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HC's five points to ensure workers' well being
May 28, 2010 The Delhi High Court has drafted a five-point directive for the state government and other agencies that aims to address the vulnerabilities of Commonwealth Games workers. The high court has evidently stood up for the cause of workers’ welfare after the monitoring committee constituted by the court reported of workers’ exploitation.
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Mountains for sustainable development
Sep 15, 2011 Ahead of the COP 17 climate talks in Durban later this year, ICIMOD and GIZ will hold deliberations in the form of Mountain Day to highlight the critical role of mountain ecosystems in climate change adaptation and sustainable development. The event will take place on 4 December, 2011 in Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa.
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Third gender may find a place in Nepal's next census
Jun 01, 2009 After repealing all discriminatory laws against the country’s sexual minorities, Nepal is mulling to include the third gender in its next census. Experts feel that proper documentation will help government formulate necessary policies to ensure their rights.
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Global civil society mourns the passing of Nelson Mandela
Dec 06, 2013 “We hope that his legacy will continue to inspire millions of people” said Dr Danny Sriskandarajah, Secretary-General of CIVICUS.
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SDGs to face challenge of 750 mn child marriages by 2030
Jun 30, 2016 According to a latest report by UNICEF, the world is all set to witness 750 million child marriages by 2030 making it a tough nut for global goals.
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'Tin Can' houses for African poor
May 10, 2010 The government has declared Blikkiesdorp, close to Cape Town, a temporary relocation area, in an attempt to deal with housing backlog just ahead of the Soccer World Cup 2010. People living at the temporary site without basic amenities are comparing it to concentration camps.
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'Give us decent work atmosphere'
May 13, 2010 Domestic women workers in South Africa face severe exploitation despite a law protecting their rights is in place since 2002. To ensure their privacy and provide legal status to migrated workers, the country’s domestic service and allied workers union have called for the proper implementation of the law.
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World cup football brings misery to many homes
Jun 03, 2010 Families suffer terrible miseries as their homes get demolished to build car parking areas and stadiums for the upcoming football world cup in South Africa. Meanwhile, following the orders of a local court, the government has unveiled an extensive plan to provide homes to the homeless.
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South African media laws under fire
Aug 23, 2010 Recent legislations in South Africa have been directed towards putting curbs on freedom of the media. The bills have come under fierce criticism from journalists and advocacy groups in South Africa and elsewhere as tools of repressive regimes.
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One in three South-African men admit to rape
Nov 28, 2010 A recent survey by South Africa’s Medical Research Council revealed that one in three men admitted to committing rape. In a country with the highest rates of rape in the world, violence against women is seen as being legitimate and normal even by women.
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Donor aversion to sanitation projects threatens development goal
Jun 28, 2011 Donors have diverted their aid away from 'less visible' water projects threatening the development goal on sanitation. Lack of access to clean water and sanitation is known to impact more than 1 billion people worldwide.
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South Africa: Wine less sweet
Aug 24, 2011 Workers at vineyards producing South Africa's internationally renowned wines are denied proper housing and working conditions besides being dangerously exposed to pesticides, says a Human Rights Watch report.
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Child labour ban perpetuates poverty in South Africa
May 21, 2009 In a deeply impoverished country like South Africa, banning child labour more than ten years ago has only added to the miseries of families looking for additional source of income. The vacuum left by greater adherence to the law has not been filled by education or extracurricular activities.
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Land redistribution in South Africa proving a failure
Sep 04, 2009 A major land reform programme undertaken in South Africa is failing due to lack of ‘vision’. Under apartheid most of farmland was in possession of the white population, which the government has been trying to reverse.
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Social dialogue needed to prevent violence in SA mines: ILO
Oct 03, 2012 The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has called for social dialogue and a review of labour market institutions to avoid further violence in the South African mining industry.
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