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Smokeless stoves show promise of a green future
Mar 02, 2010 As a result of an idea to create energy-efficient metal stoves for the northern areas of Pakistan, women like Sona Siddiqi have learnt to built earthenware smokeless stoves that save precious fuel woods. The project funded under the small grants programme of GEF has improved the living conditions of communities.
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'Guest together' in support of Earth Hour in India
Mar 27, 2010 Celebrating Earth Hour, in-house guest at the Intercontinental Hotels Group will contribute towards sustainable energy by putting off the lights for an hour between 8:30 and 9:30 pm. To generate more awareness, there will be green foods, and the switch from bulbs to CFLs.
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UN approves Bhutan's hydropower project
Apr 13, 2010 Bhutan's Dagachhu River hydropower project wins UN Cross-Border approval with an expected emissions reduction by about 500,000 tonnes per year. Developed jointly by India and Bhutan it will provide low-cost electricity to rural domestic customers in Bhutan, as well as export clean energy to India.
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Bamboo houses to generate employment in Nepal
Apr 21, 2010 Projects for the construction and promotion of bamboo houses, initiated jointly by AEC and ICBAR in Nepal are expected to reduce poverty by creating employment opportunities. The houses will be made using local technology and will reduce dependence on timber which takes longer to regenerate.
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Nepal first to exercise right to energy
May 10, 2010 The Nepalese government has issued a notification that grants the right to energy to all the citizens. Communities get access to energy by grid connectivity and manage the system themselves. Many groups are working to extend the grid into villages and 176,000 rural houses have been electrified so far.
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Meltdown melts clean tech investment
May 12, 2009 It does not augur well for the UN climate change conference to be held later this year in Copenhagen that the clean energy projects around the world have taken a backseat. According to a UK-based think tank, investments in wind, solar and other renewable energy projects don’t look very promising.
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Rural women turn green entrepreneurs in Bangladesh
Jun 16, 2009 Grameen Shakti, a company empowering rural households with access to green energy, has brought remarkable difference to the lives of women in Bangladesh. It trains them in renewable energy technologies and helps them set up their own business.
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ADB to double clean energy investments in Asia
Jun 18, 2009 As part of its energy efficiency initiative, the Asian Development Bank has decided to double its clean energy investments in Asia to US$ 2 billion, starting from 2013. Wind, biomass and hydropower in countries like China, India, Bhutan and others are likely to get a boost from this hike.
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New time rules for saving energy in Bangladesh
Jun 22, 2009 Power shortage in Bangladesh is posing serious problems for entrepreneurs in the country. The government has introduced daylight saving time during summers, which aims to help save energy and ensure smooth functioning of businesses.
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Indian NGO awarded for its innovative lantern-cum-stove
Jul 15, 2009 A lantern-cum-stove developed for rural application by an Indian NGO and research institute has won this year’s Global Sustainability Research Award. This unique appliance is a low-grade ethanol-filled cylinder, which provides energy to produce high quality light in a lantern as also clean fuel for cooking.
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Online global renewable energy atlas launched
Feb 08, 2013 An online atlas of global renewable energy potential has been launched to try to identify the most promising places for investment and to help guide governments' energy policies and planning.
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Prospects of clean energy in rural India
Sep 29, 2010 A recent report Power to the People: Investing in Clean Energy for the Base of the Pyramid in India jointly launched by Centre for Development Finance (CDF)-IFMR and World Resources Institute, presents an overall picture of the upcoming clean energy sectors in India by looking at its opportunities, challenges, and potential paths of growth.
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Bhutan earmarks $5m for renewable projects
Jul 08, 2010 Though landlocked Bhutan is capable to meet its energy demand with hydropower, the government has allocated $5m in solar, biogas and wind projects. Plans to develop home solar PV systems, biogas plants for household use and small-scale wind power demonstration plants are underway.
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New UN report stresses expanding access to energy
Apr 29, 2010 With 1.6 billion of the world’s population having no access to electricity, the latest UN report calls for expanding access to energy and boosting efforts for clean, efficient and renewable energy. Ban Ki Moon releasing the report emphasised the need for “clean energy revolution” in the developing nations.
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Oil slick endangers birds in American continent
May 04, 2010 Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico due to broken wellhead on the sea floor may threaten birds throughout the America continent. Conservationists fear further drilling in US shores could lead to more unexpected disasters and thus expects the Obama Government to pass the comprehensive climate change legislation.
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Solar-powered Soccer match for Africa
Jun 18, 2010 Greenpeace Africa has gifted Jericho, a South African village near Johannesburg, a solar-powered public viewing area that has been constructed by local youths and school children. A large-screen TV powered by the Sun was placed in the Jericho community hall making it an entirely different experience to watch soccer uninterrupted.
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End energy poverty to realise MDGs
Sep 22, 2010 The chief economist of International Energy Agency has affirmed that the world will fail to achieve Millennium Development Goals by 2015 if the international donor community does not take action to extend access to electricity and clean cooking facilities to billions of people who lack these basic services.
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Dearth of fresh water anticipated in the near future
Oct 13, 2010 Britain’s chief scientist John Beddington affirmed that the world is like to face a severe shortage of fresh water as global warming due to climate change continues to disrupt rainfall patterns. Population growth, increasing urbanisation and energy consumption are seen as the biggest threats to water security.
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Using biofuels is risky, UN report warns
Oct 26, 2010 In our quest for alternative sources of energy, biofuels may seem attractive. But they might end up creating more problems than they solve.
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LEDs to light up the world in an eco-friendly way
Dec 14, 2010 Energy efficient, cost effective and environment friendly LEDs are all set to revolutionise lighting in the developing countries.
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Chinese researchers call for investments in clean energy technology
Dec 29, 2010 Researchers in China have come up with ground breaking technology to effectively tap solar power. Lack of investment by the government of China, however, hinders innovations to flourish.
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Obama to boost funds for clean energy in 2012 budget
Feb 15, 2011 President Barack Obama has proposed increasing funds for clean energy research and consumption in the 2012 budget. The Department of Energy will be provided $8 billion to support research in clean energy sources like wind, solar and advanced batteries by slashing subsidies for fossil fuels and funding for oil and gas research.
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Environmental lobbyists oppose new nuclear power stations across nations
Mar 14, 2011 Environmental activists around the world are urging governments to discard new nuclear power stations or greatly increase safety as many proposed projects are planned for areas susceptible to earthquakes and tsunamis. Following the massive ruin in Japan, fear of a nuclear tragedy from natural disasters is mounting.
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Biomass can fuel giant leap forward in developing nations: Study
Mar 16, 2011 Using biomass energy could enable developing nations to fight poverty, create jobs, gain energy independence and help to both limit and adapt to climate change, says an International Institute for Environment and Development report. It urges nations to take advantage of biomass fuels and move towards green economies where the poor benefit from producing sustainable, clean energy.
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China at the forefront in clean energy investment: Pew
Mar 30, 2011 China has underlined its position as the world's leading power in clean energy investment by attracting a record $54.4bn (£34bn), a study done by the US Pew Environment Group in G20 leading economies has shown. In addition, China was also the world's leading producer of wind turbines and solar energy units.
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World Bank to restrict funding for coal-power plants
Apr 05, 2011 In a paradigm shift, World Bank has decided to limit its funding for building new coal-powered plants only to the poorest of countries. The move pushes the nations to switch to greener sources of energy for power.
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Shale gas more harmful than coal, indicates research
Apr 13, 2011 US climate change researchers have found that shale gas produces twice as much CO2 as burning conventional gas. The study cautions against surging popularity of the gas as an alternative source of energy.
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Fuel industry pushes for controversial shale gas
Apr 22, 2011 Petroleum biggies have launched massive lobbying for shale gas as cheap and “green” fuel. Their propaganda stems from a report by European gas forum even as environmentalists question how “green” shale gas is.
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Textile solar lights power remote villages
Apr 29, 2011 The Portable Light Project integrates indigenous fabric with clean energy to light up off-grid remote communities in the developing world. Pilots are underway in Brazil, Kenya, Haiti, Nicaragua, Madagascar, Mexico and South Africa.
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Japan abandons nuclear expansion
May 12, 2011 Japan’s Prime Minister has abandoned plans to build new nuclear reactors and has announced to review its nuclear policy. The accident at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant has destabilised Japan’s energy policy, which relied heavily on nuclear power for country’s needs.
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