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India Budget 2010-11: Social equity takes back seat
Mar 02, 2010 With a promise to bring double digit economic growth, while the Union Budget 2010-11 has increased overall plan allocation, it has not shown the same commitment towards the social sector. Schemes such as NREGS, education and health sectors have got a minor increase in allocations.
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India not ready for European cheese
May 04, 2010 Anti-poverty activists are advocating the exclusion of the dairy sector from the scope of EU-India free trade, as the EU has displayed scant concern for the plight of India's rural farmers. Women especially would be the worst victims of the expose of the dairy sector to outside competition.
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Fighting unemployment in 2012
Jan 02, 2012 The financial crisis caused work prospects to deteriorate rapidly across the world, and since then employment has recovered much more slowly than output. Economist Jayati Ghosh reviews the employment trends of 2011 and provides alternatives to avoid a grim state in current year.
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CSR should protect environment and communities: Arun Maira
Jan 30, 2012 Talking to OneWorld, Arun Maira, Member of India's Planning Commission, talks about his book Transforming Capitalism-Improving the world for everyone and how corporate social responsibility could shape environment action.
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To Aid or not to aid
Apr 26, 2012 As a concept, Development aid has always had a murky past and now, an unsure future. With the financial crisis cutting back on the general feeling of 'giving' in the North; it remains to be seen where aid goes from here. Is the golden age of Aid and the 'good feeling' truly over yet?
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The G-20: Struggling to remain relevant
Jun 25, 2012 Shyam Saran, former Foreign Secretary with Government of India, feels that the steps agreed upon at the recently concluded seventh G-20 summit could lead to economic recovery, temporarily, in the advanced economies, but, the issue of severe structural imbalances that lie at the root of current economic crisis, has still not been addressed.
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Global migration can spur social and economic growth: UN
Apr 23, 2013 The United Nations Commission on Population and Development kicked off a five-day session yesterday with a call for the international community to seize upon the opportunities for social and economic growth presented by demographic shifts resulting from global migration.
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Govt will take bold steps for reforms: Manmohan Singh
Aug 01, 2013 "Poverty is falling faster even though there are disputes going on among the professional colleagues about the pace of change,” said the Indian Prime Minister.
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India Economic Summit 2008
Nov 10, 2008 Geneva based World Economic Forum is organising the India Economic Summit from November 16-18, 2008 in New Delhi. With its principal theme of “Securing India's Future Growth”, the event will convene business, government and civil society leaders to address challenges related to competitiveness and inclusive growth.
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International conference on emerging economies
Dec 28, 2011 This international conference on emerging economies in Pune, India on January 12-13, 2012 will seek to understand some of the underlying opportunities and challenges in developing economies.
Green Business Survey 2011-2012
May 31, 2012 Launched in the year 2008, the FE-EVI Green Business Survey is an annual survey held by The Financial Express and Emergent Ventures, a carbon consultancy-to map the greening of corporate India and to felicitate green leaders. There will be a panel discussion on 'Will Rio Bring Some Light at the end of the Tunnel?'.
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No breakthrough in WTO talks
Jul 30, 2008 After nine days of hectic negotiations at Geneva, the Doha Round of multi-lateral trade talks collapsed once again as India and China remain unrelenting on the US demands for opening markets. The developing countries insist on safeguarding farmers’ livelihoods against emergencies like global food crisis and oil price rise.
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India's success story bypasses its unorganised sector
May 14, 2009 India’s National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector in its final report has indicated the failure of economic reforms in improving conditions of the working poor. It has found that most of the job growth happened in informal sector, offering neither job nor social security to workers.
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New climate change draft irks India
May 22, 2009 The first draft on climate change put up on the UNFCCC website for negotiations in the Copenhagen summit has left India sceptical about the new deal. All kinds of proposals that skew negotiations in favour of industrialised nations have made their way into the proposed deal.
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Free-trade between Nepal and Pakistan on the cards
Jun 30, 2009 Foreign secretaries of Nepal and Pakistan attached special importance to inking Free Trade Agreement at the earliest at a meeting on Monday in Kathmandu. Both countries have also expressed their desire to further deepen bilateral cooperation in other areas of economy, agriculture, energy, environment and culture.
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India focuses on rural development in the budget
Jul 07, 2009 India’s budget has attempted to ensure that the common man comes at the centre of development process. With the latest Economic Survey stating that 60.5% of the population is living on only Rs 20 a day, it remains to be seen how this budget helps in improving the conditions of the poor.
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Amidst poverty illegal lottery flourishes in Myanmar
Jul 21, 2009 There is a sense of hopelessness in Myanmar as people are resorting to illegal lotteries to earn quick money to ease their economic hardship. In many cases the betting leads to domestic violence and the selling of children's labour in return for credit.
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‘Look forward, share best practice, debate new ideas’
Oct 18, 2012 Although I am fully aware that we are facing difficult times, cutting aid is not the right answer, says Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Development.
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Addressing the digital divide
Nov 02, 2009 UNCTAD’s new report Information Economy Report 2009 highlights the limited access to broadband internet and its impact on economic opportunities in developing countries. It suggests the expansion of underwater fibre optics network and public-private partnership to narrow the broadband gap.
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Climate change and the Indian context
Jan 11, 2010 Climate Change: Perspectives from India, a UNDP publication, brings together some of India’s best known environmentalists, economists and policymakers to highlight their perspectives on climate change from the Indian point of view. The aim is to foster a humane debate on the issue vis-a-vis economic development.
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Economic reforms and peace in Burma
Aug 20, 2010 United States Institute of Peace report Can Economic Reform Open a Peaceful Path to Ending Burma’s Isolation? points out how Burma’s economy could provide a viable entry point for effective international assistance to promote peace. The study finds engagement of the international community significant for national reconciliation.
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Burma's empty rice bowl
Jul 07, 2010 Once a leading rice exporter, Burma’s waning glory has been a story of declining yields, indebted farms, and falling incomes. With development initiatives not adequate to fill the gaps in the region, it has sown desperation among farmers and stunted economic growth in the countryside.
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Mizoram's sleepy villages come to life
Jul 30, 2010 A new roadway from Aizawl to the far-flung, poor region has opened up the state's fertile interiors and has fostered a sense of vibrancy among villagers by giving rise to new enterprises. The broadening of the road has been under the $60 million World Bank-supported Mizoram State Roads Project.
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Build a poverty-free Bangladesh, urges Hasina
Aug 16, 2010 Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina urged the people of Bangladesh to build a prosperous, modern and poverty-free country, while addressing a function where eighty economically vulnerable women were given sewing machines as part of the country’s many income-oriented programmes.
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India, Brazil lead in building 'green economies'
Oct 21, 2010 India and Brazil lead the number of countries who are willing to draw on findings from the three-year study project The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) to make their economies more environment-friendly and effectively use the services of nature.
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Indo-Japan free trade deals threaten livelihoods of local fishermen
Nov 02, 2010 The Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between India and Japan is expected to adversely affect the livelihoods of local fishermen. The Agreement allows for Japanese fishing fleets to evade current restrictions on foreign operators, thereby, ignoring the plight of artisanal fishermen or small trawler owners.
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India poverty rates comparable to Iraq, Vietnam
Nov 10, 2010 Though India is among the top ten scorers in terms of economic growth, its performance on development goals remains abysmal, says a recently released UNDP report. India lags behind neighbours like Pakistan, Maldives and Sri Lanka when it comes to the status of health, poverty and gender inequality.
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Massive anti-corruption campaign launched in Pakistan
Nov 12, 2010 In an attempt to tackle the massive graft that threatens government stability and the economy, Pakistan has launched a nation-wide anti-corruption campaign. An anti-corruption unit would be established to respond to complaints of dishonesty and bribery. The government will also award incentives to encourage more people to be willing informers.
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What will it take for Bangladesh to become a Middle Income Country?
Apr 06, 2013 As a part of the series on the recent report, Bangladesh: Towards Accelerated, Inclusive and Sustainable Growth, Zahid Hussain writes about how Bangladesh can become a bigger economic power. Zahid Hussain is currently a senior economist in the South Asia Finance and Poverty group at the World Bank.
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World has become less peaceful
Jun 11, 2010 The Global Peace Index 2010, the only study to quantify global peacefulness suggests that the world has become less peaceful consecutively for the second year. South Asia sees the greatest decrease in peacefulness and Middle East has shown improvements.
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