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Web 2.0 and beyond
May 31, 2010 IGNOU in collaboration with DW Akademie of Deutsche Welle, Germany is organising a workshop on the theme of “Beyond Web 2.0: Multimedia Journalism and Social Media” from June 14th 2010 to June 25, 2010. The course is designed for online journalists seeking to broaden their multimedia and social media skills.
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Workshop on Internet broadcasting
Jun 15, 2010 Panos South Asia is organising an Internet broadcasting workshop for community radios in South Asia. The objective of this workshop is to build the capacity of community radios to raise their voice beyond the community level to the national and international levels using new media techniques. The last date for application is July 15th, 2010
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Saudi Arabia blocks Amnesty International for criticism
Jul 26, 2011 The Saudi Arabian government has denied access to Amnesty International’s website for condemning a draft anti-terror law which evaluates peaceful protest as ‘terrorist crime’. The proposed law supports extended detention without trial and torture.
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A small nonprofit can be a global conversation: Heather Mansfield
Dec 27, 2012 Heather Mansfield is the owner of DIOSA Communications and author of Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits. A pioneer in employing social media for the nonprofit sector, Heather shares her rich experience of using the Internet for fundraising, community-building, and advocacy with Ashok Kumar of OneWorld South Asia.
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Restrictions to limit Internet access on the rise: UNESCO
Nov 10, 2012 The United Nations agency which deals with freedom of expression on the Internet warned that restrictions limiting Internet access appear to be on the rise.
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Digital divide closing, but still significant: UN agency
Oct 14, 2012 The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) report says that the ICT sector has become a major contributor to economic growth in the developing countries.
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Digital tools can transform lives of unprivileged students: Adobe India MD
Jul 10, 2012 Dr Naresh Gupta, Senior Vice President, Adobe Systems and Managing Director, Adobe India, tells OneWorld South Asia, how digital media can transform the lives of underprivileged students in the developing countries.
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'Open Source can make India a knowledge superpower'
Dec 19, 2008 Open source software is the ideal vehicle for quickly bringing the benefits of mass computerisation at a reduced cost feel Sandeep Sehgal and Venkatesh Hariharan from Red Hat India Pvt Ltd. The writers argue that the user-friendly technology holds immense benefits for education and egovernance projects.
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Apr 02, 2009 A group of 50 bloggers from across the world get together to report on the G20 from the action site. Will this influence citizen journalism in coming times? OneWorld South Asia reports from the bloggers' tent.
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Digital Bangladesh: Virtual dreams, real lives
May 06, 2009 An elusive project to transform Bangladesh needs an infusion of resources, leadership and village-centred development if it is to be made meaningful, says Delwar Hussain, a researcher on Bangladeshi society with London School of Economics.
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Internet may help predict disease outbreak
Jan 21, 2014 Internet-based surveillance can detect infectious diseases such as dengue fever and influenza up to two weeks earlier than traditional methods, scientists say.
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Web on voice for rural India
Nov 14, 2008 A Delhi based team of IBM has tested an alternative to the internet for India's rural population. Based on the cell phone, the new style technology is a network of different VoiceSites helping local communities who cannot read or afford a computer to access relevant information.
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Internet Bus rolls out in southern India
Feb 09, 2009 With an aim to bridge digital divide in smaller towns, Google India has launched an Internet Bus. The mobile campaign will focus on four themes of information, communication, entertainment and education, the content of which will be in English and Tamil languages.
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Using WiFi, Nepal village goes online
Feb 19, 2009 Once without a telephone line and in the grip of insurgency, a remote village in western Nepal stands transformed. A local visionary's efforts with a home-WiFi kit and solar-powered relay station have e-connected Nangi with the rest of the region to provide people better education, healthcare and income.
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Using ICTs for accelerated service delivery
May 09, 2009 Uses of electronic identification facilities are seen as a tool to improve governance and service delivery for sectors like health and banking. The World Bank headquarters organised a global video conference that drew participants from 11 countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.
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Fibre-optic network makes surfing easier in Afghanistan
Aug 03, 2009 Once a costly affair, web access could soon have a wider outreach in Afghanistan due to the country’s new fibre-optics network. Amidst security challenges, officials say that the first overland internet link will slash prices for such services and bring more opportunities for Afghans.
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India's rural job portals covering new grounds
Oct 21, 2009 A wide range of rural job portals, offering employment opportunities to villagers, are increasingly becoming popular in India. As part of public-private partnership, these are also providing skill building services to young men and women.
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The BPOs are calling Bharat
Oct 27, 2009 The expansion of outsourcing firms into villages and towns in southern India is bringing a perceptible change in the lives of people. By providing training in IT and employment opportunities, these units are helping the rural youth gain financial independence without migrating to cities.
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Website to serve South Asian diaspora
Nov 06, 2009 The Institute of South Asian Studies has launched a new web link to reach out to the far-flung diaspora. Starting off with a newsletter and a database of South Asian communities across the world, the website will help address issues related to the region and its people.
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Internet providing helping hand to social initiatives
Dec 30, 2009 With more and more people getting involved with social welfare programmes, Internet has come to play significant role in increasing connectivity, cutting costs and building a strong link between rural and urban India. Some of the initiatives show how online networking has contributed towards these larger social movements.
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India: Experts urge development of ICT for equal opportunities
Dec 27, 2010 Experts from the field of information and technology, present at the 7th Manthan Award South Asia 2010, called for developing an Indian ICT model to empower and promote innovations at the grassroots level.
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Indian Panchayats to have broadband connectivity by 2012
Mar 01, 2011 The government of India, to ensure financial and electronic empowerment of its machineries, has decided to equip every panchayat in the country with high speed broadband internet access by 2012. The step recognises ICT as an important tool to ensure quality and transparency in process of development
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India: Government portal to debate on tax evasion
Jun 16, 2011 The government has decided to invite the public's view on the subject of black money through a new portal. The finance ministry hopes the soon to be launched portal will help decide if the issue demands a tough law.
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Google offers free websites for small Indian business
Nov 08, 2011 In an effort to bridge the information gap, Google India will provide free websites and hosting to small and medium businesses for one year to help them get online.
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Pakistan gets tough on cyber crime
Nov 07, 2008 A new law will punish any individual or organisation found to be involved in acts of ‘cyber terror’ or intending to harm the government and its people with death or life imprisonment. Last year a similar law was widely panned for violating basic human rights.
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Safeguarding children from cyber threats
Nov 17, 2008 To combat cyber crimes against children, International Telecommunication Union has launched a new initiative to create a safer cyberspace for young users. Child Online Protection will identify hidden dangers and promote practical tools to minimise risks.
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UN releases data on sexual violence by peacekeepers
Dec 29, 2009 Amid controversies over UN peacekeeping personnel indulging in sexual crimes, the global organisation has made the data of the last three years public. This is in keeping with its ‘zero tolerance’ policy on sexual exploitation and abuse by its members.
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"Burma is an enemy of the Internet"
Dec 15, 2010 Though the news of the prominent political dissident Aung San Suu Kyi's release was carried by news networks across the world, journalist Simon Roughneen argues that heavy censorship and intimidation make reporting from Burma extremely thorny.
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India: Internet based audio-visual service to aid in schooling
Jul 20, 2012 MuktaVidyaVani, an internet-based audio-visual service launched by the National Institute of Open Schooling in India, will tap into the organisation’s repository of teaching resources and steam interactive lectures.
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Indian government asks Google to block critical content
Jun 30, 2011 The Indian government requested Google to block content criticising politicians or officials from its applications, says Google's latest Transparency Report. The number of such requests increased by 123% during the last six months of the previous year.
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