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India set to paint its national highways all green
Jul 02, 2016 The government has decided to earmark one per cent of the road construction cost for greening the national highways.
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Greenpeace lists greenest technology companies
Apr 24, 2013 Even as the world gasps under a growing load of poisonous e-waste, Greenpeace says there is hope in a just released guide that lists the greenest technology companies on earth.
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Japanese companies commit to support organic cotton sector of India
Aug 31, 2012 In a novel programme, two Japanese companies commit to help cotton farmers in India to develop an innovative business model which will combine sustainable production with commercial success.
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CII-GCNI delegation to Rio 20+ call for business action and leadership in green economy
Jun 11, 2012 CII-GCNI delegation, which came together on the 8th of June, 2012 at New Delhi; will head to the Rio+20 Summit and will voice and showcase business contribution to sustainable development in India.
Report says most big businesses not ready to make leap to the ‘green economy’
Aug 06, 2012 New report from the Dutch arm of Deloitte suggests many businesses are unprepared or unable to implement a ‘zero impact’ growth strategy.
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FedEx talks fuel economy, sustainability at Green Fleet Conference 2012
Oct 18, 2012 At the Green Fleet Conference this year , FedEx talked about its sustainability objectives and plans for attaining them.
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Cadillac to start making ELR plug-in hybrid in late 2013
Oct 19, 2012 Company exectives reveal GM luxury subsidiary's first plug-in hybrid electric car will hit forecourts soon
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Asia cuts its carbon faster than Europe
Mar 28, 2013 Producing more goods and services while emitting less carbon is the dream of many economists. In the race to see which countries can best manage to do this, Asia is stealing a march on the US and Europe.
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Creating eco-friendly future business leaders
Jul 29, 2009 Nobel laureate Dr R.K. Pachauri talked of green education and green jobs to enhance India’s position post Copenhagen summit to combat climate change. He was speaking at a talk organised by the TERI University in New Delhi.
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Let's go green
Jun 06, 2012 The FE-EVI Green Business Survey 2011-12 proved to be an exhaustive and informative study about sustainable development practices among Indian corporates. Later, the Green Business Leaders awards reinforced that 'going green' was being taken seriously by corporates than just being another term in vogue.
Microsoft building clean powered data center at waste water plant
Nov 23, 2012 Microsoft will soon start construction on an experimental micro data center at a waste water treatment plant in Wyoming. The concept could help Microsoft scale up clean power for its data centers.
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