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Sun to power on-board services for Indian Railways
Aug 06, 2013 The world’s biggest railway system is aiming for the stars by using the sun to power its on-board services and thereby reducing its dependence on fossil fuels.
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Indian state gets Asia's largest solar plant
Aug 26, 2013 The plant will generate 90 million kilowatt hour of electricity a year, enough to power 250,000 homes.
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Indian Minister promotes low carbon initiatives
Aug 05, 2014 “We need to pursue innovation as it is the sustainable way of development,” said Prakash Javadekar, India’s Minister of State for Environment, Forests & Climate Change.
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India to install solar-based water systems in naxal districts
Aug 27, 2012 The government has proposed to install 10,000 solar power based dual pump piped water supply systems in the Integrated Action Plan districts to supply safe drinking water to the people of these regions funded from the National Rural Drinking Water Programme and the National Clean Energy Fund.
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India’s fuel import bill makes sense for it to develop biofuel technology: Expert
Nov 10, 2012 Himadri B Pakrasi, Director, International Center for Advanced Renewable Energy and Sustainability (I-CARES), is director of two prestigious large-scale, multi-institutional, Systems Biology projects in the Washington University. OneWorld’s Ashok Kumar spoke to him on the role of biofuels and how these make economic sense for developing countries like India.
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Solar ATMs to take banking to rural India
Jul 27, 2012 With 70 per cent of India's population living in the villages and small towns, solar ATMs may well be the solution to take banking to India's rural interiors.
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India's largest solar plant becomes operational
Jul 30, 2012 In Punjab, country’s largest ever industrial solar plant became operational in district Ludhiana today. This unit has been set up to perform twin functions of generating solar power besides offering permanent solution of disposing off large quantity of industrial effluent water by evaporating it.
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Solar technologies tops list of investments
Oct 11, 2012 Spurred by growing anxiety over sustainability and the environmental impact of fossil fuels, the world is reaching for clean power with renewed energy, according to a recent Worldwatch Institute report.
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India-Japan team up to improve solar cell efficiency
Aug 11, 2012 An Indo-Japanese research initiative has reported a boost in the conversion efficiency of dye sensitised solar cells (DSSC) to 11.4 per cent. To achieve this, they have developed a new material (a co-adsorbent). The work has been carried out at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad, and Japanese researchers and reported in the journal Energy & Environmental Science of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
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Su-Kam's new Solar Home Lighting System: an eco-friendly lighting solution for homes
Jan 22, 2013 Su-Kam Power Systems Limited announced the launch of Su-Kam 'Solar Home Lighting System' an eco-friendly solar lighting solution for houses.
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Union Budget 2012: Renewables get a leg up
Mar 16, 2012 The Indian government has shown its commitment towards giving a push to renewable energy by proposing concessions to energy-saving devices, plant and equipment needed for solar thermal projects.
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India for incentivising use of clean energy: Montek Singh
Apr 18, 2013 "We are interested in incentivising the use of clean energy,” said Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman of India’s Planning Commission.
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Indian Govt plans to install one lakh solar pumps
Jul 29, 2014 Solar water pumps are a natural substitute to diesel-run-pumps and can be used to pump water in areas.
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Coming soon, use-as-you-pay solar energy for rural India
Nov 27, 2012 The International Finance Corporation will assist Simpa Networks to reach a meter-based pre-paid energy service for rural customers. It will function almost like a pre-paid mobile phone.
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Greenpeace urges Delhi to ‘Switch on the Sun’
Jul 23, 2013 Harnessing solar energy using rooftops can help Delhi in bridging the ever increasing gap between demand and supply of energy, says a new Greenpeace report.
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Germany reiterates support for solar power in India
Jan 21, 2014 A roundtable meet organised by German Development Bank in New Delhi highlighted the outstanding Indo-German partnership in renewable energy sector.
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India’s environment ministry HQ to generate power
Jul 22, 2013 The environment ministry building will meet its energy needs with an onsite 930-kilowatt solar power plant.
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Tapping solar power, the Moser Baer way
Oct 31, 2012 The Moser Baer solar power plant in Tamil Nadu generates just 5 MW of power but sparks high voltage hopes for the future of solar energy in the country. Find out why.
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