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India Budget 2010-11: Social equity takes back seat
Mar 02, 2010 With a promise to bring double digit economic growth, while the Union Budget 2010-11 has increased overall plan allocation, it has not shown the same commitment towards the social sector. Schemes such as NREGS, education and health sectors have got a minor increase in allocations.
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India not ready for European cheese
May 04, 2010 Anti-poverty activists are advocating the exclusion of the dairy sector from the scope of EU-India free trade, as the EU has displayed scant concern for the plight of India's rural farmers. Women especially would be the worst victims of the expose of the dairy sector to outside competition.
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Fighting unemployment in 2012
Jan 02, 2012 The financial crisis caused work prospects to deteriorate rapidly across the world, and since then employment has recovered much more slowly than output. Economist Jayati Ghosh reviews the employment trends of 2011 and provides alternatives to avoid a grim state in current year.
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CSR should protect environment and communities: Arun Maira
Jan 30, 2012 Talking to OneWorld, Arun Maira, Member of India's Planning Commission, talks about his book Transforming Capitalism-Improving the world for everyone and how corporate social responsibility could shape environment action.
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To Aid or not to aid
Apr 26, 2012 As a concept, Development aid has always had a murky past and now, an unsure future. With the financial crisis cutting back on the general feeling of 'giving' in the North; it remains to be seen where aid goes from here. Is the golden age of Aid and the 'good feeling' truly over yet?
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The G-20: Struggling to remain relevant
Jun 25, 2012 Shyam Saran, former Foreign Secretary with Government of India, feels that the steps agreed upon at the recently concluded seventh G-20 summit could lead to economic recovery, temporarily, in the advanced economies, but, the issue of severe structural imbalances that lie at the root of current economic crisis, has still not been addressed.
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Global migration can spur social and economic growth: UN
Apr 23, 2013 The United Nations Commission on Population and Development kicked off a five-day session yesterday with a call for the international community to seize upon the opportunities for social and economic growth presented by demographic shifts resulting from global migration.
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Govt will take bold steps for reforms: Manmohan Singh
Aug 01, 2013 "Poverty is falling faster even though there are disputes going on among the professional colleagues about the pace of change,” said the Indian Prime Minister.
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India Economic Summit 2008
Nov 10, 2008 Geneva based World Economic Forum is organising the India Economic Summit from November 16-18, 2008 in New Delhi. With its principal theme of “Securing India's Future Growth”, the event will convene business, government and civil society leaders to address challenges related to competitiveness and inclusive growth.
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International conference on emerging economies
Dec 28, 2011 This international conference on emerging economies in Pune, India on January 12-13, 2012 will seek to understand some of the underlying opportunities and challenges in developing economies.
Green Business Survey 2011-2012
May 31, 2012 Launched in the year 2008, the FE-EVI Green Business Survey is an annual survey held by The Financial Express and Emergent Ventures, a carbon consultancy-to map the greening of corporate India and to felicitate green leaders. There will be a panel discussion on 'Will Rio Bring Some Light at the end of the Tunnel?'.
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No breakthrough in WTO talks
Jul 30, 2008 After nine days of hectic negotiations at Geneva, the Doha Round of multi-lateral trade talks collapsed once again as India and China remain unrelenting on the US demands for opening markets. The developing countries insist on safeguarding farmers’ livelihoods against emergencies like global food crisis and oil price rise.
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India's success story bypasses its unorganised sector
May 14, 2009 India’s National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector in its final report has indicated the failure of economic reforms in improving conditions of the working poor. It has found that most of the job growth happened in informal sector, offering neither job nor social security to workers.
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New climate change draft irks India
May 22, 2009 The first draft on climate change put up on the UNFCCC website for negotiations in the Copenhagen summit has left India sceptical about the new deal. All kinds of proposals that skew negotiations in favour of industrialised nations have made their way into the proposed deal.
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The 'worth' of nature
May 07, 2010 Darryl D'Monte argues that economists are only concerned about the economic value of natural resources - and this has resulted in large scale exploitation and shrinking biodiversity. If one adds up countless projects that destroy biodiversity systems, the total economic losses as well as the welfare implications are enormous, he adds.
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India's decade of high growth rates; reason enough to celebrate?
Jan 07, 2011 Years of high growth in India have failed to create equally high rates of employment in most sectors. For a majority of Indians, it has been a false growth and an empty promise. C. P. Chandrasekhar writes.
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New IMF chief should revamp existing policies
May 26, 2011 A hot debate brews over the next IMF chief with both the rich and the poor nations strongly lobbying for their candidates. Economist Jayati Ghosh argues that the current IMF policies which perpetuate debt must be revamped by the next chief, whoever it will be.
Equality essential for women’s economic participation: UN
Mar 07, 2013 Senior United Nations officials have emphasised that women will not be able to fully participate in their countries’ economic and political activities until gender equality is achieved, during an event focusing on how businesses can help empower women.
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Budget should encourage partnerships for long-term development
Feb 06, 2012 The budget should promote Public-Private Partnership to tackle issues of poverty and unemployment. The government should not wait for the trickle-down effect of development to reach grassroots, says Rakesh Jinsi, National Director, India, SOS Children's Villages - an international charity.
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Long term economics Vs. Short term gains
Feb 09, 2012 In the years ahead, perhaps around 25% of our national budget will have to be invested in countering climate change and the sooner we start walking this path the better, says environmental activist and writer Bittu Sahgal.
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Need for a course correction with the Union Budget 2012-13: Subrat Das
Mar 12, 2012 The forthcoming budget - the first in India's 12th Five Year Plan - assumes critical importance for socio-economic development in the country which demands urgent attention from the government, says Subrat Das, Executive Director of Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (CBGA), New Delhi.
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Pick up in India’s growth rate seen in 2013
Apr 19, 2013 ESCAP flagship Survey calls for a paradigm shift in macroeconomic policies to make growth inclusive and sustainable.
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World faces a 600 million jobs challenge, warns ILO
Jan 24, 2012 The global economy needs to generate 600 million jobs over the next decade to sustain economic growth and maintain social stability, states an annual report by International Labour Organisation.
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Economic recovery brings return to growth of CO2 emissions
May 01, 2012 Although global emissions of CO2 declined slightly in 2009, the beginnings of economic recovery led to an unprecedented emissions increase of 5.8 per cent in 2010, highlights a new report published by Worldwatch Institute. The report also stresses upon the urgent need for cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions.
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Development aid spending falls 4 per cent in 2012
Apr 04, 2013 Government spending on development aid plunged by 4 per cent in 2012, after dropping two per cent the year before, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said in a statement on Wednesday.
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‘Rio outcome falls short of highest expectations’
Jun 27, 2012 Though the future we want may be decades away, Rio+20’s Final Outcome Document has laid out a blueprint for sustainable development, but the development community does not find the 'outcome' too promising.
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Lifeline for small business enterprises in Bangladesh
Jul 05, 2012 A $55 million loan from IFC (member of the World Bank group) will help the country’s City Bank to ensure that its small, export-oriented enterprises have access to life-saving trade finance.
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Malnourishment causes economic loss in Bangladesh
Jul 06, 2012 The efforts by the Government of Bangladesh to fight malnutrition seems to be ineffective, as two recent US-funded studies reveal that every year the country suffers losses amounting to US $1 billion in economic productivity due to malnutrition.
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Now, designer rice to beat hunger
Jul 10, 2012 Some of the best brains on rice research are meeting in India’s southern state of Andhra Pradesh for a debate on designer rice as part of a conference organised by the International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT). According to William D Dar, ICRISAT's Director General, the latest science-led innovations can be used to generate new varieties to ensure enough food for 9.2 bn population by 2050.
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Amid development failures, reduced foreign aid to Afghanistan seen as a boon
Jun 27, 2012 Despite the likely negative impact on the local economy post the reduction in foreign aid for Afghanistan over the next two years, some government and aid officials - view an expected drop in international support, as a blessing in disguise.
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