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Opium farming surges in Myanmar
Feb 01, 2010 Increased opium cultivation in northern Myanmar is creating widespread addiction among youths and men, according to a new report by the Palaung Women's Organisation. Produced by a team of ethnic women, it reveals that opium fields are flourishing not only in insurgent areas, but also in Junta strongholds.
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Thousands benefit from vegetable farming in Bangladesh
Feb 01, 2010 The homestead vegetables gardens have helped more than 15,000 families of 150 villages in northwestern Bangladesh overcome poverty and achieve economic self-reliance. Earlier most of them were living in abject poverty in the erosion-prone sandy chars.
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Bangladesh: Fair price cards for marginal families
Feb 09, 2010 The Bangladeshi government has decided to introduce fair price cards for 25 lakh ultra poor families, without any permanent income, land or enlisted in safety net programmes. Beginning February 21, it will allow poor, especially women to purchase 20 kilogrammes of rice at Tk 22 a kg for three months.
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India plans satellite mapping to monitor slums
Feb 15, 2010 The Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation will introduce satellite mapping to help governments discover new slums and prevent their illegal spread. It will employ the geographical information system to make effective analysis on slum communities, providing them sanitation and other amenities, and relocating them to suitable areas.
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A grim reminder of Dalit situation in India
Mar 05, 2010 In a gruesome incident 63 backward caste villagers, most of them women and children, were crushed to death as they gathered for a community religious feast in India. The rush for free meal and gifts highlights the poor condition and landlessness among dalits in India.
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Joblessness driving Afghan youth to extremism
Mar 11, 2010 Authorities have voiced concern about the increasing number of Afghan youth joining Taliban driven by unemployment and poverty. While ideological motivation is one of the reasons, it has become necessary for the government to reduce corruption and create job opportunities for long term growth and social cohesion.
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India's poorest state begins to turn around
Mar 12, 2010 A wide ranging reform programmes implemented by the Bihar government, backed by World Bank are bringing visible improvements in the public finance management, school enrollment, health, and in fighting corruption in India’s poorest region. State revenues and development expenditures have also increased.
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Power abuse driving poverty in Afghanistan: UN
Apr 01, 2010 In a 26-page report the United Nations has claimed that majority of Afghans are living in poverty inspite of aid that poured into the country in the last eight years. Widespread corruption that limits access to services for a large proportion of the population needs to be tackled urgently.
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Food-shortage forcing children to eat mud
Apr 05, 2010 Children in the hinterlands of India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh have resorted to eating silica laced mud due to the non availability of food which has worsened malnourishment and diseases. Officials from various ministries are therefore working on recrafting the Food Security Bill to include such families.
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Rural livelihoods project brings respite to Bihar's poor
Apr 16, 2010 The Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project, known as JEEViKA, supported by World Bank is aimed at mobilising farmers into SHGs, freeing them from the clutches of local moneylenders and empowering them to retrieve assets, credit and social services such as food and health security. Women have been the biggest beneficiaries.
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Planning Commission accepts 37 pc live below poverty line
Apr 19, 2010 Chaired by Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia, a planning commission meeting adopted the Suresh Tendulkar Committee estimate that would place 81 million poor families below the poverty line. The burden for implementing the Food Security Law could also be heavy, the panel agreed.
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India to review food grain allocation plan
May 14, 2010 Shrinking size of Indian families could mean that the Indian government must alter its plans aimed to provide food grains to BPL families under the proposed Food Security Act. The government may consider allocation of food grains on individual basis.
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Commonwealth games sideline poverty alleviation schemes
May 17, 2010 In an attempt to portray Delhi as a world-class city and an international sports destination, the government has diverted funds to meet the escalating expenditure of Delhi games, says HLRN pressure group. Also, thousands continue to suffer the brunt of displacement while the welfare schemes take a backseat.
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Collaborating to empower mountain communities
May 19, 2010 The Hindu Kush-Himalayan countries have agreed to increase the information flow on their genetic resources, traditional knowledge, and bio-prospecting activities. This will ensure poverty alleviation through mitigation of biodiversity loss and promotion of genetic diversity among mountain communities.
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Kerala faces grim food scarcity
Jun 04, 2010 With the gap between production and requirement of food grain widening every year, Kerala’s food scene is turning gloomy. The steeping increase in food prices indicates the state’s large dependence on other states and an urgent need of a mechanism to face the imminent food crisis.
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Millions turn landless in Bangladesh
Jun 09, 2010 Climate-induced hazards and decreasing productivity of lands as a result of climate change, is rendering many families in Bangladesh, landless. Deprived of their land these families often land up in slums with all affiliated social problems. There is a dire need for land reforms and policies to address the issue.
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Every third Indian under poverty line, says report
Dec 14, 2009 A new report prepared under the supervision of Suresh Tendulkar reveals that 37.2% of the Indian population is living below the poverty line. Using cost-of-living index for measuring poverty, it finds that the number of urban poor has decreased overtime, while in rural areas it has gone up.
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Bangladesh NGO head gets UK award
Jan 05, 2010 Fazle Hasan Abed, founder of one of the world's largest non governmental organisations – the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee – has been honoured in the UK. The knighthood will be bestowed upon him for his services in tackling poverty.
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Myanmar: Ignorance jeopardises Chin children's health
Jan 25, 2010 Poverty, low levels of literacy, and low accessibility to health services are compounded by lack of knowledge about health, hygiene and nutrition, exposing Myanmar's poorest children to deadly diseases.
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It's time for sustainable development
Jan 05, 2012 Will the upcoming environmental summit – Rio+20 – be able to build a consensus to shift the post-MDG agenda from poverty to sustainable development, explores journalist Julia Day.
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Four People's Principles for development
Jan 11, 2012 While addressing an international science conference, Justice Markandey Katju emphasised on how scientific knowledge can reinforce and promote democracy for India's holistic development. Here are excerpts from his speech.
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National conference on issues & challenges in microfinance
Jan 18, 2011 Despite the tremendous progress in efficiency and outreach by the MFIs, the key challenge before the policy makers is to make the growth process more inclusive. Centre for Microfinance Research (CMR) is organising the Second National Seminar on ‘Microfinance in India - Issues and Challenges’ in New Delhi on February 21-22, 2010.
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Food crisis hitting poorest the hardest in Nepal
May 19, 2009 At a place where people have to sweat for two days to earn enough for two kg of rice, life can only be described in terms of constant and bitter struggle for survival. Millions of people in Nepal are finding it difficult to cope with the excessively high food prices.
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Walking to end the global food crisis
Jun 10, 2009 World Food Programme mobilised hundreds of thousands of people across 70 countries earlier this week to raise awareness on child hunger and malnutrition. The ongoing economic and food crises have pushed more people on the brink of poverty and hunger.
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GCAP launches 'Press the G8' Campaign
May 29, 2009 As part of its anti-poverty mobilisation efforts ahead of the G8 summit in July, Global Call to Action against Poverty has launched a new interactive game. It allows activists to literally ‘press’ the G8 leaders and sign an online petition to express their support for the cause.
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Girl child labourers in Nepal make a new beginning
Jun 16, 2009 Girls are ‘hidden face’ of child labour in Nepal, who work in large numbers in carpet manufacturing industry of the country. A joint UNICEF-ILO project is rehabilitating these children and provides them education for a better future.
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Ruckus in India over beneficiaries of food security law
Jun 17, 2009 Conflicting views over the definition of poverty has led to an endless debate between the centre and states in India. With the Food Security Act in the offing, fight over beneficiaries is becoming more intense.
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Poverty forces internally displaced Afghans return home
Jun 22, 2009 Ever growing insecurity, lack of aid and grinding poverty in camps have forced thousands of refugees in Afghanistan to return to their native places. In 2002, about 1.2 million people had become internally displaced out of fear of ethnic cleansing by victorious anti-Taliban Tajik, Uzbek and Hazara militias.
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Large number of Indians living in chronic poverty: Report
Jul 03, 2009 According to a government panel set up under the chairmanship of N.C. Saxena, 50% of Indians are living below the poverty line. The committee in its draft report has recommended that all such people should be extended the benefits of government’s social sector schemes, including the public distribution system.
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'Social business' fights poverty and malnutrition in Bangladesh
Jul 09, 2009 A joint venture between Grameen Bank and French dairy firm Danone gave birth to a unique business idea to provide nutritious yogurt to poor and malnourished children in rural Bangladesh. Besides offering people a healthy diet, the initiative also presents lucrative opportunities for farmers.
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