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Equality essential for women’s economic participation: UN
Mar 07, 2013 Senior United Nations officials have emphasised that women will not be able to fully participate in their countries’ economic and political activities until gender equality is achieved, during an event focusing on how businesses can help empower women.
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New film on gender equality to screen in 20 countries
Jul 26, 2016 Riding on the popularity of a 1996 Spice Girls’ chart topper, the remake of the music album strives for global gender equality.
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Women do not need special favours to progress: AVP, HCL Technologies
Mar 20, 2013 Srimathi Shivashankar, Associate Vice President, Diversity & Sustainability, HCL Technologies, urged the corporate world to have zero tolerance for violence against women at the workplace and beyond. Excerpts from Srimathi Shivashankar’s interview with OneWorld South Asia.
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New global initiative to address gender based violence
Mar 25, 2014 The Gender-Based Violence Emergency Response and Protection Initiative is a first-of-its-kind global program dedicated to assisting victims of extreme forms of gender-based violence around the world.
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Population Foundation of India launches a woman-centric show
Feb 26, 2014 PFI is a national-level NGO which promotes and advocates effective formulation and implementation of gender-sensitive population.
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Govt programmes still out of reach for women: study
Apr 08, 2014 A briefing paper by UN Women calls on the Indian Government to respond to the needs of Dalit and Muslim women as well as transgenders.
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I try not to be cynical about International Women's Day: Nandita Das
Mar 08, 2013 Nandita Das, a critically acclaimed actress and a human rights activist is better known for offbeat cinema and the unique characters she plays. At present she is the chairperson, Children’s Film Society of India. Nandita tells Ashok Kumar that society needs to stop stereotyping women and change its mindset that a woman’s job is just to appease the man.
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Indian govt under pressure to pass women’s quota Bill: MP
Dec 13, 2013 Several women’s organizations criticised India’s ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) for sitting on the Women’s Bill and its buck passing tactics.
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Aamir Khan meets British PM to discuss gender equality
Feb 20, 2013 Bollywood actor Amir Khan met British PM David Cameron to talk about gender equality. The actor blamed ‘patriarchal mindset’ of people for prevalent gender inequality in India.
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Yuva Maitri - Engaging young men on gender issues
Apr 09, 2013 Yuva Maitri, a gender sensitisation programme in Maharashtra uses innovative youth-friendly communication tools to promote a healthy dialogue among young men on sexuality, masculinity, patriarchy and related issues.
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Saving trans- border brides from bad marriages
Oct 16, 2013 Dynamic and multi-pronged approaches are important when it comes to issues that transcend international borders, writes Lavanya Regunathan Fischer and Devadatt Kamat.
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