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Condoms in the news again… for all the wrong reasons!
Aug 06, 2014 India’s new Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that condoms should not be the only strategy in HIV prevention programmes.
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SABMiller India’s HIV/AIDS ‘Project Humsafar’ reaches over 38,000 truckers
Dec 03, 2012 SABMiller's programme works with truckers on the India's roads to educates and create mass awareness amongst tem regarding HIV/AIDS. Most of these truckers are based in the states of Rajasthan, Haryana, Puducherry and Karnataka.
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Indian government launches mobile app on HIV/AIDS
Aug 19, 2015 This mobile application will provide complete information on HIV and help the government in reaching out to the unreached.
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Stem-cell transplants wipe out HIV, say scientists
Jul 04, 2013 Researchers have reported the case of Two HIV positive men who now show no signs of the HIV virus following Stem-Cell Transplants
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Red Ribbon Express raising awareness about HIV
Dec 03, 2012 The Red Ribbon Express (RRE) started its first journey in 2007 reaching out to more than six million people across India to promote awareness and reduce discrimination against people living with HIV and AIDS, particularly in rural areas.
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Senior Indian official, Aradhana Johri, speaks on World AIDS Day 2012
Dec 03, 2012 In an exclusive interview to Ek Duniya Ek Awaaz, Aradhana Johri, Additional Secretary of the Department of AIDS Control, talks of India's battle against HIV/AIDS. Saying that the strategy of the fourth phase of India's flagship National AIDS Control Programme will mirror its earlier avatar, the senior Health Ministry official assured that the Indian government will manage funds for AIDS control.
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Apollo Tyres receives Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award
Dec 18, 2012 Apollo Tyres was awarded The Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship award for its work in the HIV-AIDS initiative.
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Groundbreaking research reveals more clues about HIV
Jan 16, 2013 The only HIV vaccine trial to achieve moderate success took place four years ago, yet it continues to reveal new information about the virus and renew hopes for a future vaccine.
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15 million to get access to HIV antiretroviral treatment
Jul 16, 2013 UN framework to give 15 million people access to HIV antiretroviral treatment.
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Over 14,500 HIV deaths in Maharashtra
Mar 13, 2013 A statement by the Health Minister of Maharashtra, India’s second largest state, speaks of the people affected by HIV, while not really mentioning those infected by the virus that causes AIDS and is continuing the spread across the state.
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