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China sees lessons in India’s panic over SMS, net rumours
Aug 24, 2012 In China, where social networking sites Facebook and Twitter are banned, the authorities have long viewed the mobilising capabilities of the Internet with deep suspicion.
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UN General Assembly backs right to privacy in digital age
Dec 26, 2013 The UN General Assembly urged that the same rights people have offline must also be protected online.
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Gender empowerment: ITU to partner with 'Smart Woman'
Mar 19, 2013 Smart Woman is a smartphone-based platform for gender empowerment by harnessing global ‘mobile miracle’.
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Agricultural researchers look for better communication tools
Aug 13, 2012 Agricultural researchers in developing countries are keen to communicate their research to non-experts, but often feel hampered by institutional barriers and a lack of support, according to a survey published in the current issue of Agricultural Information Worldwide.
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Pakistan: Enhancing service delivery through technology
Nov 02, 2012 The World Bank is working with government officials in Pakistan to create a proactive management culture that seeks out citizens' feedback using mobile phone technology.
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For many girls, ICT is a boring career: study
Oct 15, 2012 In its endeavour to encourage girls to embrace technology, International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has launched the Tech Needs Girls Prize.
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Year 2014: South Asia seeks to bridge the digital divide
Dec 31, 2014 Digital initiatives launched by India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka are a stunning reminder of a vital role played by technological interventions in developing countries.
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SL moves to digital technology with Japanese assistance
Sep 08, 2014 Japan that gave the aid to Sri Lanka to establish the first island-wide television station, is now ready to help Sri Lanka move on to Digital Broadcasting.
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Now, an app to help children build vocabulary
Dec 05, 2013 The app recognizes 1,500 words, and verbally recognizes 500 of those by name and is available in India on both iOS and Android.
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Google India to help 50 mn women get online in one year
Nov 20, 2013 Google India will create awareness about the benefits of Internet for women and empower them through digital literacy initiative.
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Now, a device to charge your cell phone while you walk
Jul 09, 2014 The new device is said to be more efficient than a traditional generator, at least for its size.
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A small nonprofit can be a global conversation: Heather Mansfield
Dec 27, 2012 Heather Mansfield is the owner of DIOSA Communications and author of Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits. A pioneer in employing social media for the nonprofit sector, Heather shares her rich experience of using the Internet for fundraising, community-building, and advocacy with Ashok Kumar of OneWorld South Asia.
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Empowering India, digitally
Jan 03, 2013 Sandeep Aurora, Director of Marketing, Intel South Asia, in a short talk with Ashok Kumar of OneWorld South Asia tells about the global IT firm’s initiatives for scaling up digital literacy drive in India.
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Social media will increase donations for NGOs: expert
Dec 11, 2012 Indian NGOs pick up the fine aspects of social media and how this can leverage their work and create visibility in a networked world.
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Digital divide closing, but still significant: UN agency
Oct 14, 2012 The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) report says that the ICT sector has become a major contributor to economic growth in the developing countries.
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