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Indian cabinet finalises climate position for Copenhagen
Dec 11, 2009 India’s union cabinet has finalised the brief for India's position to be adopted on the issue at the high-level talks at Copenhagen summit. Meanwhile Chinese premier Wen Jiabao called up Indian prime minister and sought harmonisation of positions of both countries.
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BRICS Summit: Chinese flavours in an Indian curry
Apr 23, 2012 The Delhi Declaration and Action Plan adopted at the 4th BRICS summit in New Delhi on March 29, would have quickly laid to rest any residual anxiety in Western capitals that a serious rival focus of power and influence was beginning to take shape in the Indian capital.
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Chinese president returns home amidst continuing violence
Jul 08, 2009 There has not been any let up in the violence that erupted in the city of Urumqi in China’s Xinjiang region last Sunday. The conflict has its roots in ethnic tension that has been brewing between the Turkic Muslim Uighurs and the Han Chinese for many decades now.
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For comfort, China adding more heat
Jul 05, 2010 Although China is making huge investments to make the nation energy-efficient, aspiration for a more westernised, comfortable living is spilling waters over the efforts. The 1.3 billion strong population clamoring for bigger cars, electrical home appliances, air-conditioned shopping malls is only making the goal to curb emissions arduous.
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Sunshine legislation against corruption in China
Jul 13, 2010 Amidst widening public anger against corruption in officialdom in China, its ruling communist party has decided to make anti-corruption laws more stringent. Through the new legislation, President Hu Jintao expects to reinforce the eroding legitimacy of the party and strengthen its control.
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Nuclear technology to boost agriculture in China
Aug 17, 2010 China is actively engaged in research and experiments to apply nuclear technology involving the use of irradiated seeds, for agricultural development. The method is expected to give either a massive boost to the productivity or enhance the quality of the crops.
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China limits its scope of death penalty
Aug 25, 2010 China begins amendment to its penal code to reduce the number of crimes subject to death penalty. Human rights workers have greeted the move with ‘guarded optimism’, neither overlooking the symbolic importance of the move nor overstating the number of lives likely to be affected.
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Chinese food security activists at risk: UN
Dec 24, 2010 The UN rapporteur on food rights Olivier de Schutter, has expressed concern over China's harsh treatment of activists working to highlight food security and saftey issues. He also cautions against the shrinking of arable lands due to urbanisation and natural disasters, which may lead to further inadequacy in food production.
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Chinese researchers call for investments in clean energy technology
Dec 29, 2010 Researchers in China have come up with ground breaking technology to effectively tap solar power. Lack of investment by the government of China, however, hinders innovations to flourish.
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Sex workers in China: Legal support needed to end exploitation
Jan 05, 2011 A recent crackdown on prostitution in China, according to experts, seems to have addressed only the tip of the iceberg. Tackling the issue calls for rehabilitation of millions of young women engaged in sex work. Is legalisation the solution?
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Rising pollution threatens economic growth, says Chinese Environment Minister
Mar 01, 2011 Dire pollution and gobbling of resources have caused China grave environmental problems and could restrain economic growth, the environment minister said in a blunt warning. He stated that the conflict between development and nature had never been so serious and urged the country to become more efficient in resource use otherwise there would be a painful price to pay.
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China at the forefront in clean energy investment: Pew
Mar 30, 2011 China has underlined its position as the world's leading power in clean energy investment by attracting a record $54.4bn (£34bn), a study done by the US Pew Environment Group in G20 leading economies has shown. In addition, China was also the world's leading producer of wind turbines and solar energy units.
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Chinese satellite to forecast earthquakes
Apr 20, 2011 China is developing a satellite which will detect electromagnetic signals preceding an earthquake. The satellite will work in tandem with ground based technologies to predict and monitor earthquakes.
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China floods to spike food prices
Jun 20, 2011 Weeks of heavy rains in eastern and southern China have affected over five million people and a million acres of farmland. Analysts say the flooding – the worst since 1955 – will push food prices up by 40%.
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China deepens crackdown on rights lawyers: Amnesty International
Jun 30, 2011 The Chinese government has deepened its crackdown on human rights lawyers in an effort to head off social unrest, said Amnesty International. China fears a Middle-East like uprising in country, the rights group said in its latest report.
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China avoided measuring air pollutants: Wikileaks
Aug 29, 2011 US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks reveal that Chinese authorities didn’t measure the levels of dangerous air pollutants for fear of the political consequences. One of these pollutants, PM2.5, is found at levels 5-10 times higher than the WHO guidelines and poses the greatest risk to public health.
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Newborn deaths halved in China
Sep 16, 2011 China’s campaign for hospital deliveries has reduced infant deaths by 62% in 12 years, says a recent study in The Lancet. Nearly all babies in China are now born in the hospitals except for in the remote and poor areas.
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HRW urges China to release Nobel laureate
Oct 10, 2011 Chinese government should release Nobel laureate writer, activist Liu Xiaobo who was unjustly detained for his pro-democracy ideologies, says Human Rights Watch.
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China raises rural poverty line
Dec 01, 2011 China will raise its poverty line by double to include 100 million more people within the ambit of poverty alleviation programmes.
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China favours EU's plan to cut emissions
Dec 06, 2011 China has supported European Union’s call for a conditional global treaty to cut down carbon emissions by 2020 at Durban climate summit.
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Asia cuts its carbon faster than Europe
Mar 28, 2013 Producing more goods and services while emitting less carbon is the dream of many economists. In the race to see which countries can best manage to do this, Asia is stealing a march on the US and Europe.
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UN chief honoured for engagement in social media
Jan 15, 2013 UN chief Ban Ki-moon received the Sina Weibo Award for Special Merit for his engagement with young people through a micro-blogging platform.
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Major decline in global foreign direct investment: report
Jan 24, 2013 The report states that FDI flows fell 'drastically' in developed countries to values last seen almost 10 years ago.
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India must emulate China in quality of life: Amartya Sen
Jan 08, 2013 Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen said that both China and Bangladesh are doing better in all aspects of human development than India and the nation cannot justify its growth rate with poor focus on education, health and productivity of human beings.
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A new chase for BRICS: tackle climate change
Feb 02, 2013 Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have now becoming the galloping economies of the South. But what about issues of climate change and sustainability? How do these countries negotiate the balanced growth? These are some of the questions that the session at the DSDS 2013 dealt with.
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Sino-India pact on climate change
Oct 23, 2009 India and China have signed a five-year deal aimed at combating climate change. The two Asian giants have agreed to strengthen dialogue and cooperate on battling global warming.
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US hopes to make headway on climate with India-China
Nov 13, 2009 US President Barack Obama will try to salvage fading hopes for a deal in Copenhagen as he meets leaders of China and India later this month. The world's three most populous nations are deeply at odds over the shape of a Copenhagen deal.
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China puts India in a hot spot on emission targets
Nov 27, 2009 China’s announcement of ‘voluntary’ and ‘binding’ energy-efficiency targets has put India in a spot before the crucial climate change talks to be held in Copenhagen next month. Before his visit to Beijing, minister of environment and forest, feeling the pressure, talked of flexibility in approach.
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India and China seal MoUs worth 5.2 billion
Nov 27, 2012 As a part of the second economic meet, the two countries signed many deals including ones on renewable energy and environment protection.
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Poverty reduction did not reduce inequality in India, China
Feb 01, 2013 Inequality undermines sustainable growth by limiting access to education and good quality of life to a large number of people, said Haruhiko Kuroda, President of the Asian Development Bank.
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