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Lanka to issue new guidelines for turtle hatcheries
Mar 02, 2010 The Environment Ministry in Sri Lanka has issued a warning to turtle breeders over the commercial or leisure use of the incubators. After a report revealed that hatcheries are contravening conservation laws, the authorities have asked hatcheries to follow new guidelines failing which they would face prosecution.
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Afghanistan protects a rare bird species
Mar 05, 2010 One of the world’s least known and rare birds, the large-billed reed warbler has been discovered in the remote Pamir Mountains in northeastern Afghanistan. The National Environment protection Agency, Afghanistan has announced the inclusion of this bird among the 48 protected species list in the country.
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India: Frog species offers hope to scientists
May 14, 2010 A new species of brightly coloured frog, Raorchestes resplendens has been discovered in a remote peak in the southern part of India. The new species adds to the family of amphibians, one-third of which are under threat from extinction due to human activity.
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Paradise Lost: India's biodiversity towards extinction
May 28, 2010 The two hotspots of India, Western Ghats and Himalayan region, which are the pool of genetic diversity, are struggling for their existence. The climate change, industrial effluents, loss of natural habitats and increasing human greed are causing India’s biodiversity deterioration.
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Now, designer rice to beat hunger
Jul 10, 2012 Some of the best brains on rice research are meeting in India’s southern state of Andhra Pradesh for a debate on designer rice as part of a conference organised by the International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT). According to William D Dar, ICRISAT's Director General, the latest science-led innovations can be used to generate new varieties to ensure enough food for 9.2 bn population by 2050.
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'Education will have to emphasise conservation'
Mar 23, 2010 In the news recently for saying that India has no proper system of ringing or bird banding to help keep a track of migratory birds coming to the country, Pune-based ecologist and ornithologist Dr Prakash Gole elaborates here on issues concerning birds, animals, environmental awareness and climate change
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Track your tree online
Feb 18, 2010 A group of researchers in India are coming up with a new online database that will track the life-cycle of common plants in the country. The website will allow tree enthusiasts to add to India’s biodiversity information by pitching in with their neighbourhood’s natural data.
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Geotagging sea turtles
Mar 08, 2010 The first-ever satellite telemetry tagging of an Olive Ridley in India’s southern coast will aid scientists across the world to study the marine turtle behaviour and ecology. A GPS transmitter cemented onto a turtle named Sumitha has successfully helped to track the migratory paths, further boosting the conservation efforts.
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Western black rhino extinct
Nov 10, 2011 The latest global assessment of threatened species reveals that black rhinos are now extinct in West Africa. Around 25% of the world’s mammals are on the brink of extinction despite continuous conservation efforts, says the report.
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Alien species threaten livelihoods in poor countries
May 26, 2009 Increased movement of alien species induced by climate change is destroying natural systems in developing countries. Biodiversity experts warn that local natives face a risk of extinction due to competition for food, habitats and resources.
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Extinction crisis continues apace
Nov 04, 2009 The latest update of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species shows that globally 17,291 species out of the 47,677 assessed ones are facing extinction. Its biodiversity conservation group has said that scientific evidence of extinction crisis is only mounting.
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Logging threatens conservation efforts in Madagascar
Feb 05, 2010 The harvesting of precious trees like rosewoods from reserved forest areas are threatening conservation efforts, wildlife such as lemurs and promoting slash and burn cultivation in Madagascar, which is uniquely known for its flora and fauna across the world.
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Countries unite to protect endangered sharks
Feb 17, 2010 Yesterday 100 countries signed up to a United Nations supported wildlife treaty to prohibit the hunting, fishing and deliberate killing of shark species. The shark population has declined alarmingly in last fifteen years due to over-fishing and illegal trade.
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England loosing species at an alarming rate
Mar 12, 2010 Nearly 500 species have become extinct in England in the last two centuries, according to a study on biodiversity in the country. The report calls for better conservation efforts with a warning that humans were causing extinctions faster than new species could evolve.
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Bluefin tuna out of endangered species list
Mar 19, 2010 Monaco’s proposal to include bluefin tuna in UN’s list of endangered species was voted down by a group of countries led by Japan, Canada and Greenland. They argued that the threat from trade was minimal and the hunting carried out by indigenous people was critical to their economies.
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Secret deal set to legitimise commercial whaling
Mar 23, 2010 A new arrangement is being made behind closed doors to overturn the international moratorium on commercial whaling that prevents countries like Japan, Norway and Iceland to hunt whales. Conservationists fear its acceptance in the International Whaling Commission will be a big setback and spell disaster for whales.
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Flying frog discovered in the Himalayas
Aug 20, 2009 A newly released WWF report provides details of discoveries made by scientists from various organisations between 1998 and 2008 in the eastern Himalayan region. Hundreds of species that include a smallest deer, a ‘flying frog’ and a 100-million-year old gecko are among those found in the rugged and largely inaccessible lands.
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Gangetic river dolphin in peril, says study
Sep 15, 2009 A study by International Union for Conservation of Nature finds that the number of Ganges river dolphins has declined by 50% over the last five decades. Scientists report that accidental killing and poaching for oil pose a major threat to the endangered species in the Brahmaputra river system.
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