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Innovative technology spells a safe period for Indian women
Aug 08, 2013 A low-cost sanitary napkin-making machine has all the makings of a revolutionary product that spells a safe period for many ordinary Indian women particularly in rural areas, writes Alka Tiwari.
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Step out of house and conquer: Alia Bhatt to Indian girls
Aug 01, 2013 Bollywood’s rising star and the 'Student of the Year' heroine, Alia Bhatt, in an interview with Ashok Kumar urged Indian girls to break the stereotypes for accomplishing their dreams. Excerpts from the interview.
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Rajasthan unveils new girl child policy
Jun 18, 2013 Under the new regime, the girl child sex ratio will improve significantly in the west Indian state of Rajasthan, experts feel.
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Best news for Jharkhand women: A toilet at home!
Sep 09, 2014 Open defecation is a huge challenge for Jharkhand women, as only 7.7 per cent of households in rural areas have toilets, writes Dilnaz Boga.
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Over 140mn girls will become child brides by 2020: UN
Mar 08, 2013 If current child marriage rates continue, more than 140 million girls will become child brides between 2011 and 2020, said the United Nations, warning that little progress has been made towards ending this harmful practice.
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India launches scheme to provide iron tablets to 13 cr girls
Jul 18, 2013 Iron Deficiency Anaemia is one of the most widespread nutritional deficiency disorder in India, which affects around 58 per cent of the pregnant women.
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In Rajasthan, literacy doesn't mean better sex ratios
May 28, 2013 Despite a literacy rate of 66.1 per cent, the child sex ratio in 0-6 year category in the West Indian state of Rajasthan is a shocking 888.
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