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Night shifts still problematic for female journalists: expert
May 02, 2014 Experts at a consultation in New Delhi on the World Press Freedom Day rued that India’s national media lacks social diversity as it does not reflect the country’s social profile.
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Son preference is a global issue, say experts
Jul 17, 2015 Experts from various countries like South Korea, Germany and the USA urged for addressing the problem of sex selection on a priority basis.
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Sania Mirza to raise awareness on gender equality
Jan 08, 2015 Tennis superstar Sania Mirza is UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia.
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Women need policy support: Sheikh Hasina
Mar 09, 2015 Stressing on the need for equitable development, Bangladeshi Premier, Sheikh Hasina, called for policy support for women.
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UN Women unveils campaign on gender equality
Jul 08, 2014 The Beijing+20 campaign was kicked off online in May, and has already galvanized a global audience of 40 million, with media, civil society organizations and individuals actively engaged in a re-energized conversation.
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UN Women announces Emma Watson as Goodwill Ambassador
Jul 08, 2014 Emma Watson is best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the ‘Harry Potter’ film series.
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Girls still sent to Kashmir for forced weddings
Jan 07, 2014 Hundreds of cases of forced marriage are thought to take place annually, involving British nationals married against their will in Kashmir, particularly in and around the industrial town of Mirpur.
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Promised in marriage, a young girl gets her childhood back
Aug 01, 2013 When her father sold her off to marry, a young Afghan girl pleaded not to leave her family. Only after intervention by community leaders was the arrangement reversed.
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Millions of girls at risk of genital mutilation: UNICEF
Jul 23, 2013 Even though a majority of countries oppose the practice of female genital mutilation, it still persists in many countries across the world.
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The Indian marriage: Unequal tie
Oct 06, 2013 Debt because of marriage is very much a part of the Indian reality. In fact, the cash component of dowry has only grown over the years, tells Ravinder Kaur, a professor in a conversation with Pamela Philipose.
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Online course to help fight workplace sexual harassment
Jul 23, 2014 The objective of the course is to provide individuals with a well-informed understanding of all the elements constituting sexual harassment.
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Girls should not be embarrassed about menstruation: Gul Panag
May 28, 2015 “During my growing up years and even today, I see women and girls shying away from mentioning the ‘M’ word,” said actress Gul Panag.
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India: These girls are game to talk about sexual health
Apr 17, 2014 New experiences, new ideas and the confidence to say ‘no’ when the need arises – these young women are finally game to live life on their own terms, writes Elsa Mathews.
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Women’s Reservation Bill: Parliamentarians lack resoluteness of purpose, says lawyer Geeta Luthra
Mar 26, 2013 Eminent Indian lawyer, Geeta Luthra, laments that in all the successive Parliaments, the percentage of women has been gradually coming down in comparison to the first Parliament. Excerpts from Geeta Luthra's interview with OneWorld South Asia.
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Indian govt under pressure to pass women’s quota Bill: MP
Dec 13, 2013 Several women’s organizations criticised India’s ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) for sitting on the Women’s Bill and its buck passing tactics.
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Boardrooms of India Inc still yearn for women
Mar 08, 2013 Despite acknowledging poor representation of women in boardrooms, India Inc cover up by saying that numbers alone do not ensure a woman friendly corporate culture.
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Indian President urges law makers to ensure gender sensitivity
Oct 03, 2012 Inaugurating the seventh meeting of women speakers of Indian Parliament, President Pranab Mukherjee has urged law makers to make responsive policies to ensure gender sensitivity and equality. He also asserted that mere representation is not enough to address social issues.
Saving trans- border brides from bad marriages
Oct 16, 2013 Dynamic and multi-pronged approaches are important when it comes to issues that transcend international borders, writes Lavanya Regunathan Fischer and Devadatt Kamat.
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My book will make a woman recognise her inner power: Abha Banerjee
Mar 12, 2014 Abha Maryada Banerjee, one of India’s prominent woman motivational speakers, spoke to OneWorld South Asia at the launch of her book ‘Nucleus: Power Women-Lead from the core’ in New Delhi. Excerpts from the interview.
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“My body, your Right?”
Aug 22, 2013 Marital rape cannot be justified for the sake of protecting the institution of marriage, writes Dr Ranjana Kumari.
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Women account for 25 per cent of India’s new cabinet
May 27, 2014 Women’s strong leadership skills have been recognized with seven Cabinet ministries being allocated to women under the new government.
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Diwali radiance ‘lights up’ lives of widows in India
Nov 03, 2013 The widows of Vrindavan ushered in a new era by breaking age-old chains that stopped them from celebrating Diwali, one of the biggest Indian festivals.
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UN launches global campaign for gender equality
May 27, 2014 UN Women has launched a new campaign called the ‘Beijing+20 Campaign: Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity’ with an aim to create gender awareness and sensitivity at the global level.
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India: We are citizens too, say sex workers and transgenders
Feb 01, 2014 New vote banks and unconventional aspirants are already changing the dynamics of politics in India, writes Anuradha Dutt.
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Fear of violence keeps women out of politics in South Asia
Apr 30, 2014 Violence against women in politics is rampant in the South Asia region, says a new study conducted by UN Women and Centre for Social Research (CSR).
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Police do not respect women’s rights in South Asia: study
Apr 30, 2014 According to a new study by UN Women 54% of the respondents in India believe that police do not respect women’s rights.
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Nirbhaya incident awakened a million others: Indian MP
Dec 17, 2013 Launching the campaign, ‘Honour Our Women’, Anurag Singh Thakur said that tough laws and policing alone cannot stop crimes against women.
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Farmer-activist Meera leads a band of earth warriors in India
Dec 18, 2013 Bringing a balance in gender relations can really impact the way in which communities deal with climate change, writes Mehru Jaffer.
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I try not to be cynical about International Women's Day: Nandita Das
Mar 08, 2013 Nandita Das, a critically acclaimed actress and a human rights activist is better known for offbeat cinema and the unique characters she plays. At present she is the chairperson, Children’s Film Society of India. Nandita tells Ashok Kumar that society needs to stop stereotyping women and change its mindset that a woman’s job is just to appease the man.
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India: Beautiful country, but not for women
Jul 28, 2013 In the Ladakhi community of Jammu and Kashmir, women are not allowed to meet outsiders including doctors, even during their pregnancy, writes Saadia Azim.
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