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Report on Western Ghats presented to Indian environment ministry
Apr 18, 2013 Incentivise green growth in the Western Ghats of India, said the Union Ministry of Environment and Forest’s High Level Working Group, while presenting its much awaited report on the Ghats to Jayanthi Natarajan, Minister of State (IC) for Environment & Forests, Government of India, on Wednesday.
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Pakistan kicks off strategy for sustainable development
Aug 05, 2013 The ambitious tech-driven agenda may help the country ward off natural disasters and move to a path of sustainable growth.
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No sand mining sans permission: India's green tribunal
Aug 05, 2013 Sand mining will only be allowed from any river after due permission from the State Environment Impact authority, stated India’s National Green Tribunal.
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Poll-bound Delhi govt sends back air pollution agenda
Aug 06, 2013 The much awaited 'Agenda for Air Pollution Control', finally arrived at a cabinet meeting chaired by Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit-only to be sent back to the drawing board for another round of reviews.
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Indian state uses plastic waste for road construction
Feb 02, 2010 A week long anti-polythene campaign has yielded enough plastic to tar a stretch of 138 kilometers in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Pilots indicate that these roads are cost effective and durable.
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Bangladesh riverbed cleaning drive goes futile
Feb 08, 2010 A riverbed cleaning drive initiated by the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority is becoming completely ineffective with tonnes of waste being disposed into the waters everyday. Environmentalists fear that unless urgent action is taken to prevent dumping rubbish into the rivers, it is going to remain a lifeless pit.
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First Indian woman at the South Pole
Feb 10, 2010 "In Antartica, the wind is your worst enemy" - Reena Kaushal Dharmshaktu relives the thrill and agony of participating in an expedition conceived to celebrate women’s empowerment, climate change and environmental degradation. The expedition commemorated the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Commonwealth.
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Smokeless stoves show promise of a green future
Mar 02, 2010 As a result of an idea to create energy-efficient metal stoves for the northern areas of Pakistan, women like Sona Siddiqi have learnt to built earthenware smokeless stoves that save precious fuel woods. The project funded under the small grants programme of GEF has improved the living conditions of communities.
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India's capital witnesses sharp fall in migratory birds
Mar 09, 2010 The Asian Water Bird Census 2010 reveals a marked fall in the arrival of migratory birds in Delhi due to degradation of Yamuna river basin, caused by domestic and industrial pollution. Unless protective measures are taken immediately, the wetlands would become dry lands in near future.
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Bhutan on a cleanliness drive for SAARC summit
Mar 17, 2010 For the upcoming SAARC summit, Thimphu City Corporation with the help of volunteers and support from Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry has started a campaign to make the city cleaner and greener. However involving the public is the best way to keep the city clean, argue volunteers.
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Development plans pose threat to India's hill state
Mar 19, 2010 The central government have scheduled development plans for the remote north-eastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. Renowned correspondent Mark Tully affirms how these measures will undermine traditional tribal culture and isolate the natives.
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Indian state demands compensation from Coca-Cola
Mar 23, 2010 Coca-Cola has been asked to pay $47m in compensation for depleting groundwater, as well as damaging farmland and the local environment by Kerala government in south India. While the company has refuted the charges, the government appointed committee says that it has ‘impeccable evidence’ against the company.
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93% wild medicinal plants recorded endangered
Apr 05, 2010 Wild and rare plants used for making ayurvedic medicines in India are being threatened by the growing demand of herbal industries. The government is therefore trying to protect these plants by relocating them.
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Cross-border project launched to save Mt Kailash
Apr 12, 2010 India, Nepal and China have joined hands to conserve the Greater Mt Kailash Region, under the guidance of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development. In its first phase the project aims to establish a transboundary cultural and biodiversity conservation landscape and engage stakeholderds in the three countries.
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India: No policy for radioactive waste disposal
Apr 13, 2010 While the police continue with their investigations regarding the presence of radioactive material in a Delhi scrap market post a fire accident, there is no monitoring of such waste at a municipal level. Radioactive waste is not even mentioned in any of the ministry rules relating to e-waste disposal.
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India on a Green Mission
Apr 15, 2010 India’s environment ministry is set to frame the blueprint for Green India Mission to increase forest cover, after holding extensive public consultations in five different parts of the country. The consultations will be organised by Centre for Environment and Education in order to make the programme inclusive and participatory.
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New dams may pose risk to Bhutan's ecology
May 05, 2010 The construction of large dams on some rivers in Bhutan to generate sizeable amount of electricity is expected to have serious repercussions on the natural environment of Bhutan and India. Little data about dams and their impacts in the public domain is also a serious concern among environmentalists.
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India to soon have green tribunals
May 05, 2010 India is all set to get Green Tribunals with the lower house passing the long awaited National Green Tribunal Bill, which will allow setting up mobile tribunals and any person aggrieved or organisation to file case. The bill also fixes responsibility on polluter to cause harm to the environment.
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India:"Mayapuri radiation incident is a wake up call"
May 21, 2010 Mayapuri area was declared risk free by Greenpeace after its review of the decontamination work done by the government authorities. The NGO urged the Government to be more transparent and methodical in its approach when dealing with a crisis of this nature which involves people’s safety.
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Convictions inadequate in Bhopal gas tragedy
Jun 08, 2010 A local court in Bhopal convicted all 8 Indians accused in the 26-year-old Bhopal gas tragedy case. The toxic leak from the pesticide plant killed over 3,000 people at the time of incident. The victims and the campaigners criticise the judgment as a delayed and denied.
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48 million in Asia affected by weather-related events
Dec 15, 2009 A report released at Copenhagen says 55 million people worldwide were affected by extreme weather-related disasters in 2009. Even as the last year's figures were lower than previous years, floods, storms and cyclones continued to plague coastal populations in Asia, with costs of disasters going up steadily.
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Indian jail aims to be 'world's first green prison'
Dec 16, 2009 Tihar Central Jail in India’s national capital is South Asia's largest prison. It is now hoping to become the first in the world to go green by using renewable energy, recycled waste and cutting its electricity consumption.
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India's wettest place gets drier
Dec 21, 2009 Cherrapunji was once known as the wettest place in the world. Not any longer. It is getting up to 20% less rain every year and facing severe water shortages. Residents blame it on global warming.
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India's tribal village first to get rights over its forests
Dec 24, 2009 A tribal village in western India has been granted the right to cultivate and manage its forest, as per the provisions of the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest-Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act 2006. For over a decade the villagers have fought against the commercialisation of their land.
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Mindless afforestation in Bangladesh
Dec 24, 2009 Hill area of Madhabchhara, spread over 70 acres, in Bangladesh is being brought under social afforestation programme by removing native eco-friendly trees from the natural forest. Forest department has leased out the land where beneficiaries have planted different alien species of trees like acacia, mahogany and epil-epil.
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Kashmir's houseboats may face closure
Jan 04, 2010 It’s difficult to imagine the famous Dal Lake in Indian-administered Kashmir without houseboats, but all that is now faced with the threat of closure. However, the government has promised to build a repair yard, assist with loans on easy terms and provide treatment for sewage from the houseboats.
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Tiger most endangered in India
Jan 07, 2010 India lost 120 tigers last year – the highest in the decade. The WWF has categorised tigers, polar bears and blue fin tuna among the most threatened species in 2010 as climate change emerges even more clearly as a threat.
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India's ship-breaking yards remain unsafe
Jan 28, 2010 A UN official, after examining the waste disposal system in ship-breaking yards in India, has criticised the health and safety standards employed for workers. It has recommended a national plan for safe management of toxic products and upgradation of medical and sanitation facilities.
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It's time for sustainable development
Jan 05, 2012 Will the upcoming environmental summit – Rio+20 – be able to build a consensus to shift the post-MDG agenda from poverty to sustainable development, explores journalist Julia Day.
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CSR should protect environment and communities: Arun Maira
Jan 30, 2012 Talking to OneWorld, Arun Maira, Member of India's Planning Commission, talks about his book Transforming Capitalism-Improving the world for everyone and how corporate social responsibility could shape environment action.
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