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India is a story of gains and gaps: UNICEF Representative
Aug 07, 2013 Louis-Georges Arsenault, UNICEF India Representative, in an interview with OneWorld South Asia, strongly states child marriage is a big impediment to women's true empowerment. Excerpts from the interview.
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National clean mission for children launched in India
Nov 14, 2014 Cleanliness habits should be imbibed in the children in informal ways, said Maneka Gandhi.
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Wedding Busters: Stopping child marriage
Apr 18, 2013 Meet the Wedding Busters - a group of Bangladeshi children, supported by the Plan International, who have successfully stopped 7 child marriages in their community. In Bangladesh, 66 per cent of girls get married before they are 18. All too often they are pulled out of school and lose out on their dreams.
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Early marriage renders education a distant dream for girls in Nepal
Jun 18, 2012 Despite a ban by the government, the practice of girl child marriage is still prevalent in Nepal, which has led to a large number of girl child dropouts from schools. Recent literacy rate figures reveal that out of 60.9 per cent population that falls between the age of 6 to 15 years, only 51 per cent are girls.
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Bangladesh's child brides
May 24, 2012 The practice of child marriage is a much-talked and much-censured one. In Bangladesh, it is especially prevalent due to social attitudes and often lack of education. In this sense, the government needs to step up its efforts to eradicate this rampant practice to ensure the well-being of its young citizens.
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Bangladeshi mothers take stand against child marriage
Jul 19, 2012 Women in Bangladesh, who had to face child marriage themselves are fighting against the practice as active members of their local village community organisation in Gazipur village supported by Plan International.
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SDGs to face challenge of 750 mn child marriages by 2030
Jun 30, 2016 According to a latest report by UNICEF, the world is all set to witness 750 million child marriages by 2030 making it a tough nut for global goals.
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India: Bengal records highest teen pregnancy cases
Oct 27, 2010 The Union Health Ministry has recorded the maximum number of child marriage and teenage pregnancy cases in the Indian state of Bengal. While poverty and gender bias in education have been identified as the primary causes in rural areas, growing teenage sex and lack of sex education have been blamed for the high figures in cities.
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Poverty, tradition propel early marriage customs in Zambia
Dec 22, 2010 UN Population Agency report on northern Zambia highlights the complexity of gender paradigm in the social order where poverty and tradition push about 70 % of teenage girls into under age marriage and early pregnancy. It makes implementation of social security and health measures difficult and shoots up the rate of maternal mortality.
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India: 47% of young women marry before 18
May 10, 2011 The appalling figures on child marriage are worse than most of the neighbouring South Asian countries as well as Sub-Saharan Africa, reveals a recent report.
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India's scourge of child marriage
Aug 05, 2011 A school girl from a remote village defies the age-old practice of early marriage widespread in India. Despite rapid economic growth and enactment of anti-discrimination laws 47% of young women were married before 18, reveals a national survey.
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Tackling child marriage in Bangladesh
Mar 07, 2012 Around two thirds of girls in Bangladesh are married before the legal minimum age of 18, many before they are even 16. The girls lose out on years of school and have health complications from having babies too young.
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Life skills can help fight sexual abuse of children: Dr Swaroop Sampat
Sep 03, 2013 Bollywood actress and former Miss India, Dr Swaroop Sampat Rawal, in a short talk with OneWorld South Asia explains how life skills education equips children to fight against the odds in their lives. She was in Delhi to attend the 24th Tara Ali Baig Memorial Lecture. Excerpts from the interview.
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Too young to bear children
Nov 07, 2012 In Bangladesh, two-thirds of girls are married before they’re 18, many before they’re even 16, with the expectation that they’ll deliver children as soon as they begin menstruating.
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Child marriage in Bangladesh: Empowering young girls to make informed choices
Mar 28, 2011 The Family Planning Association of Bangladesh is helping young girls in rural areas to make informed choices about their future. FPAB works in madrasah schools across the country and provides counseling, support and information to adolescent girls and their families about the perils of child marriage and early pregnancy.
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India: Adolescent girls resist child marriage in the North-east
Apr 18, 2011 Girls in the state of Assam are increasingly becoming aware of the ills of early marriage through adolescent girls clubs. These clubs, run jointly by UNICEF and the local administration, spread awareness on the rights to gender-equality, education and economic independence.
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Over 140mn girls will become child brides by 2020: UN
Mar 08, 2013 If current child marriage rates continue, more than 140 million girls will become child brides between 2011 and 2020, said the United Nations, warning that little progress has been made towards ending this harmful practice.
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