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Riding on common man’s agenda, AAP wins in Delhi
Feb 10, 2015 After making the issue of corruption the hallmark of its protests, Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party wins Delhi poll with a huge margin sailing on the promise of cheaper electricity and clean drinking water.
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Pakistan passes provincial legislation for Right to Education
Dec 04, 2012 Recently, Pakistan's provinces passed the Bill which would ensure free quality education for children around the Islamabad Capital Territory; a positive move towards accomplishing universal and inclusive education in the nation.
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Govt ended discrimination against rural students: SL Prez
Sep 04, 2014 ‘Mahindodaya’ is school development programme which is working to to end discrimination against rural students in the education field.
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By itself, ICT is not a magic wand: Shashi Tharoor
Feb 12, 2013 At a ministerial session at the South Asia Ministerial Forum, all ministers from South Asian countries agreed that it takes effective policies to effectively bring ICTs into play in education.
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Poor quality education holding back South Asia: report
Jul 03, 2014 While the South region has made tremendous gains in expanding access to schooling over the past decade, a new report by the World Bank says that poor quality education is holding the region back.
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No discussions on Sri Lanka's education system: IMF
Jun 02, 2014 The International Monetary Fund denied that the lender has influenced the Sri Lankan govt to reduce funding for free education as claimed by the Opposition.
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