate negative’, Bhutan soaks up more greenhouse gases than it emits. While other countries are still struggling to become carbon neutral but are far from the goal, Bhutan leads with its ambitious projects to reduce the use of fossil fuels.
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Bhutan halts HPV vaccines programme
Apr 19, 2010 Bhutan has turned down over $40 million worth of ‘free’ HPV vaccines. In a letter to the Bhutan Department of Public Health, the country’s Drug Regulatory Authority demanded the halt of the launch of the vaccine campaign that is scheduled to go nationwide on May 5, 2010.
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Bhutanese refugees pin homecoming hopes
Apr 28, 2010 Evicted from Bhutan for almost two decades, thousands of Bhutanese refugees living in camps in Nepal call for repatriation. Activists and leaders urge the heads of the state meeting at the ongoing SAARC summit to start multilateral talks for their return and set-up a South Asian Refugee Commission.
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New dams may pose risk to Bhutan's ecology
May 05, 2010 The construction of large dams on some rivers in Bhutan to generate sizeable amount of electricity is expected to have serious repercussions on the natural environment of Bhutan and India. Little data about dams and their impacts in the public domain is also a serious concern among environmentalists.
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Delimitation delays local elections in Bhutan
May 12, 2010 The process of setting up a democratically elected government at local level in Bhutan could be delayed due to incomplete delimitation work, a prerequisite to prepare voter’s list. According to the Election Commissioner extra time is also required for voter’s education, training and to overcome logistical problems.
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Cost of healthcare to go up in Bhutan
Jan 28, 2010 Bhutan is likely to witness sharp increase in healthcare costs, says a McKinsey finding. The country’s health minister has urged for more efficiency, stressing on cutting costs by about 15% so as to make it possible for government to continue providing free healthcare services.
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India proposes new ideas to strengthen ties with Bhutan
Jun 16, 2014 Bhutan was selected for the newly elected Indian Prime Minister's first foreign visit.
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Bhutan PM on six-day visit to India from today
Aug 30, 2013 The visit comes at a time when India is considering Bhutan government's proposal for financial assistance of Rs 4,500 crore under 11th Plan.
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Inculcating 'dignity of sanitation' in South Asia
May 21, 2009 At a workshop currently on in the Bhutanese capital, school children are learning the importance of sanitation and hygiene. In South Asia, about 900 million people still do not have access to toilets.
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Maternal mortality rate appalling in Bhutan
Jun 17, 2009 A new report released on maternal and child health in Bhutan reveals that many women die due to pregnancy related complications. The report recommends creating a supportive environment for women by educating, empowering and providing them with proper healthcare.
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Bhutanese refugees in Nepal hope for repatriation
Jun 23, 2009 Thousands of Bhutanese refugees in Nepal who fled their country fearing ‘ethnic cleansing’ have resettled in third countries over the past year. While bilateral talks have failed to come up with a solution, these minorities also known as ‘Lhotsampas’ have launched a campaign for repatriation.
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Heartache for wives of Bhutanese refugees
Jul 03, 2009 Nepalese women married to Bhutanese refugees fear they may be left out of the third country resettlement programme and end up separated from their families. Even children will get separated from their uncles, cousins and grandparents.
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Aquaculture grows by leaps and bounds in Bhutan
Jun 29, 2010 Bhutanese farmers are taking up aquaculture to make a living in rural parts of the country. Aided by training and availability of fish fingerlings they have created their own fishery pond; however inaccessibility of motorable road is preventing them from enhancing their farm.
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Bhutan fears return of controversial vaccine
Jul 06, 2010 Even though WHO has convinced that deaths of infants were not due to the use of pentavalent vaccine, fear among the natives run high on its re-introduction. To avoid risk, an 11-member committee has been set up to investigate the impact of the vaccine before starting it again.
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Bhutan earmarks $5m for renewable projects
Jul 08, 2010 Though landlocked Bhutan is capable to meet its energy demand with hydropower, the government has allocated $5m in solar, biogas and wind projects. Plans to develop home solar PV systems, biogas plants for household use and small-scale wind power demonstration plants are underway.
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Farm road to revive fallow land
Jul 20, 2010 A road connecting Shingkhar village in Bhutan and its isolated hinterland will now facilitate the cultivation of a huge area of fallow land in the region. Besides this, a new milk processing unit and a community forest will strengthen the village economy.
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Bhutan: 1/3rd health units run by lone workers
Aug 13, 2010 Bhutan faces shortage of health workers as many doctors and nurses leave for higher studies abroad. There are around two health workers assigned to a population of 2500, whereas in remote areas the ratio is 1:2500.
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Bhutan hosts Climate Summit for a Living Himalayas 2011
Aug 11, 2011 Representatives from Bangladesh, India and Nepal will convene in Bhutan in November to establish a strategy for adapting to climate change, especially its impact on the Himalayas, and to create networks enabling information and experience sharing.
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Bhutan gears up for 2nd national elections on Saturday
Jul 12, 2013 Bhutan has a tri-cameral parliament of the King, National Council and the National Assembly.
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Indo-Bhutan friendship mela begins in Assam
Jan 17, 2013 The third Indo-Bhutan Friendship Mela will begin today at Subankhata of Baska district in Assam, India.
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Bangladesh and Bhutan sign MoU for agricultural cooperation
Sep 12, 2012 Dhaka and Thimpu come together to share knowledge and promote technology transfer to give agriculture a boost in both countries. The MoU also covers many more areas like natural resource and bio-diversity management and agricultural research.
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Bhutan takes a step to reduce its carbon footprint
Jun 05, 2012 In order to do its bit for the environment, Bhutan bans driving on one day of the week. Starting from June 5th, the World Environment Day; Tuesdays will see minimum number of vehicles on the roads of Bhutan.
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Spinning money through weaving
Mar 30, 2009 For hundreds of tribal women residing near Indo-Bhutan border, weaving has created new livelihood opportunities in the conflict-ridden region. Flourishing trade and growing market for their products have helped these Bodo women improve their lives.
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