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"Burma is an enemy of the Internet"
Dec 15, 2010 Though the news of the prominent political dissident Aung San Suu Kyi's release was carried by news networks across the world, journalist Simon Roughneen argues that heavy censorship and intimidation make reporting from Burma extremely thorny.
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China sees lessons in India’s panic over SMS, net rumours
Aug 24, 2012 In China, where social networking sites Facebook and Twitter are banned, the authorities have long viewed the mobilising capabilities of the Internet with deep suspicion.
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Pakistan blocks BBC TV news
Nov 30, 2011 Pakistan's cable television operators have taken BBC's world news channel off the air for broadcasting 'anti-Pakistan' content.
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Burma to amend controversial publishing law
Jan 16, 2013 The Burmese government has pledged to amend the draconian publishing law that requires all publications to register with and submit copies to the censorship board, but will stop short of abolishing the legislation.
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