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Stark choice for many Afghans: sickness or debt
Jul 25, 2014 According to a report which surveyed 700 patients in four Afghan provinces, 44 percent of respondents were forced to sell their possessions to get health care during a recent illness.
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UN Mission in Afghanistan extended for one year
Mar 20, 2013 In its resolution, the Council said it “stresses the critical importance of a continued presence of UNAMA and other United Nations agencies in support of and in cooperation with the Afghan Government.”
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'Jaipur Foot' providing mobility and dignity to Afghans
Jun 19, 2014 The prosthetic legs are being provided to amputees free of cost in a camp in Kabul organised by an Indian not-for-profit NGO of Rajasthan.
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Sexual abuse victims face injustice across South Asia
Jul 16, 2013 As two stories emerge in the week so far, of young victims not getting justice, Noma Nazish finds out that the story is not very different across the region.
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UN to continue its support for Afghanistan's development
Jul 02, 2013 In Afghanistan, UN deputy chief reiterates commitment to country’s long-term development.
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UN condemns honour killings of Afghan women
Apr 03, 2013 UN Women in Afghanistan has strongly condemned honour killings of women and girls. Over 4,000 cases of violence against women and girls were reported to the Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA) from 33 provinces of Afghanistan in 2010-2012.
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Ban welcomes approval of key election law
Jul 19, 2013 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomes Afghan President's approval of key election law.
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Six degrees of mobile money in Afghanistan
Jun 13, 2012 In Afghanistan, the introduction of mobile money will make life easier for hundreds of Afghans by getting access to financial services round-the-clock.
Afghanistan: Marriage and divorce not in Amina's hands
Jun 26, 2012 When it comes to rights of women, Afghanistan still has many practices which can astound the people of this era. In the northern Afghan province of Badakshan, it is the tribal leaders who decide whether a woman can divorce her husband.
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Discriminated in Afghanistan and vulnerable in Pakistan
Jun 28, 2012 The Hazara community who left their country to take refuge in Pakistan, face a life of mass ethnic persecution and discrimination; a predicament that has been largely ignored by the international community.
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Study reports improvement in living conditions for Afghani women and children
Jun 28, 2012 There seems to be some hope for Afghanistan, as a new Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) report released by the Central Statistics Organisation (CSO) shows significant improvements in the lives of Afghani women and children. Among other things, there is improved school attendance among children, and child mortality seems to have gone down.
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Draft law threatens media freedom in Afghanistan: HRW
Jul 03, 2012 Human Rights Watch has urged the Afghan government to withdraw a draft media law that would expand government control over the media and chill free speech. According to HRW, the draft law raises serious questions about President Hamid Karzai’s commitment to freedom of expression.
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Amid development failures, reduced foreign aid to Afghanistan seen as a boon
Jun 27, 2012 Despite the likely negative impact on the local economy post the reduction in foreign aid for Afghanistan over the next two years, some government and aid officials - view an expected drop in international support, as a blessing in disguise.
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Women killings: UN urges Pakistan, Afghanistan to ensure justice
Jul 20, 2012 Denouncing the recent attacks on women leaders in Pakistan and Afghanistan, an independent United Nations human rights expert has urged the two countries to carry out impartial investigations into the killings; and ensure that those responsible are brought to justice.
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Anti-measles campaign reaches over 5 million Afghan kids
Jul 26, 2012 A United Nations-supported government campaign to eradicate measles and polio has vaccinated over 5.6 million children in Afghanistan over the past two weeks, and organisers are stressing the need for more funds to complete the effort next month.
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Afghan refugees a threat to local culture: Pak minister
Jul 26, 2012 Pakistan is putting pressure on the estimated 2.8 million Afghan registered and unregistered refugees to return to their homeland by the end of 2012. The government has also said it will not renew the ID cards of the 1.8 million registered Afghan refugees.
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Any Pakistani attempt to ouster refugees unacceptable: Afghanistan
Jul 26, 2012 Following reports in various media about Pakistani attempts to oust Afghan refugees, Afghanistan's government has reacted strongly, with a government spokesperson saying that Pakistan should talk to both Afghanistan and the UN before taking any decision in this regard.
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Pak, US sign MoU on transporting supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan
Aug 01, 2012 Pakistan and the US on July 31, 2012, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on transporting supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan through Pakistani territory after weeks of intense negotiations.
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Afghanistan: Kunar attacks undermine civilian livelihoods
Aug 08, 2012 The ongoing shelling in the eastern province of Kunar, Afghanistan which also borders Pakistan has claimed lives of eight people, wounding 25 and have caused displacement of people living in the province.
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Afghanistan works for transparency in mining
Aug 08, 2012 Over the past week, Afghan authorities are attempting to make the right moves to transact business with mineral mining business as the country plans opening its wealth for further exploration.
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Amnesty wants winter assistance campaign for Afghans
Oct 26, 2012 Urgent steps are needed if Afghanistan is to avoid a repeat of the deaths among children and adults in the country’s displacement camps that occurred during last year’s bitterly cold winter conditions, a coalition of 30 NGOs including Amnesty International said.
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Angelina Jolie funds school in Kabul
Apr 03, 2013 Angelina Jolie, who other than being a powerful celebrity is also the UNHCR ambassador, has pledged the proceeds from her jewellery collection to the funding of a girl's school in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan.
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Midwives saving countless lives in Afghanistan
Oct 19, 2011 Amidst all odds, newly trained midwives are providing basic healthcare to over 20,000 mothers and children every month across five districts in Afghanistan. The country faces highest number of maternal deaths in the world.
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NATO jittery about sending more troops to Afghanistan
Oct 26, 2009 Corruption, doubts over Afghan leadership, and faltering public support have emerged as the main stumbling blocks to a demand for more NATO troops in Afghanistan. Currently there are 65,000 US troops and a further 39,000 from allied states stationed in the embattled country.
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Saving the lives of Afghan mothers and newborns
Oct 27, 2009 UNICEF-supported maternity waiting home programme in Afghanistan aims to save the lives of mothers and newborn babies by bringing skilled prenatal and postnatal care to women in remote areas. Maternal mortality rates in the country are among the highest in the world.
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Poor facilities causing maternal deaths in Afghanistan
Oct 29, 2009 In Badakshan province in north-eastern Afghanistan, survival of women while giving birth depends merely on a chance. Lack of awareness, poverty and poor infrastructure are the main reasons for high mortality rate in the embattled country.
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Tainted Afghan prez vows to battle corruption
Nov 04, 2009 Having been declared a winner for a new five-year term despite charges of engineering an electoral fraud, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has pledged to remove the "stigma" of corruption. Referring to Talibans as brothers, he also promised an inclusive government.
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UN's Afghan mission may soon come to an end
Nov 06, 2009 The UN is reportedly contemplating withdrawal of its staff from Afghanistan following a Taliban attack, which saw five of its personnel dead. During a surprise visit to Afghan capital, the UN chief requested President Hamid Karzai to beef up security.
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Afghanistan trains thousands of new midwives
Nov 09, 2009 Afghanistan's capacity to address the issue of infant and maternal mortality has taken a remarkable turn for the better in the past few years. Decades of war had left the country’s health system in complete disarray.
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Afghanistan: Drier weather forcing farmers to adapt
Nov 11, 2009 Afghanistan appears to be getting drier. Many traditional irrigation sources such as springs, streams, rivers and man-made subterranean aqueducts have been drying up in the southern provinces.
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