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Sri Lanka: Former Tamil Tigers complain of harassment
Aug 12, 2011 Former Tamil Tiger (LTTE) rebels say that they find it hard to find jobs and successfully reintegrate into the society, a year after they were freed from the government rehabilitation and detention camps.
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Indian govt okays Bill for time-bound services to citizens
Mar 08, 2013 The Bill envisages penalty of upto Rs 50,000 against a government official failing to provide his or her duties.
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IBM, Google and Goldman Sachs on a drive for LGBT-friendly workplaces
Oct 12, 2012 IBM, Google and Goldman Sachs together with Community Business, plan to come up with a resource guide to encourage workplaces to become more inclusive by becoming LGBT-friendly.
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Change in community radio policy on the anvil: Supriya Sahu, Joint Secretary, I&B
Feb 09, 2013 Joint Secretary Supriya Sahu says she looks forward to community radio representatives sharing their challenges at the third Community Radio Sammelan being held at New Delhi from the 9th of February.
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TERI workshop calls for women to lead green economy
Feb 02, 2012 Women must make a start by taking action at the local level, urged Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom at special session on women and green economy in New Delhi, organised by TERI and Earth Day Network.
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MasterCard provides payment solution for India's UID card holders
Dec 08, 2010 MasterCard Worldwide has collaborated with India’s Unique Identification Authority to provide easy payment solutions for UID account holders with the objective of enabling financial inclusion of millions of people. The solution supports prepaid, debit and credit payment products and will empower ‘Aadhaar’ account holders to move towards electronic transactions.
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India: Experts urge development of ICT for equal opportunities
Dec 27, 2010 Experts from the field of information and technology, present at the 7th Manthan Award South Asia 2010, called for developing an Indian ICT model to empower and promote innovations at the grassroots level.
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ILO removing barriers to inclusion in Bangladesh
Apr 02, 2013 People with disabilities are overturning negative attitudes and stereotypes, with help from an ILO vocational training project in Bangladesh.
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Experts urge water's inclusion in development goals
May 20, 2013 As the world faces growing water security challenges, experts are calling for better monitoring of the availability, quality and use of water, and its inclusion in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as a key issue in the post-2015 development agenda.
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India's efforts for inclusive growth: A critical analysis
Dec 31, 2010 Malcolm S. Adiseshiah evaluates measures taken by Government of India in ensuring human rights and social inclusion for all sections of the society with special focus on the marginalised. He critically analyses social and economic implications, capacity building competence and operational viability of welfare schemes such as MGNREGA, Right to Education, and Right to Food etc.
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"Citizen participation should be key to the budget process": Prof. Leonor Briones
Feb 25, 2011 Professor Leonor Magtolis Briones explains why it is important for citizens to be involved in the process of national budget. She also emphasises on framing a gender-sensitive budget as the cornerstone for the empowerment of women in any country.
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"Financial inclusion is a channel that helps get people into the financial mainstream, connecting them with opportunity"
Jul 12, 2012 Being one of the leaders in the electronic money market, for MasterCard, financial inclusion through entrepreneurship is the best way to help the under-privileged. Patricia Devereux, Group Head, Corporate Philanthropy and Citizenship for MasterCard Worldwide, talks to OneWorld South Asia about MasterCard's Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and philosophy.
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Skill-based programme for Naxal-hit districts
Jul 30, 2012 A skill-based placement programme launched in militancy-hit Jammu and Kashmir will be replicated in worst affected Naxal districts of the country. "We want to start similar programme in the Naxal-affected districts of the country. These are all the entry level programmes targeting unemployed youths usually 10th standard passed or failed," Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh said.
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Public private prank
Oct 15, 2012 Public-private partnerships (PPPs) in infrastructure are on the cusp of disaster, writes Sunita Narain, Director General of CSE.
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1 crore Bangladeshis move-up the poverty line between 1990-2008
Jan 31, 2011 Microcredit Summit Campaign, a US-based advocacy group, has revealed in its report that one crore Bangladeshis have moved above $1.25 a day poverty line between 1990 and 2008. The survey report has come at a time when the microcredit sector is facing tremendous pressure in Bangladesh and rest of the world.
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India Census 2011: Big endeavour with many firsts
Feb 09, 2011 The second phase of Census 2011 that begins today, will see see many `firsts'; all attempts to ensure that the census is more inclusive, and in tune with India's current realities.
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Indian civil society calls for greater inclusion in planning
Oct 18, 2011 An inclusive planning process is the key to an inclusive democracy, opine experts at a symposium held at the capital to analyse the approach paper for the 12th five year plan.
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India launches new scheme to give its slum dwellers property rights
May 17, 2012 For India, the greatest defeat despite its burgeoning economy has been its large slum population. According to a Planing Commission survey in 2010, there was a growth of 17.8 million in the urban slum population across the country in the last decade. A new government initiative to give slum dwellers property rights and assistance for home loans may just be a step towards solving India's slum troubles.
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