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Chronic diseases account for 60% of deaths in India: study
Apr 08, 2015 The cost of these diseases which occur in the form of various ailments like diabetes, strokes and hypertension is between 4% and 10% of the country’s GDP.
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Ebola: WHO seeks to allay fears about air travel
Aug 18, 2014 The WHO has repeatedly said that the Ebola virus is highly contagious – but not airborne.
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Alert systems restrict Ebola from entering India
Aug 19, 2014 “We have systems in place for tracking anybody with remotest symptoms of Ebola Virus Disease,” the Indian Health Minister said.
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India needs to hike public spending on health: official
Aug 28, 2014 A minimum of 2.5% of India’s GDP is required to be spent on health for providing a reasonable package of healthcare services.
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India launches new strategy for 'Kala Azar' eradication
Sep 03, 2014 The new strategy involves carrying out active searches for people with symptoms of the disease in the 54 affected districts of the four states
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Rising prosperity adding to India’s chronic disease woes: James Curran
Jun 24, 2015 Prof James Curran, Dean, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, Atlanta, United States, in an interview to OneWorld South Asia, tells how chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes are going to be the major cause of death in India. Excerpts from the interview:
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UN ECOSOC grants ‘Special Consultative Status’ to Indian nonprofit
Sep 02, 2015 The Disease Management Association of India (DMAI) is a not-for-profit organisation that works towards achieving accountable, affordable and accessible healthcare in India.
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Primary health care: The cornerstone for tobacco cessation
Dec 10, 2014 Physicians have an extremely important role to play in tobacco control, write Dr Hayden McRobbie and Dr Rajmohan Panda.
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Indian minister for scientific collection of donated organs
Aug 08, 2014 India’s Health Minister said that Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital will house the first National Organ &Tissue Transplantation Organisation (NOTTO).
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Most cities of the world are enveloped in dirty air: WHO
May 12, 2014 In most cities where there is enough data to compare the situation today with previous years, air pollution is getting worse.
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Indian government launches mobile app on HIV/AIDS
Aug 19, 2015 This mobile application will provide complete information on HIV and help the government in reaching out to the unreached.
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Sister, where art thou?
May 12, 2014 As Florence Nightingale said so many years ago, nursing is not merely a science, but more so an art, write Kavita Narayan and Devaki Nambiar.
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Indian Govt blinks as Nestle breaks baby food law: BPNI
Oct 10, 2013 Nestle is already facing a criminal charge in the court of law for alleged violation of the IMS Act in 1994 and it took 17 years for the court to frame a charge in 2012.
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Maldives keen to take docs, medicines from Bangladesh
Apr 03, 2013 Maldives has expressed its interest to recruit physicians and import pharmaceutical products from Bangladesh, said the Maldivian health minister Dr Ahmed Jamsheed Mohamed on Monday.
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India gears up to fight smokeless tobacco threat
Sep 24, 2013 India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, has launched mass media campaign- Tears you Apart- using the ‘Raw and Real’ approach to warn people against the deadly effects of Smokeless Tobacco.
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