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Join us to improve the lot of farmers: Corporates to Govt
Jan 31, 2014 Private and public ventures should come together for extension programmes for the benefit of farmers, suggested agri-business entrepreneurs.
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Roundtable to discuss financing for sustainable farming
Jan 07, 2014 OneWorld along with SJS is organising a roundtable conference in New Delhi to discuss ways of financing sustainable agriculture in Uttarakhand.
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Genebanks hold the keys to more productive and healthier crops
Nov 05, 2012 Seed banks inside ICRISAT campus, Karnataka, India, hold the keys to ensure more productive, hardier, healthier food crops that could help feed the 9 billion people who will be living on Earth by 2050.
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Indian agriculture needs greater entrepreneurship: IFAD's Ashwani Muthoo
Jul 16, 2015 There is a strong need for value addition of the farm produce, asserts Ashwani Muthoo of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).
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Sustainable agriculture should be national mission: MD Coromandel International
Dec 09, 2012 Coromandel International Limited, a Rs 9800 crore organisation, which works at improving the lives of farmers, has decided to extend farm mechanisation services to farmers in rural Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The business portfolio of the company includes fertilisers, specialty nutrients, crop protection and retail. How this is being implemented and is adopted as a model is what Managing Director of the company Kapil Mehan, shares with Rakesh Sood of One World South Asia.
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Afghanistan: Drier weather forcing farmers to adapt
Nov 11, 2009 Afghanistan appears to be getting drier. Many traditional irrigation sources such as springs, streams, rivers and man-made subterranean aqueducts have been drying up in the southern provinces.
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Afghanistan to rebuild traditional irrigation network with UN help
Feb 14, 2012 The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation is providing technical support to rebuild Afghanistan's traditional irrigation system to help farmers increase their crop production. The irrigation system had been badly damaged due to the conflict and migration from villages.
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Indian farmers need structured solutions: Agri expert
Jan 14, 2014 L P Semwal, Chairman of Uttarakhand based nonprofit, said that Indian farmers need structured solutions in the form of feasible financing and not subsidies.
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Pvt land acquisitions displacing agriculture: Oxfam
Oct 12, 2012 According to Oxfam, the amount of land acquired in the past decade was enough to feed a billion people, who unfortunately go to bed hungry each night.
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From ‘slash and burn’ to sustainability
Dec 11, 2012 Farming communities in north-eastern India have improved soil fertility and earn higher incomes through sustainable land management practices.
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Indian farmers need to be climate smart: experts
Jan 29, 2013 With the majority of marginal farmers being from South Asia and 41 per cent of the world’s poor belonging to this region, South Asia needs to tighten its belt to escape the adverse impact of climate change.
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One third of global food produce is wasted: report
Oct 17, 2012 A UN report has warned ecological foundations that support food security, including biodiversity, are being undermined.
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India's farmers are highly vulnerable to climate change impacts
Feb 03, 2013 The potential of the Mahatama Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), can be tapped to increase the adaptive capacities of communities to fight climate change, says Ilona Porsché, Project Director, GIZ, on the sidelines of a DSDS-2013 conference organised by The Energy and Resources Institute. Excerpts...
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India wakes up to plant pests and diseases
Oct 15, 2012 As the realisation dawns on how outbreaks of diseases in major food crops have reduced food yields and losses in animals, India looks for international collaboration to ward off farm pests and diseases.
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