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Mobiles can promote financial inclusion: President, Dun & Bradstreet
Apr 02, 2013 Byron Vielehr, President, International and Global Operations of Dun & Bradstreet, the 171-year- old provider of business data and risk-management services, in an interview with OneWorld South Asia, said that technological advantages should be leveraged to drive up financial literacy levels. Excerpts from the interview.
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UP using cellphones to monitor mid-day meal scheme
Jan 21, 2011 Cloud telephony is helping the state of UP to monitor whether daily mid-day meals are being delivered in government schools or not. The central government may now deploy adopt the mechanism nation-wide.
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Mobiles to revolutionise Indian schools
Aug 17, 2011 Mobile toolkits will soon be used by 60 schools across India for conducting detailed assessments. Reasearchers believe that digitising the test system will make it less time consuming and improve feedback on students' performances.
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m-Health projects cutting maternal mortality
Sep 15, 2011 A United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) project is giving mothers access to fistula treatment by transferring money through SMS to cover travel expenses to a clinic. This is one of a number of UNFPA projects that use communication technology to improve maternal health care in developing countries.
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Community radio to educate migrant children
Sep 30, 2011 The Sesame Workshop Trust launches its latest initiative, the Galli Galli Sim Sim Radiophone project, in a suburb of the Indian capital. Disadvantaged children from Gurgaon's migrant communities can now access health and hygiene education via broadcasts on local community radio through mobile phones or 3G downloads.
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Dial for m-healthcare in Bangladesh
Feb 24, 2012 Patients receive free advice from healthworkers, prenatal health alerts all day round through mobile phones in Bangladesh. The patients can also file complaints about care through these phones.
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Bangalore railway station goes BluFi
Mar 05, 2012 The Bangalore city railway station becomes the first railway network in India to offer BluFi i.e. Bluetooth + Wi-Fi connectivity for its passengers to access information through their mobile phones.
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Text messages to improve malaria care
Aug 08, 2011 Simple text messages to health care workers is an inexpensive way to guide them how to properly and effectively treat African children suffering from malaria, say researchers.
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No link between mobile phones and brain cancer
Oct 21, 2011 Use of mobile phone does not develop greater risk to brain cancer, proves a recent research from Denmark. The study however calls for continuous follow up to ensure mobile users do not develop cancer over a longer term.
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Mobile phone ban for unmarried women
Dec 03, 2010 Women in rural India are being subjected to yet another form of discrimination. The panchayat of Lank village in the populous state of Uttar Pradesh has imposed a ban on mobile phone use for unmarried women. Mobile phones are considered instrumental in arranging forbidden marriages.
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Banking on mobile phones for scaling up health services
Nov 25, 2013 BBC Media Action’s policy briefing reveals how mobile phones could lead to sustainable and scalable business model in the healthcare segment that can reach millions.
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Now, a device to charge your cell phone while you walk
Jul 09, 2014 The new device is said to be more efficient than a traditional generator, at least for its size.
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Mobile services to benefit 7 crore Indian farmers: report
May 29, 2015 The mobile based services would be especially beneficial to the small and marginal farmers living on the edge of poverty, says the report.
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UNEP warns of emissions link to mobile phone demand
Apr 29, 2013 Rising levels of greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation caused by metal production must be urgently addressed, a new report from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) warns.
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