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Trafficking adds to the woes of pavement dwellers
Feb 03, 2010 Close to 14 million Bangladeshi citizens live in pavements and streets, most of them environmental refugees. While the women and children become vulnerable to trafficking, lack of awareness and legislation to protect their rights, social prejudices and corruption is aggravating their situation.
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Pakistan: Children sold for sex trade
Apr 26, 2010 Recent reports underline that rising poverty is forcing a growing number of families to sell children, girls in particular for sex work. The country is struggling to rebound from the financial crisis, and social taboo is preventing many from using contraception keeping their family size larger.
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CSR launches new initiative for trafficking survivors
Nov 13, 2013 The Delhi based Centre for Social Research has launched new initiative for educational and economic rehabilitation of trafficking survivors.
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South Asia on US watch-list for trafficking
Jun 19, 2009 Human trafficking is continuing unabated in many South Asian countries, says a new report by the US State Department. Children are trafficked from countries like India, Nepal and Sri Lanka for involuntary servitude to work as domestic servants, circus entertainers, factory workers, commercial sex workers or beggars.
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Training manual to support survivors of trafficking
Jun 14, 2010 Bangladesh has launched a manual to develop the capacity of government officials, from identifying trafficking victims to providing psycho-social support to survivors of trafficking and rehabilitating them in society. Developed by IOM it covers 22 districts for victim care training.
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India: Child trafficking rises ahead of Commonwealth Games
Aug 16, 2010 With Commonwealth Games fast approaching, cases of child trafficking, especially minor girls are on the rise. Girls mostly from West Bengal, Orissa and Jharkhand are lured by placement agencies which promise employment in the city but are instead sold to pimps and forced into sex work.
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Indian tribal girls victims of bride barter
Sep 24, 2010 Child Rights and You with Buniyadi Adhikar Andolan after extensive observations have exposed some 200 cases of young tribal girls being browbeaten by affluent families in parts of Gujarat where they are exploited to produce female progeny to be bartered for a wife.
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UN unveils action plan to combat human trafficking
Sep 02, 2010 UN secretary general identifies human trafficking as “slavery in the modern age” and rolls out a global action plan to curb the practice. The plan calls for setting up of a UN voluntary trust fund for victims of trafficking, especially women and children.
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Women across nations fight against gender violence
Nov 08, 2010 Women from various countries gathered a high-level consultation hosted by the United Nations Populations Fund to share their successes and challenges in implementing state legislation and empower women to fight against gender-based violence. Many agreed that though there have been victories, a lot more needs to be achieved.
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Arms trafficking: Viktor Bout's case no time to celebrate
Nov 24, 2010 “How can we have strict national and international laws that regulate the trade of bananas and mobile phones, but allow traders of weapons and ammunitions to go unchecked?”
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On being a woman in Iraq
Nov 29, 2010 On one hand, Iraq boasts of a fair representation of women in its parliament. However, an equal number of them still face domestic violence and other forms of exploitation in their daily lives.
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Trafficking is a hidden crime, curb it: Graduate Women International
Jul 28, 2016 Urging the world leaders to end modern slavery, Graduate Women International says that women and girls who have been trafficked are subjected to extreme violence.
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India hub of child trafficking in South Asia
Aug 20, 2009 A new report released by a global child rights group highlights the alarming rate of child trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation across the Indian borders. The report warns that the ongoing economic crisis is adding to the problem of flesh trade market in the entire South Asian region.
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Burmese migrant workers struggle in Malaysia
Oct 15, 2009 Myanmar is one of the most impoverished countries in the Southeast Asian region, prompting people to move out of the country in search of livelihood opportunities. Malaysia, among others, attracts many Burmese workers due to huge demand in its construction and plantation industries, but many of them are vulnerable to human traffickers.
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A stage set to fight trafficking
Feb 05, 2010 Many women folk artistes not only sell their talent for a pittance, but also end up imposing themselves on others for a living. A unique initiative by an anti-trafficking NGO is helping these women earn self-respect by showcasing their talents in formal settings, attended by art lovers in good numbers.
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The price of modern slavery
May 12, 2009 Forced labour worldwide amounts to over $20 billion, in terms of lost earnings, says ILO’s new report: The Cost of Coercion. The report presents a new perspective on this insidious practice and suggests implementing integrated policies and programmes to empower those at risk.
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Monitoring human trafficking
May 14, 2009 UN Office on Drugs and Crime’s Global Report on Trafficking in Persons assesses the different forms of human trafficking and the global fight to end the practice. It explains the growth of modern slave markets and exposes ineffectiveness of governments in implementing legislations for curbing the crime across borders.
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Achieving sustainable mobility
May 29, 2009 Mobility for development, a report from WBCSD examines the state of mobility in fast-growing cities. It argues that with integrated planning and innovative solutions, environmental costs of transportation can be reduced.
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Enslaved by disasters
Apr 17, 2009 As climate change induced disasters cause widespread displacement and poverty, women in Bangladesh are increasingly falling prey to trafficking. Migration due to shifting weather patterns and scarcity of resources make women vulnerable to exploitation and other forms of gender-based violence, reports journalist Lisa Friedman.
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Not enough done to reintegrate victims of trafficking: study
Oct 16, 2013 While estimates of the number of trafficked persons vary considerably, it is widely agreed that those reached and assisted is a small fraction of the total.
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Cambodia: Financial crisis forcing women into sex trade
Jul 22, 2009 The lure of easy money in times of declining work conditions is leading to trafficking of women into the entertainment sector, says a new UN report. The report notes a majority of such women are in debt, making them vulnerable to violence and control by the lenders.
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UN discusses tackling new forms of gender discrimination
Jul 27, 2009 The UN Committee on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, celebrating three decades of its existence, identified some modern problems that leave deep impact on the lives of women. Large-scale trafficking, unemployment, cutback in salary and diseases due to the economic downturn affect the development of women and calls for immediate action.
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Sex workers bear brunt of war on trafficking
Sep 05, 2013 According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), 58 percent of human trafficking cases are for sexual exploitation.
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Myanmar’s Kachin conflict boosts trafficking: report
Jul 05, 2013 Sporadic clashes over the past two years between the Burmese government and Kachin Independence Army (KIA), have created opportunity for traffickers to prey on IDPs.
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Migrant workers struggle for life of dignity
Feb 24, 2010 The migrant workers from Burma, Cambodia, and Laos trying to escape ethnic and political conflict in their home countries face police brutalities and discriminatory laws in Thailand, says a new report by Human Rights Watch. It emphasises that the mandatory national verification of migrants by February should be stopped immediately.
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Somali women and children highly trafficked
Apr 06, 2010 The rise in human trafficking in Somalia’s self declared independent state of Somaliland is raising alarm bells. To alter the situation and protect children and women who are the exploited lot, the National Human Rights Commission and International Office for Migration are making joint efforts on awareness and reintegration.
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UN project to protect women in South Asia from trafficking
Jul 16, 2013 UN launches joint project to protect 100,000 women in South Asia from trafficking.
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Slavery in the US a history? Not quite.
Dec 03, 2010 Young teenage girls from poor families of West Africa are lured into USA on the pretext of providing them with education and are then, forced into slavery. Human trafficking exists everywhere in the US, the authors claim, and as a trade has become even more profitable than drug-trafficking.
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Victims of human smuggling, a bleak future awaits Sri Lankan refugees
Jan 12, 2011 Sri Lanka is one among the many South Asian countries where human smuggling is a big problem. Tens of thousands of refugees and illegal migrants pay huge sums of money to these smugglers who persuade them with false promises of jobs and a better life abroad.
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India: Children trafficked to work in Meghalaya's mines
Mar 28, 2011 A recent study reveals that coal mines in Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya employed 70,000 child miners who were abducted from Nepal and Bangladesh and sold to Meghalaya's mining mafia. These children are forced to work into deep pits exposing them to fatal health hazards.
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