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Jaffna aquifer in Sri Lanka depleting from overuse
May 28, 2013 The researchers have recommended extraction of 50 per cent of the annual recharge to prevent a severe imbalance developing in the aquifer, the main resource for water supply in Jaffna.
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India, Nepal face growing tensions over water
Feb 25, 2013 Nepal and the north Indian state of Bihar have accused each other of mismanaging water resources.
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It was tough to convince rural people to buy water: Safe Water Network
Jul 07, 2016 Safe Water Network (SWN) is a not-for-profit working towards sustainable and economically-viable solutions to bring safe drinking water to the quality-affected regions in rural India and Ghana. Ravindra Sewak and Poonam Sewak, anchors of SWN, talk to OneWorld South Asia about the need of providing quality water with a certain price tag. Excerpts from the interview:
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Narmada dependent Indore ignores local wetlands: expert
Apr 09, 2014 The water-people connection is lost with emergence of piped water supply from distant sources, said G K Bhat, a specialist in drought and water resource management.
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