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Pakistan kicks off strategy for sustainable development
Aug 05, 2013 The ambitious tech-driven agenda may help the country ward off natural disasters and move to a path of sustainable growth.
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South Asian giants' fillip on LGBT discourse
Jun 29, 2016 The LGBT discourse in Pakistan and India has been reignited, thanks to a decree by a Pakistani religious group and a petition before India's Supreme Court
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Karachi asylum numbers highlight women's plight
Feb 02, 2010 At a mental care centre for women in north Karachi, the number of admissions has been swelling with time. Due to low status of women in a patriarchal society, families do not hesitate to put them in these institutions.
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Pakistan most vulnerable to climate change
Feb 05, 2010 Environmental experts have warned that climate change will have disastrous consequences for Pakistan if the government continued to soft-pedal on the issue. The members of the sub- committee for climate change decided to play key role, as the government has failed to fulfill its responsibility.
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Sectarian violence posing threat to Pakistani society
Feb 08, 2010 The increasing sectarian violence in Pakistan between different groups can not just be seen as an accident of history or politics, rather a symptom of an increasingly intolerant society. The need for embracing diversity and pluralism has been felt to avoid straining the social fabric irreparably.
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Humanitarian support for Pakistan
Feb 10, 2010 The 2010 Humanitarian Response Plan for Pakistan aims at meeting the needs of people from North West Frontier Province and Fata areas.
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Pakistan: Street child turns educator
Feb 22, 2010 For a young boy who had spent most of his early childhood on the streets, turning an educator for homeless children has been life-changing. After being rehabilitated by a UNICEF-sponsored NGO he has been motivating other street children to get off the streets and away from drugs.
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Smokeless stoves show promise of a green future
Mar 02, 2010 As a result of an idea to create energy-efficient metal stoves for the northern areas of Pakistan, women like Sona Siddiqi have learnt to built earthenware smokeless stoves that save precious fuel woods. The project funded under the small grants programme of GEF has improved the living conditions of communities.
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Pakistan: Historic bill against workplace harassment
Mar 11, 2010 Pakistan’s President has signed the new bill that protects women against workplace harassment. Overcoming years of conservative opposition, the bill aims to create an equal society by providing a safe working environment and ensuring rights of men and women.
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Sanitary habits improved in Pakistan significantly
Mar 22, 2010 According to a new report by World Health Organisation, due to awareness raising and adaptation of toilets, the prevalence of open defecation has significantly reduced in Pakistan since 1990. Better sanitary habits would reduce water borne diseases which is prevalent in rural areas and would also save health care costs.
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Pak peasant women fight barbaric customs through polls
Mar 24, 2010 Mai Jori, an illiterate peasant from a remote village in western Balochistan province has launched a mission to empower marginalised women and fight the feudal, patriarchal customs by contesting elections. Her fearless nature has boosted the morale of the local working class to assert their rights
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Life far away from normal in northwestern Pakistan
Mar 26, 2010 Thousands of people who had fled northwestern Pakistan near the Afghan border, in August 2008 have returned to their broken homes and empty schools. However in Jalozai Camp, International Committee of the Red Cross and UNICEF are trying to provide schooling to children.
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Pakistan tables bill to return to federalism
Apr 03, 2010 A new bill drafted by the all-party Committee on Constitutional Reforms aims to bring in an amendment by which Pakistan will return to parliamentary democracy providing more power to the provinces and makes citizens stakeholders in the nation's progress. It is also a move to insulate Constitution from despotic rule.
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Pakistani Bengalis face discrimination in healthcare
Apr 08, 2010 Most Bengalis in Pakistan, despite having national identity cards, suffer discrimination in healthcare services. They are turned away from hospitals and clinics due to their ethnicity and are asked to prove their citizenship.
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Pakistan passes key constitutional reforms, renames NWFP
Apr 09, 2010 The National Assembly has approved the 18th Amendment unanimously, deleting former military dictator Ziaul Haq’s name from the constitution. The new bill sent to the Senate for approval, repeals the Legal Framework Order, strips the President of some powers, and renames NWFP as Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa.
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Dearth of funds disrupt relief work in Pakistan
Apr 14, 2010 Insufficient funds with Pakistan Humanitarian Response are likely to cause the suspension of some of current relief work for the 1.3 million displaced persons. This is partly because much of the IDPs are from tribal agencies where access is difficult.
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Pakistan's Senate approves bill ending dictatorship
Apr 16, 2010 Pakistan's upper house has voted unanimously against the controversial Seventeenth Amendment of 2003. Ninety lawmakers approved the bill that aims to enhance the provincial autonomy, righting some of constitutional wrongs done by military dictators and limiting key presidential powers.
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Pakistan to introduce new labour policy on May 1
Apr 22, 2010 The Ministry of Labour and Manpower is set to launch the draft of National Labour Policy and Industrial Relations Act(IRA) on May 1. With an aim to make Pakistan a truly welfare state, the policy would focus on consolidation of laws, advocacy, promotion of basic rights of labour and export of manpower.
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Pakistani women persist for equal rights
Apr 23, 2010 With almost twenty years of campaigning for equality, the Women’s Action Forum in Pakistan is still working to release women from the shackles of repressive laws. Minister of Human Rights have agreed that the lack of understanding of rights is a major reason for gender injustice in the country.
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Pakistan: Children sold for sex trade
Apr 26, 2010 Recent reports underline that rising poverty is forcing a growing number of families to sell children, girls in particular for sex work. The country is struggling to rebound from the financial crisis, and social taboo is preventing many from using contraception keeping their family size larger.
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Pakistani displaced fear threat in home regions
Apr 29, 2010 The Pashtun tribe, who fled their native place when the Pakistani military entered South Waziristan to oust the extremist network, faces an uncertain future. Many displaced are determined to stay in the temporary accommodations in Dera Ismail Khan until conditions are safe for their return to their villages.
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Pakistan: Food secure for next two years
May 05, 2010 With 36.052 million tonnes of agricultural produce, Pakistan’s Agriculture Development Minister claims that Pakistan is food secure for the next two years. The country has not only been able to meet the year’s food requirement of 28 million tonnes but has a surplus of 8 million tonnes.
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Every 30 minutes, one Pakistani woman loses life
May 07, 2010 At a workshop on Millennium Development Goal 5 (MDG 5) to prevent maternal mortality, participants revealed that in Pakistan one woman dies every 30 minutes due to reproductive complications and inaccessible healthcare. They called for greater civil society and media involvement for safe motherhood.
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Pakistani villages at risk of submergence
May 13, 2010 At least 36 villages could be submerged along with crops if the trapped water in Attabad lake releases. The overflowing lake that was created after a landslide blocked the River Hunza in northern Pakistan in January has displaced more than 3,000 in late March and early April.
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Female TB patients face social exclusion
May 18, 2010 Limited access to healthcare, social stigma and fear of being ostradised by society is depriving Pakistani women from treatment of tuberculosis, says WHO. Prolonged and expensive treatment of the disease is resulting in addition of large number of female patients.
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Pak women get legal shield against sexual harassment
May 19, 2010 Working women in Pakistan feel brave, safer and more confident after gaining legal protection against sexual harassment. Recently, the country’s parliament passed anti– sexual harassment legislation that categorises it as a ‘crime’ with up to three years of imprisonment and fine of up to five lakh rupees.
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Enabling them to earn
May 24, 2010 Green Fingers, a commendable initiative by Naima Khan, gives employment opportunities to people with disabilities. Working in the commercial plant nursery gives them an opportunity to shoulder the responsibility of their families and to enhance their capabilities.
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Pakistan: Attabad Lake poses new threat of displacement
Jun 01, 2010 The rising water level of Attabad Lake in northern Pakistan has now reached on the verge of breaking its banks, triggering displacement and submergence of 16 villages of the area. According to National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan arrangements have been made to ensure relief to the 16 villages with a population of about twenty-five thousand.
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Declining wheat consumption indicates food insecurity in Pakistan
Jun 03, 2010 Decline in consumption of wheat, the most basic of food staples in Pakistan, raises concern as it indicates the loss of purchasing power of the country’s people, said a UN official on Wednesday. The situation seems to be unstable with the soaring price of wheat and struggling economy of the country.
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Human rights denied to millions, reports Amnesty
Jun 10, 2010 Amnesty International has reported severe human rights abuses in North West Pakistan by the Taliban. The report brings out the inability of the army to avoid civilian casualties in its operations against militants and alleges government apathy towards the basic needs of millions of people.
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