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Driving new changes in Asian irrigation
Aug 19, 2009 Without major reforms and innovations in the way water is used in agriculture, many developing countries will face severe food shortages in future, warns a new report Revitalizing Asia’s Irrigation: To Sustainably Meet Tomorrow’s Food Needs. It suggests the shift to a more economically viable approach.
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Afghanistan: Drier weather forcing farmers to adapt
Nov 11, 2009 Afghanistan appears to be getting drier. Many traditional irrigation sources such as springs, streams, rivers and man-made subterranean aqueducts have been drying up in the southern provinces.
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Afghanistan to rebuild traditional irrigation network with UN help
Feb 14, 2012 The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation is providing technical support to rebuild Afghanistan's traditional irrigation system to help farmers increase their crop production. The irrigation system had been badly damaged due to the conflict and migration from villages.
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Hunting for a sustainable solution for irrigation in India
Sep 03, 2013 Greenpeace has announced a global innovation challenge for sustainable irrigation solution for rural India.
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Ancient tanks mooted to solve Sri Lanka’s water crisis
Aug 04, 2013 “Ancient reservoirs like tanks can store water and so are buffers against irregular rainfall supplies,” experts said.
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