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Despite progress, gender inequality persists: study
Jul 10, 2015 The MDG report-2015 states that women continue to face discrimination in many parts of the world.
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Sania Mirza to raise awareness on gender equality
Jan 08, 2015 Tennis superstar Sania Mirza is UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia.
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Religion, feminist politics and Muslim women’s rights in India
Jul 07, 2014 The most important campaigns of the women’s movements have centred on issues of dowry, rape and personal laws and more recently women’s reservation in legislatures, writes Zoya Hasan.
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The Indian marriage: Unequal tie
Oct 06, 2013 Debt because of marriage is very much a part of the Indian reality. In fact, the cash component of dowry has only grown over the years, tells Ravinder Kaur, a professor in a conversation with Pamela Philipose.
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Women’s Reservation Bill: Parliamentarians lack resoluteness of purpose, says lawyer Geeta Luthra
Mar 26, 2013 Eminent Indian lawyer, Geeta Luthra, laments that in all the successive Parliaments, the percentage of women has been gradually coming down in comparison to the first Parliament. Excerpts from Geeta Luthra's interview with OneWorld South Asia.
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Delhi to host global conference on prenatal sex selection
Jul 02, 2015 The conference aims to exchange international knowledge on sex-selective practices and methods of addressing the problem.
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Indian girls should learn martial arts for self defence: Dalai Lama
Oct 01, 2014 Training of young girls in martial arts seems a practical solution for reducing their vulnerability against sexual crimes, says the Dalai Lama.
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Sexual crimes: Men must learn to control, says Soha Ali Khan
Apr 08, 2014 The first objective of cinema and television, especially of cinema is entertainment, believes Soha Ali Khan, a popular Bollywood actor.
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Women account for 25 per cent of India’s new cabinet
May 27, 2014 Women’s strong leadership skills have been recognized with seven Cabinet ministries being allocated to women under the new government.
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UN launches global campaign for gender equality
May 27, 2014 UN Women has launched a new campaign called the ‘Beijing+20 Campaign: Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity’ with an aim to create gender awareness and sensitivity at the global level.
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Gender parity can make Asia food secure: study
Jul 25, 2013 According to a new report prepared jointly by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Asia must knock down gender barriers for attaining food security.
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Unbreakable: Story of Mary Kom’s relentless struggle
Jan 09, 2014 Unbreakable, the autobiography of champion female boxer Mary Kom, is an exhilarating tale of a woman who faced impossible odds in a man’s world.
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Fear of violence keeps women out of politics in South Asia
Apr 30, 2014 Violence against women in politics is rampant in the South Asia region, says a new study conducted by UN Women and Centre for Social Research (CSR).
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Police do not respect women’s rights in South Asia: study
Apr 30, 2014 According to a new study by UN Women 54% of the respondents in India believe that police do not respect women’s rights.
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India: Beautiful country, but not for women
Jul 28, 2013 In the Ladakhi community of Jammu and Kashmir, women are not allowed to meet outsiders including doctors, even during their pregnancy, writes Saadia Azim.
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A rape survivor in India gets justice after 17 years
Dec 05, 2013 The rape survivor had to literally fight not just the system but the society with its cultural stigmas and taboos, writes Rakhi Ghosh..
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A year after the Delhi gang rape: Does the legal system measure up?
Dec 08, 2013 The new law, Criminal law Amendment 2013, (CLA 2013), is a departure from the earlier patriarchal framing that had restricted rape to peno-vaginal penetration, writes Vrinda Grover.
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Kashmiri women: Still waiting for children to come home
Nov 10, 2013 The women of Kashmir have braved the toughest odds and waged lone battles for the safety of their beloved family members, writes Sana Altaf.
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End violence against women and children: activists
Nov 19, 2013 The dream for gender justice cannot be achieved in a caste stratified society, said Asha Kowtal from All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch.
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Exquisite weaves that changed Vandana’s life
Nov 22, 2013 Out of the total number of weavers in India some 60 per cent are women and 40 per cent belong to the lowest of the lower rank on the social ladder, writes Mehru Jaffer.
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Welfare of girl child is our topmost priority: Indian govt
Jul 10, 2014 India’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in his maiden Budget Speech has said that the Government attaches utmost importance to the welfare of Girl Child.
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EU-UN Women film pays tribute to ‘Inspiring Indian Women’
Mar 10, 2014 ‘Women who Inspire’, a new film produced by the European Union, is comprised of a series of interviews which focus on outstanding individual Indian women.
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Why are job vacancies only for a man or a woman? Asks trans activist Laxmi
Jul 23, 2015 Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, a veteran transgender rights activist, in an interview to OneWorld South Asia, said that decisions for the welfare of hijras should be taken on the very streets in India where they beg or sell their bodies for less than Rs 20. Excerpts from the interview:
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Gender inequality: South Asian countries rank low
Mar 15, 2013 Despite the latest Human Development Report hailing the rise of the South, the South Asian nations rank low on the Human Development Index.
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Child sex ratio in India declines sharply: report
Jul 22, 2014 Gender-biased sex selection is an extreme form and manifestation of gender discrimination, say UN Women and UNFPA
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Gender empowerment: ITU to partner with 'Smart Woman'
Mar 19, 2013 Smart Woman is a smartphone-based platform for gender empowerment by harnessing global ‘mobile miracle’.
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Women's rights activist Ranjana Kumari bags Lotus award
May 20, 2015 Dr Ranjana Kumari, a long-time champion for women’s causes, has worked tirelessly to promote women's political participation
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UN urges renewed efforts to end violence against girls
Nov 27, 2013 The UN Women Deputy Executive Director Lakshmi Puri has called gender-based violence a ‘gross human rights violation’ and a ‘pandemic.
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Fisher girl to TV celebrity: Sharada Devi’s evolution
Oct 01, 2013 Working in the old colonial Dutch fishing village of Beemili, about 50 kilometres from Andhra Pradesh’s coastal city of Visakhapatnam, Sharada Devi has emerged as an able defender of the rights of her community, writes Pamela Philipose.
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Ex-slave girls of Nepal get new lease of life
Oct 11, 2013 The ex-Kamalaris or bonded labourers are usually girls and teenagers from the Tharu community, one of Nepal’s most marginalized indigenous groups.
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