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Thousands benefit from pistachio farms in Afghanistan
Jan 29, 2010 Afghanistan Conservation Corps is not only playing a pivotal role in preservation of the country’s biodiversity but also trying to improve rural livelihoods and building capacity to manage forests and other vital resources. Restoration of pistachio forests has provided jobs to thousands of people.
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India bans cultivation of Bt brinjal
Feb 10, 2010 The decision to put a moratorium on the cultivation of Bt brinjal has been hailed by experts and activists. Concerns about possible health hazards of genetically modified brinjal and rapid contamination of natural brinjal varieties through cross-pollination were voiced at public hearings in seven cities across the country.
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Jammu and Kashmir tribes appeal for food
Mar 15, 2010 The Gujjars and Bakerwals tribes in India’s Jammu and Kashmir have sent a written appeal to UN to provide food to more than six lakh nomadic families under the World Food Programme. Intense food-deficit is causing malnutrition and anaemia among children and women in the state.
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Noted Indian environmentalist claims GM crops 'suicidal'
Mar 16, 2010 Vandana Shiva, activist and environmentalist claims the adoption of genetically modified crops would be suicidal in terms of climate change. She stresses that it would put small farmers at greater financial risk, rather than securing their farms and addressing food insecurity.
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Bhutan preserves a traditional staple diet
Mar 18, 2010 With the help of National Biodiversity Centre and the agriculture division of Bumthang, Bhutan is trying to preserve the buckwheat cultivation, which was neglected with the advent of cash crops like potato. Buckwheat has been a staple food crop for the people of Bumthaps region for generations.
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Draft food bill fails to address nutritional needs
Mar 25, 2010 Activists are irked that the proposed EGoM food bill intends to exclude a large section of the population by targeting only those selected as living below the poverty line in India. In a letter to the Prime Minister they argue that despite court orders it fails to guarantee universal nutrition.
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New project to tackle food crisis in Nepal
Mar 31, 2010 The country director of UN’s World Food Programme, Nepal, in an interview has highlighted issues such as drought, dependence on rainfall and increase in population as main reasons for food crisis in the country. The “Food for Work” programme is based on the needs of the community, he said.
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Food-shortage forcing children to eat mud
Apr 05, 2010 Children in the hinterlands of India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh have resorted to eating silica laced mud due to the non availability of food which has worsened malnourishment and diseases. Officials from various ministries are therefore working on recrafting the Food Security Bill to include such families.
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Planning Commission chief pitches for 35kg foodgrain for poor
Apr 08, 2010 Montek Singh Ahluwalia, the deputy chairman of Planning Commission, is endorsing the Tendulkar Committee report that increases the supply of 35 kg of foodgrains every month from 25 kg proposed under the new Food Security Act, drafted by the Empowered Group of Ministers.
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Planning Commission accepts 37 pc live below poverty line
Apr 19, 2010 Chaired by Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia, a planning commission meeting adopted the Suresh Tendulkar Committee estimate that would place 81 million poor families below the poverty line. The burden for implementing the Food Security Law could also be heavy, the panel agreed.
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Malnutrition deaths rise in India's tribal region
May 03, 2010 With the government all set to pass the Food Bill, that aims at giving monthly subsidised foodgrains to families below the poverty line, primitive tribal areas are facing food shortages and are becoming vulnerable to malnutrition related diseases. An RTI application has revealed corruption at the lowest level.
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Pakistan: Food secure for next two years
May 05, 2010 With 36.052 million tonnes of agricultural produce, Pakistan’s Agriculture Development Minister claims that Pakistan is food secure for the next two years. The country has not only been able to meet the year’s food requirement of 28 million tonnes but has a surplus of 8 million tonnes.
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India to review food grain allocation plan
May 14, 2010 Shrinking size of Indian families could mean that the Indian government must alter its plans aimed to provide food grains to BPL families under the proposed Food Security Act. The government may consider allocation of food grains on individual basis.
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As they sow, so they not reap
May 21, 2010 Ambiguity surrounds farmers of Afghanistan as profits yielded by crops differ remarkably. High investment associated with high-profit fruit and saffron production acts as barrier to crop switching. In effect, millions remain vulnerable and food insecure while humanitarian wheat procurement presents a gleam of hope.
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Food scenario remains gloomy in Bihar
May 24, 2010 A new study on Bihar’s food security information system has identified twelve districts of state as highly food insecure and has called for immediate targeted intervention by government. Report points to low female literacy as annoying factor contributing to food insecurity and child mortality in the rural regions.
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Struggle for food gets tougher
May 24, 2010 Aid agencies have warned about further impairment of food security for people in western hills of Nepal. Inflation along with low agricultural production is worsening the situation and forcing people to resort to desperate coping measures.
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Bangladesh's food security policy to be showcased in G8
May 31, 2010 For its sustained food security policy and practices, Bangladesh will be showcased in the upcoming G8 summit and Asia Food Security Investment Forum in the Philippines as a model among developing countries. However, nearly 50 million Bangladeshis still live in extreme poverty.
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Declining wheat consumption indicates food insecurity in Pakistan
Jun 03, 2010 Decline in consumption of wheat, the most basic of food staples in Pakistan, raises concern as it indicates the loss of purchasing power of the country’s people, said a UN official on Wednesday. The situation seems to be unstable with the soaring price of wheat and struggling economy of the country.
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Kerala faces grim food scarcity
Jun 04, 2010 With the gap between production and requirement of food grain widening every year, Kerala’s food scene is turning gloomy. The steeping increase in food prices indicates the state’s large dependence on other states and an urgent need of a mechanism to face the imminent food crisis.
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Hunger must go
Dec 22, 2011 The recent alarm over the financial implications of India’s Food Security Bill should give way to informed debate about how it can improve people’s lives and eradicate hunger, writes food security and poverty expert Jean Dreze.
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How women are helping feed the world
Mar 09, 2012 On the International Women’s Day we take a close look at how women are leading the global fight against hunger despite overwhelming odds.
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No food security without ecological and livelihood security
Jul 17, 2012 Providing food for the poor is important but the Food Security Bill must also create the conditions under which people can provide food for themselves, or have the means to buy it, says Ashish Kothari.
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India’s food security scheme unviable, says trade body
Jul 18, 2013 According to Fertiliser Association of India, India’s food security scheme cannot be executed successfully unless farming is made profitable.
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Right to Food Campaign all India Convention
Feb 07, 2012 Right to Food Campaign all India Convention will be held on February 18 in New Delhi. The convention aims to present and discuss the critique of the National Food Security Bill 2011 tabled in the Parliament.
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Food crisis hitting poorest the hardest in Nepal
May 19, 2009 At a place where people have to sweat for two days to earn enough for two kg of rice, life can only be described in terms of constant and bitter struggle for survival. Millions of people in Nepal are finding it difficult to cope with the excessively high food prices.
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Hunger up by 100 million in South Asia
Jun 03, 2009 A new UNICEF report has revealed that the number of chronically hungry people in South Asia has touched the figure of 400 million – highest in last four decades. The ongoing global recession and the food crisis are to be blamed for the significant increase in numbers.
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Walking to end the global food crisis
Jun 10, 2009 World Food Programme mobilised hundreds of thousands of people across 70 countries earlier this week to raise awareness on child hunger and malnutrition. The ongoing economic and food crises have pushed more people on the brink of poverty and hunger.
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Ruckus in India over beneficiaries of food security law
Jun 17, 2009 Conflicting views over the definition of poverty has led to an endless debate between the centre and states in India. With the Food Security Act in the offing, fight over beneficiaries is becoming more intense.
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Global warming may halve Bangladesh rice yields
Jul 06, 2009 Rice yield in Bangladesh is projected to decline by almost 50% by 2070, and pose a serious food crisis in the country. Scientists are attributing the cause to an increase in daily temperatures and fluctuations in rainfall patterns.
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No consensus yet on measuring poverty in India
Jul 14, 2009 The debate over how to measure poverty in India is getting murkier by the day. As the government mulls bringing in a food security law, a senior Planning Commission member has rejected the recommendation of a panel that suggested half of the country’s population should be considered poor.
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