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SL Prez pledges to create an effective health service
Feb 11, 2015 The President said the Health Ministry had handled about 21,000 tenders annually so far and the process has turned the Ministry into a private company with rampant corruption.
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Every action for the betterment of people: SL President
Jan 22, 2015 The Sri Lankan President said that the country will be developed with the national and religious reconciliation.
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Land ownership gives people dignity and pride: Rajapaksa
Aug 20, 2014 Land value is increasing significantly owing to the ongoing infrastructure development, Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Sri Lankan President remarked.
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South Asian giants' fillip on LGBT discourse
Jun 29, 2016 The LGBT discourse in Pakistan and India has been reignited, thanks to a decree by a Pakistani religious group and a petition before India's Supreme Court
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Lankan displaced miss resettlement deadline
Feb 16, 2010 The Sri Lankan government has promised to resettle remaining internally displaced by April after failing to move everyone out of camps by end-January. Administrative structures have been restored in the north so that the relocated people can lead normal lives and participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections.
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A new chapter for war-affected children
Feb 25, 2010 The Sri Lankan government has prepared plans to get all children from north eastern provinces affected by the decades’ long civil war in school by the end of April. An accelerated learning programme is being developed with the participation of UNICEF to benefit children in resettlement areas.
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Lanka to issue new guidelines for turtle hatcheries
Mar 02, 2010 The Environment Ministry in Sri Lanka has issued a warning to turtle breeders over the commercial or leisure use of the incubators. After a report revealed that hatcheries are contravening conservation laws, the authorities have asked hatcheries to follow new guidelines failing which they would face prosecution.
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UN demands Lankan leadership to be accountable
Mar 08, 2010 The president has rejected United Nation’s plan of appointment of a panel of experts to advise him on accountability issues and alleged rights abuses in the nation’s civil war. Tens of thousands of civilians were killed by the government and the rebel Tamil group during the war.
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Sri Lankan government urged to respect human rights
Mar 16, 2010 International lawyers and human rights organisations have voiced concern over the possibility of bringing in criminal charges against activists and reporters by Sri Lankan government. They have urged the Rajapaksa government to demonstrate its commitment to democratic principles by respecting freedom of expression.
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Apprehensions abound for Sri Lanka's Muslim IDPs
Mar 23, 2010 Amid apprehensions in various quarters, Sri Lankan government has started resettlement efforts for thousands of internally displaced Muslims living in refugee camps due to the two decades of civil war. About 75,000 Muslims are estimated to have fled from the northern districts according to International Crisis Group.
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Sri Lankan reporter wins British Press Award
Mar 25, 2010 Lankan scribe JS Tissainayagam, sentenced to 20 years in jail has been awarded foreign journalist of the year award by the British Press Awards. Media rights groups highlight the lack of freedom of expression and accuse the government of intimidating and harassing journalists critical of the government's policies.
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First political manifesto for women in Sri Lanka
Mar 26, 2010 The United Political Front’s manifesto for women in Sri Lanka has been applauded by rights activist, as it is the first time a political party in the island nation has presented a comprehensive document on women. However the document fails to say how all its proposals would be brought to fruition.
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Rebuilding houses priority for Lankan refugees
Apr 01, 2010 As conflict-displaced return to their homes in Sri Lanka, rebuilding houses takes centre stage. UN appeals for funds confirming that 160,000 houses need to be rebuilt or repaired for refugees to begin normal lives.
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Restored Buddhist shrines sparks conflict in Sri Lanka
Apr 06, 2010 Many ethnic Tamils have expressed fears that the restoration of Buddhist shrines and building permanent housing for soldiers even before resettling refugees is a secret plan of the government to undermine the Tamils claim to an ethnic homeland. Cultural experts argue that parochial forces are using archaeology for political purposes.
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Sri Lanka: First general election without rebel Tigers
Apr 08, 2010 Sri Lankans vote today for a new Parliament after decades of civil war that will help to rebuild the island nation. President Mahinda Rajapaksa expecting a victory is pushing for a two-thirds parliamentary majority, that would allow his party to change the constitution.
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Media continues to be shackled in Sri Lanka
Apr 13, 2010 Condition gets graver for scribes in Sri Lanka since the recent elections, where voicing a critical opinion remains dangerous. While some of them have fled to other countries, those reporting from within face constant threat to their life and freedom.
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Eastern Sri Lanka demands attention on healthcare
Apr 22, 2010 WHO asks humanitarian agencies, who have hitherto been concentrating on rebuilding the Sri Lanka’s north, to also focus on healthcare services in conflict-affected east. Shifting funding priorities and lack of enough health workers however has forced agencies to abandon the east and concentrate on the north.
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Lanka's vibrant women missing in politics
Apr 27, 2010 Considering the massive turnout of women voters in elections, female literacy rate close to 90%, and the extraordinary role played by leaders in the past, there should have been more women political representatives. Nearly 80 years later, the numbers are dismal and gender fair decisions missing.
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Sri Lankan government frees Tamil journalist
May 03, 2010 Jeyaprakash Tissainayagam, accused of conspiring to cause ethnic violence through his articles gets presidential pardon, coinciding with World Press Freedom Day. His sentence had been criticised by the US and EU, for being the harshest punishment to a scribe in recent years.
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Never ending struggle for Sri Lankan Tamils
May 06, 2010 In northern Sri Lanka refugees are returning back to their homes and are getting engaged in rebuilding railways, wells and vanished homes destroyed by war. However shortage of funds, lack of sanitation, and land without green cover are making their lives tougher, forcing them to sell their rations for cash.
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Lankan government revokes war-time emergency laws
May 07, 2010 The Sri Lankan government has partially revoked country’s draconian emergency laws which were imposed during the war. Parliamentarians have welcomed the move by voting in favour of the proposal that lifts curbs on meetings, distributing certain literature and restricts unwarranted search by military.
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Sri Lanka: Reviving livelihoods in former combat-zone
May 10, 2010 United Nations and other agencies are focusing efforts to revive the agriculture and fishery sectors that had completely collapsed due to the war. Although many displaced are aware of the significant contribution of these sectors to local economy, they remain doubtful of the recovery strategy.
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Floods in Sri Lanka render 50,000 families homeless
May 18, 2010 Torrential rains that occurred in several parts of the country have caused massive destruction and displacement during the past three days. Meanwhile the Meteorology Department’s announcement that more rain or thunder showers will continue in the Western, Southern and Central Provinces and will also spread to the eastern province, raises concerns.
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Rehabilitation, a far fetched dream for Lankan Tamils
May 20, 2010 Rehabilitation of thousands of war-displaced Sri Lankan Tamils is becoming an uphill battle as donors show weariness. The United Nations has warned that there is an acute shortage of funds and in absence of international community’s initiatives, rehabilitation work may stop soon.
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HRW calls for probe into armed conflict
May 21, 2010 Human Rights Watch’s allegations of atrocities by Sri Lankan government forces and the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE ) during the armed conflict that ended last year is substantiated by new evidences. With the manifest failure of Government in investigation of abuses, the situation calls for an independent international investigation.
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War ends but sufferings continue
May 26, 2010 A year since the bloody ethnic conflict between Sri Lankan troops and LTTE ended, the sufferings of affected women continue. Shouldering the responsibilities of their families and longing for financial and psychological support, they show employment and security as their top priorities in their struggle to rebuild their lives.
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As flood water recedes, risk of epidemic looms
Jun 03, 2010 According to the health officials working in Sri Lanka, the risk of epidemics has increased substantially for nearly 13,000 flood displaced people living in temporary camps. An outbreak of infectious and water-borne diseases is likely in the coming days as water levels start receding in the Gampaha and Kalutara districts.
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School reopening in Sri Lanka restores life to normal
Jun 04, 2010 The efforts of Srilankan government to reopen a school, once abandoned as a result of conflict in Sri Lanka, has brought back cheer in the lives of students. The conflict recovery efforts in the area are making students undergoing distress after the blood-sheds, feel free and fearless.
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Sri Lanka prepares to protect citizens from dengue
Jun 09, 2010 Days after flood water receded from Lankan capital Colombo, the city is now facing cases of dengue including nine deaths. According to WHO, which is working closely with the health authorities in managing the disease, the removal of mosquito breeding sites would be the most important step in mitigating the risk.
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Microfinancing benefits the South Asian poor
Dec 11, 2009 In a week-long workshop recently held in Sri Lanka, leaders from across South Asia discussed ways to ensure efficiency in the fast growing microfinance sector. Microfinance institutions in the region have greatly realised the vision of easy availability of small loans to the poor.
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