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Despite progress, gender inequality persists: study
Jul 10, 2015 The MDG report-2015 states that women continue to face discrimination in many parts of the world.
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Even surrogate mothers have rights
Jul 01, 2013 SAMA, a Delhi-based NGO, highlights the known and the not-so-well-known gender issues like surrogacy and the rights of surrogate mothers through its workshop even as India debates the ART (Regulation) Bill 2010.
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Bangladesh: Empowering women to fight poverty
May 28, 2013 Thanks to the steps taken to empower women, Bangladesh has not only decreased family size by two-thirds but also ensured that 90 per cent of its girl children are enrolled in schools.
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Time for women to get on board: ILO
Nov 04, 2012 The need to have more women in the world’s still male-dominated boardrooms has gained widespread recognition but there is also strong disagreement on how to go about it.
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Sheikh Hasina for broader participation of women
Sep 13, 2013 "Increased women participation in political decision making only can help achieve real development,” Sheikh Hasina, the Bangladeshi Premier said.
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Domestic violence: Delhi court upholds women’s rights
Apr 22, 2013 Victims of domestic violence and marital dispute get much needed legal relief.
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Pakistan: Initiative of one, relief for all
Apr 22, 2013 Motivated by the leadership of one woman -Nasim Bibi, the local women in Abbottabad took matters in their own hands to organise water for their village.
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Marriage laws in India set to become women-friendly
Jul 18, 2013 One of the recommendations set to be approved by govt includes provision of sufficient compensation to a woman from her husband’s ancestral property.
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India is a very difficult country, says Priyanka Chopra
Jul 06, 2016 The Quantico star urged that the Indian mindset that links the family honour with a girl or woman needs to change thoroughly.
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Women still not part of decision making process: Modi
Apr 09, 2013 “We have to bring women into the decision making process," said Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of the West Indian state of Gujarat.
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Women do not need special favours to progress: AVP, HCL Technologies
Mar 20, 2013 Srimathi Shivashankar, Associate Vice President, Diversity & Sustainability, HCL Technologies, urged the corporate world to have zero tolerance for violence against women at the workplace and beyond. Excerpts from Srimathi Shivashankar’s interview with OneWorld South Asia.
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Celebrating Women’s Day for a positive change
Mar 08, 2014 At times, we are proud of triumphs achieved by women who feature strong and powerful character in the various sectors, while on the other side, there is complete darkness.
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Women’s participation sought for shaping global future
Mar 08, 2014 To commemorate Women’s Day, top international leaders called for full realization of women’s rights in the 21st century.
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That call for help: How effective are helplines in India?
Jul 06, 2013 Today, the significance of an effective helpline is widely recognised in India but it is still a work in progress, writes Pamela Philipose.
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The trials of women in pursuit of a baby
Jul 14, 2015 In many parts of India, non-conception is almost always followed by the insinuation of the existence of a 'fault' in the woman.
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Change education pattern for sustainable development: UNESCO chief
Nov 16, 2012 Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO, talks to Ashok Kumar of OneWorld South Asia, at the launch of the UNESCO Chair at TERI University in New Delhi. Bokova explains how the gap between the knowledge and decision making is a big bottleneck in the path towards sustainable development globally.
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Dec 03, 2012 Indian matrimonial website’s widely followed online game over Facebook to combat the menace of the dowry system finds itself named among a list of prestigious awardees.
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Look forward to cooperation with India in renewables: Czech Minister
Apr 12, 2013 Martin Kuba, Minister of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic, in an interview to OneWorld South Asia said that Czech companies and institutions are keen to share with their Indian counterparts their know-how on handling generated waste as well as on waste prevention. Excerpts from the interview.
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Bollywood: Changing women's attires over the years
Sep 05, 2013 "Women’s costumes in Bollywood have a great impact on young film goes and women in general," observes Karishma Jamwal, a Mumbai-based fashion designer.
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World marks Int'l Day to stop violence against women
Nov 25, 2013 Ending violence against women is one of UN Women’s key priority areas, with programmes addressing the pandemic implemented globally.
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Exquisite weaves that changed Vandana’s life
Nov 22, 2013 Out of the total number of weavers in India some 60 per cent are women and 40 per cent belong to the lowest of the lower rank on the social ladder, writes Mehru Jaffer.
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India: Rajasthan’s extraordinary women sarpanches
May 26, 2013 Many women have become the flag bearers of women's empowerment at the village-level in Rajasthan, a state still deeply rooted in a feudal culture.
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EU-UN Women film pays tribute to ‘Inspiring Indian Women’
Mar 10, 2014 ‘Women who Inspire’, a new film produced by the European Union, is comprised of a series of interviews which focus on outstanding individual Indian women.
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My show ‘Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon’ will inspire women: Meinal
Mar 11, 2014 Meinal Vaisnav plays the lead character of Dr Sneha for a new sitcom ‘Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon’ on India’s national broadcaster Doordarshan. In an interview with OneWorld South Asia, Meinal said that the show is all about women empowerment. Excerpts from the interview.
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Stay-homes for Indian women to come under Umbrella Scheme
Jul 23, 2014 Shelter based schemes for women to come under ‘Umbrella Scheme for Protection and Development of Women.’
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Women’s Reservation Bill: Parliamentarians lack resoluteness of purpose, says lawyer Geeta Luthra
Mar 26, 2013 Eminent Indian lawyer, Geeta Luthra, laments that in all the successive Parliaments, the percentage of women has been gradually coming down in comparison to the first Parliament. Excerpts from Geeta Luthra's interview with OneWorld South Asia.
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Millions of women are raped, assaulted, beaten: UN chief
Nov 26, 2012 Up to 70 per cent of women experience physical or sexual violence at some point in their lifetime, UN chief Ban Ki-moon said.
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Indian govt under pressure to pass women’s quota Bill: MP
Dec 13, 2013 Several women’s organizations criticised India’s ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) for sitting on the Women’s Bill and its buck passing tactics.
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India: Different faces of Panchayat women
Jun 20, 2013 Women office bearers in the West Indian state of Rajasthan are ushering in a positive transformation in their villages with a click of a mouse.
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Women's political participation low in South Asia
Nov 06, 2012 A UN Women report looks at the state of women and their political representation in all the countries of South Asia. The report finds that despite being guaranteed equality constitutionally, patriarchal social structures impede political ambitions of women all over.
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