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Financial Inclusion Through Micro Pension
Apr 04, 2013 In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, SEWA Bank has introduced a micro-pension scheme to extend old age retirement benefits to women employed in the unorganised sector.
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FINO-Tatkaal: Financial inclusion for migrants
Apr 05, 2013 FINO-Tatkaal is a smart-card based remittance banking system for migrants. It operates on a Business Correspondent (BC) model whereby agents facilitate transactions at the customers’ doorstep.
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Leveraging simple technology for financial inclusion
Apr 04, 2013 Punjab National Bank's ICT for the Financial Inclusion programme utilises a confluence of simple technologies to extend benefits of formal credit to the unbanked poor masses in India.
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Indian Premier launches Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
Aug 29, 2014 The ‘Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana’ will help in ending financial untouchability, said Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister.
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Year 2014: New initiatives dot India’s development map
Dec 29, 2014 Apart from repurposing the old welfare schemes, the Indian government launches new initiatives
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Include banking schemes in school syllabus: Bankers
Jan 15, 2014 Bankers from leading institutions believe that banking schemes for farmers should be made part of school curriculum to enhance financial literacy.
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