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Social schemes fail due to lack of community participation: Dipa Sinha
Nov 07, 2014 Dipa Sinha, a right to food campaigner, who has earlier worked with the office of the commissioner to the Supreme Court of India on the on Right to Food Act, says community mobilisation is necessary for successful implementation of public welfare schemes. Dipa talks to OneWorld South Asia at the National Consultation on Community Action for Health in New Delhi. Excerpts from the interview.
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'Developing nations should explore social pensions for older citizens'
Jul 20, 2012 As Asia's population ages, developing countries in the region should explore social pensions that provide cash benefits to vulnerable older citizens who are most in need of a safety net, according to a new publication from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Case studies from Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand and Viet Nam illustrate that a social pension program with low benefits to many beneficiaries is more beneficial than high benefits to few beneficiaries.
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Ensuring global progress on social security coverage during crisis
Nov 23, 2010 World Social Security Report 2010/11 by ILO is a first in the series of World Social Security Reports. It serves as a tool to extend and monitor progress on the coverage of social security systems across nations.
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Thousands of UK’s disabled face harassment, violence
Sep 13, 2011 Thousands of disabled people in the UK face abuse in their daily lives and are denied justice by public bodies, says a detailed study. While some serious offences get national attention, low-level criminality is generally overlooked.
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Elderly abuse on rise in India: HelpAge report
Jun 16, 2011 A HelpAge Report on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day reports an increase in the rate of crimes against the elderly, addressing them as 'soft targets for crime'. A shift towards nuclear family structures has left older people feeling isolated and insecure.
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Nepal's undocumented residents excluded from state services
May 18, 2012 Nepal has a serious problem on its hands with a major number of its people lacking citizenship documents. A look into the matter, brings out several flaws in Nepal's governing system regarding identity documentation.
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