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Sexual harassment may mean loss of business licence
Sep 04, 2012 Business establishments in India might lose their licence if they repeatedly fail to comply with Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Bill, passed by India’s lower house on Monday, says the country's leading newspaper, The Hindu.
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Sexual harassment: Ganguly must go, say women's rights activists
Dec 26, 2013 There is ample prima facie evidence of Justice A K Ganguly having sexually harassed a young woman with impunity, say women’s rights activists across India.
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Standing up to violence against women in India
Sep 05, 2014 The Nirbhaya case, has brought about a change in the way the Indian society is tackling violence against women, writes Kamayani Bali Mahabal.
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Girls should learn to hit back, exhorts Delhi top cop
Jul 20, 2015 Delhi police commissioner BS Bassi has urged women for being ready to hit back at the molesters instead of suffering in silence.
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Indian sitcoms need to revisit portrayal of women: Amala Akkineni
Mar 10, 2014 Popular actor and animal activist Amala Akkineni who is also the founder of Hyderabad based Blue Cross, an organization which works for animal welfare, spoke to OneWorld South Asia on the sidelines of REX awards in New Delhi. Excerpts from the interview.
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Sexual crimes: Men must learn to control, says Soha Ali Khan
Apr 08, 2014 The first objective of cinema and television, especially of cinema is entertainment, believes Soha Ali Khan, a popular Bollywood actor.
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Sexual harassment is damaging on many levels: ILO official
Mar 15, 2013 Workplace violence and harassment present a significant barrier to women accessing and progressing through the labour market, said Jane Hodges, ILO Director of the Bureau for Gender Equality.
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