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India’s policy disability has crippled the rights of disabled: Javed Abidi
May 30, 2013 Representatives of the disabled community in India strongly advocate for the inclusion of disability in the post-2015 development agenda.
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Sheikh Hasina urges rich to flourish talent of disabled
Jul 16, 2014 "There is no dearth of rich people in the country. So I would like to urge them to come forward to flourish the talent of the people with disability," she said.
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Indian states urged to work for empowering the disabled
Aug 25, 2014 As per the data available, a number of States are yet to provide all the eligible persons with disabilities with disability certificates.
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Indian activists demand new law on disability
Feb 22, 2010 Disability rights activists have critiqued the proposed amendments to the Persons with Disabilities Act and asked for a new formulation with a human rights approach; one that addresses fundamental rights and freedom and is aligned with the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNRCPD).
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Nepali lepers ready for an expedition to Everest
Apr 26, 2010 READ Nepal, a local charity working with leprosy victims with support from American Everest climber Bryan Smith is organising the Everest Leprosy Empowerment Expedition in April 2011. Around 15 sufferers will be trained under Lakpa Norbu Sherpa, and five will be chosen for the final ascent to the summit.
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Enabling them to earn
May 24, 2010 Green Fingers, a commendable initiative by Naima Khan, gives employment opportunities to people with disabilities. Working in the commercial plant nursery gives them an opportunity to shoulder the responsibility of their families and to enhance their capabilities.
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Giving a new career to injured soldiers
Jun 03, 2010 The Queen Mary’s Technical Institute in Pune has started various training programmes for injured soldiers to provide them an opportunity to start a new life. Institute is providing training in BPO and multimedia operations and planning to start a new course in entrepreneurship management.
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India: Breaking language barriers with signs
Dec 11, 2009 A programme has been launched in an Indian university that specifically caters to educational needs of the hearing impaired, imparting various skills in sign language and making them become self-reliant. The initiative has even attracted students from other countries.
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Standing up for the rights of India's disabled
Jan 11, 2010 In the northeastern Indian state of Assam, the rights of disabled people get even lower priority than anywhere else in the country. Disability Law Unit-North East has come up with successful legal interventions to secure the rights of the disabled in the region.
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Towards inclusive development
Dec 03, 2011 On the International Day for persons with Disabilities, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon calls for unified action for a better world while including the disabled in development.
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Empowering the blind visionaries
Jun 10, 2010 The International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs invites applications for its IISE Programme,2011. The institute empowers visionaries who are blind or partially sighted to set up projects across the world to address the needs of the underprivileged. The deadline for application July 31, 2010.
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Disabled in Bangladesh demand more opportunities
Apr 29, 2009 People with disabilities in Bangladesh have demanded opportunities for skill development training and extended support from government in the form of reservations in public services. The problem of joblessness among physically challenged people is rampant in the country.
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India's disabled face mobility challenges
May 28, 2009 While technology in locomotion and mobility for the disabled has taken great strides worldwide, India continues to use antiquated tricycles and wheelchairs. Designing user-friendly appliances would ameliorate their conditions.
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Bionic hand does wonders for amputees
Jun 26, 2009 iLimb, India's first bionic arm launched earlier this week in the national capital, is becoming a rage with those who have lost their limbs in wars and accidents. The motorised limb directly controlled by brain works like a natural hand, making life much easier for the affected lot.
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Indian government websites still not disabled-friendly
Jan 18, 2013 Despite India’s NIC, a premier ICT arm of the Indian government, issuing strict guidelines in 2009, to make all government websites disabled friendly, most of them are yet to comply with the stipulated norms.
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Double tragedy for the disabled
Jul 05, 2010 A study reveals that more and more physically challenged are being pushed into begging in Bangladesh, without much social support. To end the crisis, the government plans to locate the vulnerable and integrate them under the disability card programme, and will also provide them interest free loans.
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More victims of war than landmines in Afghanistan
Nov 01, 2010 The number of people permanently disabled from armed conflict and polio is more than landmine casualties in Afghanistan. The International Committee of the Red Cross that has been treating dozens of permanently disabled people everyday for 20 years opened its seventh center recently and says more such centers are needed.
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Unshackling the mentally ill
Jun 03, 2010 Mentally ill patients of Indonesia find hope as the government and experts come forward to eliminate the practice of shackling them. In Indonesia, where mental healthcare is scarce, a unique training programme has shown commendable results in improving the condition of thousands.
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Malaysia: Landmark step guarantees rights to the disabled
Aug 17, 2010 By ratifying the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Malaysia takes an important step to protect the rights of the ‘differently-abled’. However, its reservations and limitations to the convention fall short of honouring its pledge, says Human Rights Watch.
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World disability report highlights challenges facing millions
Jun 10, 2011 Exclusion of the 1 billion disabled population from the development radar and aid budgets is holding back development, the first global report on disability says.
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Thousands of UK’s disabled face harassment, violence
Sep 13, 2011 Thousands of disabled people in the UK face abuse in their daily lives and are denied justice by public bodies, says a detailed study. While some serious offences get national attention, low-level criminality is generally overlooked.
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Blindness prevalence in Myanmar alarming
Sep 16, 2009 Myanmar has one of the highest rates of blindness in Asia. As there are just 200 eye surgeons for a population of over 50 million, the country’s eye care facilities are not able to prevent even the avoidable eye diseases.
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Right to Education Act will benefit disabled
Sep 24, 2009 After facing much opposition from rights groups, India’s Right to Education Act will cover all categories of differently-abled children. The bill which awaits presidential consent for becoming a law, will benefit children with both mental as well as physical disorders.
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Stories of amputated lives on Indo-Pak border
Oct 19, 2009 Landmines continue to pose serious threat to the lives of civilians living close to Indo-Pak border. The repeated assurances by the army have failed to allay the fears of people in Punjab, who are now struggling with disability and poverty in a region known for its soil fertility.
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Salman Khan felicitates India’s para-atheletes
Nov 26, 2012 In an awards ceremony held in Mumbai, IBN7 Super Idols honoured 10 specially-abled Indian athletes who participated in the 2012 London Paralympics.
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12th Plan has disappointed people: Rights body
Feb 14, 2013 As themes on disability were discussed at the National Convention for Youth with Disabilities in New Delhi, communist leader and Kerala legislator, M A Baby, added punch saying “being a woman is like a disability in our society.”
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Schemes for disabled: Indian President for better delivery
Feb 07, 2013 The Indian President, Pranab Mukherjee, stressed on the need for an environment which supports full development of the disabled people.
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Deformed hands script success stories
Feb 27, 2009 Once shunned by society, they now prove their mettle with machines to earn a decent living. Leprosy-cured patients in western India have set up their own cooperative trust named Minoo Mehta Apangoddhar Sahkari Audyogik Utpadak Sanstha to manufacture auto parts, and be economically self-reliant.
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Innovating to make life easier for the disabled
May 06, 2009 Vikram Dubal in western India creates a wide range of products to help the physically challenged and distributes them free as part of his social commitment. He has made calendars in Braille, goggles that beep when faced with obstruction, canes that warn against electrical signals and many more.
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A world of literature for the visually challenged
Jul 02, 2010 Visually impaired Nepalis have been deprived of reading materials for years, simply because there was nothing available in Braille. However, the establishment of a Braille library is providing them access to a plethora of books on diverse topics that also serves the dual purpose of entertaining and empowering.
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