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Indian govt constitutes national forum on water resources
May 30, 2013 The forum would facilitate sharing of ideas on better water management among various states in India.
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Kerala may withdraw desalination research plant
Apr 23, 2013 As resolved in the ‘Jal Jan Jodo Abhiyaan’, it had been decided to start the national water journey from proposed site of clean water research plant at Kannur, Kerala. Leader of this journey, waterman Rajendra Singh reached Kannur on 20th April 2013.
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Jaffna aquifer in Sri Lanka depleting from overuse
May 28, 2013 The researchers have recommended extraction of 50 per cent of the annual recharge to prevent a severe imbalance developing in the aquifer, the main resource for water supply in Jaffna.
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Illegal mining depleting groundwater, say experts
Aug 14, 2013 Beyond the spotlight on the illegal sand mining scam in India's biggest state Uttar Predesh, experts talk about the depleting water table and its effects.
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Yamuna Waterkeeper wins Water Champion Award
Apr 10, 2013 Minakshi Arora, Yamuna Waterkeeper, has got Water Champion Award for her outstanding efforts and contribution to the environment.
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It was tough to convince rural people to buy water: Safe Water Network
Jul 07, 2016 Safe Water Network (SWN) is a not-for-profit working towards sustainable and economically-viable solutions to bring safe drinking water to the quality-affected regions in rural India and Ghana. Ravindra Sewak and Poonam Sewak, anchors of SWN, talk to OneWorld South Asia about the need of providing quality water with a certain price tag. Excerpts from the interview:
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Global project to fight deteriorating water quality
Nov 04, 2013 The UNEP has launched the International Water Quality Guidelines for Ecosystems at the Budapest Water Summit to arrest the declining water quality.
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Rajendra Singh launches campaign on water conservation
Apr 23, 2013 The campaign spread awareness on issues like decentralized community management of water and revival of traditional water harvesting systems.
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Sonam Kapoor voices support for water conservation
May 21, 2013 Water is the basic necessity of life and it is our collective responsibility to conserve water in whichever way we can, said Sonam Kapoor.
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EWP and UN Global Compact partner for the Water Action Hub
Mar 25, 2013 To mark the World Water Day, the European Water Partnership (EWP) and the UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate got together to create a platform which will bring together organisations to discuss water management issues.
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UN kicks off year promoting international cooperation on water management
Feb 11, 2013 The United Nations has launched the International Year of Water Cooperation, which seeks to provide a platform for countries to collaborate in the management of this precious resource in the interest of peace and development.
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Desalinise sea water to meet fresh water demand, says industry report
Sep 29, 2012 Desalination is being actively considered as a viable water supply alternative as rapid industrial development escalates demand for fresh water in an increasingly water-stressed India.
Narmada dependent Indore ignores local wetlands: expert
Apr 09, 2014 The water-people connection is lost with emergence of piped water supply from distant sources, said G K Bhat, a specialist in drought and water resource management.
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The journey from bonded labourers to water warriors
Mar 15, 2013 Impoverished tribals (bonded labour) living in Bundelkhand, one of the most drought-prone and backward area of Northern India, show how barren and deserted land can be revived and made into a fertile land by simply working unitedly.
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