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Creating a new world for the girl child
Jan 29, 2010 Any investment made in the education of a girl translates directly into the overall economic development of the family. As part of a social initiative, a cosmetic major, in association with a nongovernmental organisation, launched the ‘Power of Kiss’ campaign at the Indian national capital yesterday.
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Karachi asylum numbers highlight women's plight
Feb 02, 2010 At a mental care centre for women in north Karachi, the number of admissions has been swelling with time. Due to low status of women in a patriarchal society, families do not hesitate to put them in these institutions.
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Literacy classes bring hope to Afghan girls, women
Feb 03, 2010 A UNICEF-supported informal learning centre is helping to improve literacy among women and girls in Afghanistan’s remote areas. Incentives and meals are bringing more volunteers and students at the centre to learn and share knowledge without fear.
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First Indian woman at the South Pole
Feb 10, 2010 "In Antartica, the wind is your worst enemy" - Reena Kaushal Dharmshaktu relives the thrill and agony of participating in an expedition conceived to celebrate women’s empowerment, climate change and environmental degradation. The expedition commemorated the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Commonwealth.
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Young doctor upholds Afghan women's right
Feb 16, 2010 Dr Anarkali Kaur Honaryar was chosen by Radio Free Europe’s Afghan chapter as person of the year in May 2009. She fights for women’s rights in Afghanistan which is staunchly patriarchal and most part of it ruled by the Taliban since 1990s, where freedom of women has been constrained.
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Dhaka: Medical examinations traumatic for rape survivors
Feb 16, 2010 Lack of women doctors for medical examination is proving to be a major impediment to justice delivery in rape cases in Bangladesh. Many of the survivors baulk at the insensitivity of the examination which prevents legal action against the attackers.
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Child wedlock still haunts India
Feb 23, 2010 Child marriage continues to be prevalent in India and the rural women are four times more likely than urban women to be married off before 15 years of age says a report by Population Council of India. It also finds awareness of contraceptive methods limited among young women.
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SEWA founder Ela Bhatt gets Niwano Peace Prize
Feb 26, 2010 A pioneer of women's self-sufficiency cooperative, Self-Employed Women’s Association’s Ela Ramesh Bhatt has been chosen for the 27th Niwano Peace Prize, a legacy of Nikkyo Niwano. She receives the award for her contribution to the upliftment of poor and oppressed women in India on May 13 in Tokyo.
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Smokeless stoves show promise of a green future
Mar 02, 2010 As a result of an idea to create energy-efficient metal stoves for the northern areas of Pakistan, women like Sona Siddiqi have learnt to built earthenware smokeless stoves that save precious fuel woods. The project funded under the small grants programme of GEF has improved the living conditions of communities.
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Mullahs promoting family planning in Afghanistan
Mar 03, 2010 Afghan religious leaders have joined community and health workers to explain the importance of spacing out births as a necessary step for providing both mother and child a chance at good health. They are delivering messages during Friday prayers also distributing stocks when clinics remain closed.
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Women's quota bill to be introduced in parliament
Mar 04, 2010 Despite strong opposition, the women’s reservation bill will be introduced in the second chamber of the Indian parliament on March 8, marking the 100th anniversary of the International Women’s Day. Though doubts on the easy passage of the bill run high, yet it is a step-up to women’s movement.
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Nepalese women pledge for equal rights
Mar 08, 2010 Making an assessment on the status of women in Nepal on 100th International Women’s day, women’s rights activists say that women still struggle for equal opportunity and rights in every aspect of life. Measures are being suggested to ensure that no discriminatory laws prevail against women in the new constitution.
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Women's bill sparks protests in Indian parliament
Mar 08, 2010 Amid protests and continuous adjournments of the upper house, voting on the historic bill that reserves 33% of legislative seats for women has been deferred until tomorrow. The Indian Prime Minister has called an all-party meeting to work out modalities of passing the Bill.
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Corporate girl-turned-sarpanch sets example for youth
Mar 09, 2010 30 year old Chhavi Rajawat left behind corporate glamour and city life to become the head of her village in Rajasthan. With a degree in business management she is determined to improve the living conditions of her village by providing safe drinking water and creating job opportunities.
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Justice eludes Afghan women
Mar 09, 2010 Women in Afghanistan continue to suffer wide spread discrimination, abuses, domestic violence and an apathetic government. Despite a July 2009 law banning violence against women, incidents of violence continue and their rights are violated with impunity on a regular basis.
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Pakistan: Historic bill against workplace harassment
Mar 11, 2010 Pakistan’s President has signed the new bill that protects women against workplace harassment. Overcoming years of conservative opposition, the bill aims to create an equal society by providing a safe working environment and ensuring rights of men and women.
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Women's participation critical to Afghan peace-process
Mar 12, 2010 A panel discussion on Afghan women’s participation in peace building, organised by UN, identified continuing violence and insecurity as main reasons hampering women’s access to essential rights and services. It states that women should form an integral part of any solution for the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.
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Myanmar: Unsafe abortions leading cause of maternal mortality
Mar 15, 2010 The latest survey by UNICEF shows that Maternal Mortality remains persistently high in Myanmar and complications arising from unsafe abortions are the third leading cause of maternal death. While there have been gains in last two decades, a lot remains to be done.
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UNDP head lauds India's job scheme for nurturing rural livelihoods
Mar 16, 2010 Last week, Helen Clark, Administrator of the UNDP and former Prime Minister of New Zealand, embarked on a five-day visit to India in hopes of continuing strong relations between the UNDP and the country. With stopovers in different districts in the state of Rajasthan, she observed the use of ICTs in enabling effective and prompt delivery of government services, and political reservation in empowering marginalised women.
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Train women smallholders for better crops, says report
Mar 18, 2010 A report issued by the City & Guilds Centre for Skills Development reveals that giving women farmers the same inputs and education as men could increase the yields by 20%. Although a large number of agricultural producers are women, it states that inadequate skill development remains a concern.
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UNDP supports India's historical fight for gender equality
Mar 20, 2010 Visiting India during a historic week for women in the country, UNDP Administrator Helen Clark, participated in an exciting array of debates in the capital city on gender issues ranging from the intersection between political and economic empowerment, to the much deliberated and timely subject of reservation.
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Pak peasant women fight barbaric customs through polls
Mar 24, 2010 Mai Jori, an illiterate peasant from a remote village in western Balochistan province has launched a mission to empower marginalised women and fight the feudal, patriarchal customs by contesting elections. Her fearless nature has boosted the morale of the local working class to assert their rights
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First political manifesto for women in Sri Lanka
Mar 26, 2010 The United Political Front’s manifesto for women in Sri Lanka has been applauded by rights activist, as it is the first time a political party in the island nation has presented a comprehensive document on women. However the document fails to say how all its proposals would be brought to fruition.
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All-party meet on Women’s Bill today
Apr 05, 2010 The ruling UPA-II government anxious to forge a consensus on the women's reservation bill has called an all-party meet today. The bill which has already been passed by Rajya Sabha is expected to be taken up for consideration in the Lower House when it resumes budget session on April 15.
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Education underground in Afghanistan
Apr 05, 2010 Defying militant’s scores of Afghan women are attending secret schools in Kandahar city. Educators have turned their homes into classrooms in some of the most culturally conservative places providing lessons on Pashto literacy, arithmetic, health and hygiene to girls and women in the Taliban heartland.
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India: First open prison for women convicts
Apr 12, 2010 Incarcerated women in Maharashtra’s Yerawada prison will soon be able to move out of the cramped, unhygienic cells as the construction of India’s first open prison for women is underway. Women prisoners engaged in creating the new space will get paid and also a reduction in their sentence.
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Bangladesh documents women's role in 1971 war
Apr 15, 2010 A three-member parliamentary sub-committee has been formed to collate information on the role played by women in Bangladesh’s liberation war. The absence of a complete history of women’s participation and contribution in the war has brought out the need to archive their sacrifices.
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Unregulated contraception marketing subject women to risk
Apr 15, 2010 Figures on contraceptive usage by women show high in a scenario where complete information and awareness regarding the usage and implications of pills is absent. Unethical marketing by pharmaceutical manufacturers and omnipresence of contraceptive pills pose potential threats to women’s health.
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UNFPA-Laadli media awards for Charkha gender features
Apr 20, 2010 Charkha Development Communication Network, an NGO which for the last 15 years has been connecting issues of the rural marginalised communities to the media has been selected for Special Award : Best Feature Service (Gender Issues) under the UNFPA-Laadli Media Awards for Gender Sensitivity 2009-10 (Northern & Eastern Region).
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Pakistani women persist for equal rights
Apr 23, 2010 With almost twenty years of campaigning for equality, the Women’s Action Forum in Pakistan is still working to release women from the shackles of repressive laws. Minister of Human Rights have agreed that the lack of understanding of rights is a major reason for gender injustice in the country.
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