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Ebola: WHO seeks to allay fears about air travel
Aug 18, 2014 The WHO has repeatedly said that the Ebola virus is highly contagious – but not airborne.
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Traffic accidents kill 1.3 million people every year: WHO
Nov 19, 2012 “This year, the world's roads have claimed some 1.2 million lives,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said.
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Patients lose out to patents & profits
Sep 03, 2012 A 2012 WHO study ranks India third — behind Myanmar and Bangladesh — among countries that fail to provide health cover to people. A 2011 study reported in The Lancet on ‘Healthcare and equity’ confirms this: every year, at least 39 million people here fall into poverty due to private out-of-pocket health expenditure. A vast majority of Indians do not have access to healthcare or essential drugs. By the government’s own admission, medicines constitute 74 per cent of out of pocket expenditure on health.
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"India has an obligation to work for the rights of disabled people"
Dec 03, 2012 Over one billion people from across the globe are living with some form of disability. If we make a disabled-friendly environment, then they can be productive, educative, employed, paying taxes and independent, says Tom Shakespeare of the World Health Organization (WHO).
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India free of maternal, neonatal tetanus, says WHO
Aug 31, 2015 The UN health agency has congratulated India on the eradication of the killer disease.
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Ebola: UN headquarters to scale-up crisis response
Sep 10, 2014 The WHO said that as of 6 September, 4,269 cases and 2,288 deaths have been reported in the current outbreak of Ebola virus disease.
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India to see a dip in malaria cases by 2015: report
Dec 18, 2012 The malaria burden is concentrated in 14 endemic countries, which account for an estimated 80% of malaria deaths, says a WHO report.
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Hypertension: A silent killer of today and tomorrow
Apr 07, 2013 The World Health Organisation (WHO) should be complemented for focusing this year on high Blood Pressure as the theme of World Health Day, writes Dileep Mavalankar, Director of the Indian Institute of Public Health (IIPH).
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First CBR World Congress for the disabled kicks off in India
Nov 27, 2012 The First CBR World Congress organised by the CBR India Network, was kicked off in India on November 26, 2012 to address social isolation and holistic rehabilitation of people with disabilities through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR).
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India wakes up to plant pests and diseases
Oct 15, 2012 As the realisation dawns on how outbreaks of diseases in major food crops have reduced food yields and losses in animals, India looks for international collaboration to ward off farm pests and diseases.
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