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UN lauds India's job guarantee scheme
Feb 03, 2010 The United Nations report World Social Situation 2010, released globally last week, has complimented the national employment guarantee scheme for its universal nature, in comparison to targeted schemes like BPL cards. It suggests effective measures be taken to address deficits.
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Addressing unemployment by entrepreneurship
Feb 23, 2010 The labour ministry of Bhutan has concluded its first entrepreneurship training for unemployed youth from the poorest regions. Organised as part of UNDP’s human security project, the programme aims to create new employment opportunities and reduce rural-urban migration.
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Joblessness driving Afghan youth to extremism
Mar 11, 2010 Authorities have voiced concern about the increasing number of Afghan youth joining Taliban driven by unemployment and poverty. While ideological motivation is one of the reasons, it has become necessary for the government to reduce corruption and create job opportunities for long term growth and social cohesion.
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UNDP head lauds India's job scheme for nurturing rural livelihoods
Mar 16, 2010 Last week, Helen Clark, Administrator of the UNDP and former Prime Minister of New Zealand, embarked on a five-day visit to India in hopes of continuing strong relations between the UNDP and the country. With stopovers in different districts in the state of Rajasthan, she observed the use of ICTs in enabling effective and prompt delivery of government services, and political reservation in empowering marginalised women.
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MGNREGA comes under Supreme Court scanner
Apr 08, 2010 India’s apex court recently brought under its scrutiny the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, stating that most of the projects under the scheme were failing as funds were not reaching the actual beneficiaries. The bench argued that real developments should take place at the ground level.
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Bamboo houses to generate employment in Nepal
Apr 21, 2010 Projects for the construction and promotion of bamboo houses, initiated jointly by AEC and ICBAR in Nepal are expected to reduce poverty by creating employment opportunities. The houses will be made using local technology and will reduce dependence on timber which takes longer to regenerate.
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Enabling them to earn
May 24, 2010 Green Fingers, a commendable initiative by Naima Khan, gives employment opportunities to people with disabilities. Working in the commercial plant nursery gives them an opportunity to shoulder the responsibility of their families and to enhance their capabilities.
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Microfinancing benefits the South Asian poor
Dec 11, 2009 In a week-long workshop recently held in Sri Lanka, leaders from across South Asia discussed ways to ensure efficiency in the fast growing microfinance sector. Microfinance institutions in the region have greatly realised the vision of easy availability of small loans to the poor.
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India's job scheme fails to prevent starvation death
Jan 13, 2010 The death of a job card holder under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in western India has once again brought the law under the scanner. Failure in explaining the benefits and rights under the scheme to the rural population keeps many deprived of the work or unemployment related benefits.
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Radio advocacy benefits Dhaka garment workers
Jan 21, 2010 BBC Radio 4 episode highlights appalling conditions in Bangladesh garment factories.
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Fighting unemployment in 2012
Jan 02, 2012 The financial crisis caused work prospects to deteriorate rapidly across the world, and since then employment has recovered much more slowly than output. Economist Jayati Ghosh reviews the employment trends of 2011 and provides alternatives to avoid a grim state in current year.
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The G-20: Struggling to remain relevant
Jun 25, 2012 Shyam Saran, former Foreign Secretary with Government of India, feels that the steps agreed upon at the recently concluded seventh G-20 summit could lead to economic recovery, temporarily, in the advanced economies, but, the issue of severe structural imbalances that lie at the root of current economic crisis, has still not been addressed.
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No scheme for Pakistan's informal workers
May 01, 2009 Workers in Pakistan have not received their dues despite the government enacting new laws to improve their lot. A study documenting the state of labour in the country during last year shows that unorganised workers continue to suffer from exploitation, low wages and inadequate social safety nets.
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India's success story bypasses its unorganised sector
May 14, 2009 India’s National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector in its final report has indicated the failure of economic reforms in improving conditions of the working poor. It has found that most of the job growth happened in informal sector, offering neither job nor social security to workers.
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BPO for rural women in India
Jun 03, 2009 In a deeply conservative western Indian state of Rajasthan, rural girls with modest education do not have to go to cities like Bangalore in search of BPO jobs. Since 2000, Source of Change has been providing them with employment opportunities right at their doorsteps.
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Migrants from Afghanistan multiplying in the west
Jun 05, 2009 Facing insecurity and lack of economic opportunities at home, young Afghans are increasingly resorting to costly and perilous illegal migration to European and other developed countries. A UNHCR report says around 18,000 asylum-seekers have registered in as many as 44 countries in the West last year.
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Bangladesh government urged to create more job opportunities
May 19, 2009 Speakers gathered at a recent workshop in Dhaka called upon the government to make special budgetary allocation for the country's youth. Organised by a local NGO in association with the Millennium Campaign, the workshop discussed policy measures to create more employment opportunities in Bangladesh.
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Court upholds revised NREGA wages in southern India
Jul 08, 2009 The High Court in Andhra Pradesh has set aside a central government notification on the NREGA wages, calling it a clear violation of the Minimum Wages Act. Acting on a public interest litigation filed by a local trade union, the court has upheld the wages revised by the state government.
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Citizen's Report gives full marks to NREGA
Jul 15, 2009 India's National Rural Employment Guarantee Act has revolutionised public employment in the country. In its Citizen's Report, a Jaipur based NGO highlights the benefits of the rural job scheme, especially in terms of empowering the downtrodden.
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Hand In Hand creates 1.3 million jobs
Feb 26, 2013 Away from media spotlight, a charitable organisation is scripting a quiet social revolution. Read the story of how Hand in Hand, an Indian NGO, is helping fight poverty and creating 1.3 million jobs across the country.
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The sex and race workplace double whammy
Feb 05, 2013 Ethnic minority women face double discrimination in the workplace because of their race and their gender. Many fail at the application stage simply because of their names.
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The employment challenge
Dec 08, 2009 International Labour Organisation’s publication World of Work Report 2009: Global Jobs Crisis and Beyond emphasises the continuation of fiscal measures for job recovery worldwide. It recommends that investing in environment could be a potential source of job creation and for achieving sustainable, fairer global economy.
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Harnessing quality employment for progress
Jul 28, 2010 Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India’s Annual Report To The People On Employment analyses the employment scenario in the country with a current and medium term perspective. The report focuses on the great opportunity provided by a youthful demographic structure in increasing our national prosperity.
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World youth joblessness soars: ILO report
Aug 13, 2010 The latest report from ILO, Global Employment Trends for Youth, says that world youth employment is going to hit a record low in 2010 owing to global economic crisis. Developing countries comprising of 90% of the youth will be the worst hit.
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MGNREGA-II coming soon
Jul 12, 2010 With an objective to take India’s national rural employment guarantee act to a new level, Ministry of Rural Development has announced the government’s plan to roll out NREGA II. This version of the project is expected to be more efficient since it eliminates its main shortcomings and deficiencies.
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North-east states top MGNREGA implementation
Jul 22, 2010 A performance evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India has ranked the state of Sikkim second only to Tripura for the implementation of MGNREGA. Sikkim also precedes other states in making the Ombudsman functional, and a virtual complaint-free implementation.
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Bangladesh: Minimum wage hike for garment workers
Jul 28, 2010 Bangladesh has increased the minimum wage of the labourers of its garments industry to almost double on account of violent protests by the workers in recent weeks demanding better pay and conditions.
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Build a poverty-free Bangladesh, urges Hasina
Aug 16, 2010 Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina urged the people of Bangladesh to build a prosperous, modern and poverty-free country, while addressing a function where eighty economically vulnerable women were given sewing machines as part of the country’s many income-oriented programmes.
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USAID project facilitates employment for Pakistani youth
Sep 27, 2010 A five year project of USAID in partnership with the Government of Pakistan offers skills training to youth, especially young women to enable them to partake in the country's economic growth. The programme aims at tackling unemployment within the rapidly growing population.
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Daily wage of Re 1 for MGNREGA workers
Sep 28, 2010 Under-payment hits an outrageous minimum with MGNREGA workers of Rajasthan being paid Re 1 as their daily wage. Frustrated and annoyed, the workers are set to stage a "satyagrah" to protest against the injustice.
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