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Cash incentives reduce infant mortality
Jun 04, 2010 The Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) scheme launched in 2005 by Government of India has showed positive result. The institutional delivery rates of ‘low perfoming states’ has gone up and has reduced the infant mortality rate in the states. The success of the policy would have implications in global health policies.
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Nepal: MDG-4 target met, but long way to go
Jun 09, 2010 In spite of tough political situation, Nepal has achieved the MDG-4 target of reducing under-five mortality rate by two-third, claims a recent mid-term survey of Nepal Family Health Program (NFHP) II. However, in order to reduce the under-five mortality rate further the neo-natal deaths need to be controlled.
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India's Hunger Index rank way lower than China, Pak
Oct 12, 2010 India is ranked way beneath its neighbours China and Pakistan in a recent global hunger index released by the International Food Policy Research Institute that rated countries on key indicators like child malnourishment, child mortality and calorie deficiency. The report also recommends nutrition interventions in high-priority countries and regions.
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Stillbirths haunt poor nations
Apr 14, 2011 A series of studies published in the medical journal Lancet indicates that stillbirths, often unrecorded, account for 2.65 million cases each year globally, a figure higher than AIDS and malaria deaths combined. Rural women in poor countries are worst affected, the study reveals.
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Critics challenge GAVI's vaccine spending practices
Jun 15, 2011 The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) has been challenged by the critics all over the world for its unsustainable vaccine spending practices. Critics claim that GAVI’s decisions are skewed by its board of pharma companies who bypass the needs of the poorest for vested interests.
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Syphilis test can curb infant mortality: Report
Jun 16, 2011 A simple test for syphilis on pregnant women and a subsequent course of antibiotics could reduce the infant mortality and stillbirths by half, a Lancet report says. The treatment also reduces the number of babies born with disabilities.
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India’s infant mortality rate drops
Oct 26, 2012 India’s infant mortality rate (IMR) has come down to 44 in the year 2011 as against 47 in year 2010.
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Helping children survive
Sep 25, 2008 Villages in Purulia, one of the backward districts of West Bengal in India shines with a new brigade of trained health workers. Skilled in detecting neonatal and childhood diseases, this UNICEF backed programme is expected to have a positive impact in controlling infant mortality rates in the area.
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A model for neonatal care
Jun 01, 2009 The sick and newborn care unit at a hospital in western India is proving to be a lifesaver for infants. The state-of-the-art facility provides free of cost treatment to those below poverty line and is being replicated across the state to reduce the infant mortality rate.
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India: Baby friendly initiative to promote exclusive breastfeeding
Feb 16, 2011 The Baby Friendly Community Health Initiative promotes exclusive breastfeeding among pregnant and lactating mothers in the Lalitpur district in Uttar Pradesh, India through counseling and practical illustrations. The project aims to reach every child under two and is showing significant progress which is reflected in the notable improvements child health indicators.
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India: Newborn care units fight infant mortality in Bihar
May 24, 2011 A neonatal care model has helped reduce infant mortality in the Indian state of Bihar. These sick new born care units operate round the clock to save the lives of over 90,000 babies born with complications each year.
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Maternal and neonatal death still high in India
Jan 19, 2009 India has to do much more to improve maternal and child healthcare for its citizens. A report released by UNICEF last week says 78,000 women die from pregnancy and delivery related complications and a million neonatal deaths occur in the country each year.
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A case for health workers
Sep 07, 2011 Blogger Sarah Boseley comments on a new index that correlates sick children in poor countries with the reach of health workers. Lack of diagnosis and timely care, in most cases, are the cause of child deaths.
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Much remains to be done on affordable healthcare: Indian PM
Jul 04, 2012 Seven years after it was launched, India's National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) is set to extend by another five years. Besides, the government now proposes to launch a new National Urban Health Mission in order to focus on the health challenges in India’s towns and cities.
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Infant mortality declines in India
Feb 07, 2011 India’s infant mortality rate (IMR) has dropped by 6% from 53 deaths per thousand live births in 2008 to 50 in 2009, according to the latest figures from the Home Ministry’s Registrar General of India. The National Rural Health Mission has been credited for the decline.
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India has highest stillbirths in the world: Lancet study
Apr 14, 2011 India accounts for the highest number of stillbirths in the world, a new study by Lancet has revealed. Dismal figures of stillbirths in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan reflect poor maternal and child health in the region.
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India: New health scheme for mother-child
Jun 02, 2011 The health ministry has announced free delivery and treatment for pregnant women and newborns to protect the poor from high out-of-pocket medical expenses. The scheme is an effort to tackle the nation’s high maternal and infant mortality rates.
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South Indian states going strongest in achieving MDGs
Jul 08, 2011 Southern states of Kerela and Tamil Nadu have achieved the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of maternal mortality ratio, infant mortality rate and the total fertility rate well ahead of scheduled deadline, says a government survey.
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India: Six districts achieve health MDG
Aug 11, 2011 Six districts of the eight empowered action group (EAG) states have reduced infant mortality rate (IMR) to 28 to achieve the health Millennium Development Goal, reveals the first annual health survey.
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India's infant mortality rate declines
Dec 30, 2011 India's infant mortality rate has dropped from 50 deaths per 1,000 live births to 47 - moving a step closer to achieving the Millennium Development Goals target of 30, says the Union Health ministry.
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Low awareness drives Pakistani women to turn to formula milk despite health risks
Apr 18, 2012 Lack of proper knowledge about the benefits of breastfeeding amongst women in Pakistan poses a significant health risk to their children, say experts. According to a survey, only 37 per cent of infants are exclusively breastfed till six months in the country.
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