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Indian govt asks depts not to post unverified facts on social sites
Aug 24, 2012 The government of India has issued guidelines for its departments using social media networks asking them not to post confidential information and unverified facts.
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Social birds feel Indian heat
Aug 24, 2012 You win some and you lose some—this is the final outcome of the Government of India’s crackdown on social media sites. One week of incessant pressure to close down accounts that parodied the PMO on Twitter, Facebook and blogs, which came under scathing criticism from the Twitterati, has yielded results. Twitter responded to the PMO saying they would ‘cooperate’, although they didn’t buckle under pressure to close the accounts that parodied the PMO.
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Using hashtags to feed children in India
Jul 06, 2015 The campaign 'If hashstags could feed' on Twitter is aimed at persuading people to donate money towards feeding the school children in India.
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India: Social media as game changer in elections
Apr 29, 2013 A recent event organised by the Center for Internet and Democracy under the confluence of Foundation for Media Professionals witnessed much heated debate on the role of social media in predicting the fate of the forthcoming mega battle of elections in India.
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