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Animals should not be subjected to cruelty: Raveena Tandon

Jul 05, 2018 I don’t want my children to believe that dogs carry umbrellas or that parrots ride a bicycle, she said.

Children with bones of glass

Sep 02, 2013 Every day millions of children with disabilities fight discrimination and prejudice as well as physical barriers towards leading a fulfilling life. Implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities adopted in 2006 is critical to mobilizing support for disabled children.

Nepal: Improving International Trade

Aug 05, 2013 Despite international demand for Nepal's home-grown products, getting the goods out of the country isn't easy. Unsafe road conditions and vast amounts of paperwork delay the process. With support from the World Bank, Nepal is working to improve roads and modernize customs procedures to cut the length of time it takes to deliver merchandise to its destination.

India: No Toilet, No Bride

Jul 16, 2013 Nearly half of India's 1.2 billion people don't have access to toilets, especially in rural villages. The lack of sanitation is the cause of one in every ten deaths here. Supported by the World Bank, the Government has introduced a sanitation campaign called ‘No Toilet, No Bride’, to educate villagers about proper waste disposal.

Bonded labour: Sahariya community

Jun 24, 2013 Sahariya tribe in Baran District of Rajasthan has been forced to work in a cycle of bondage for many years. This feature film by ActionAid explores various power inequalities that is keeping this practice alive even after six decades of Independence.

BPO professional teaches Maths on community radio

Jun 20, 2013 Amit Jadhav is a BPO professional who is associated with the community radio 'MUST' in Mumbai. Jadhav who works for the project ‘Maths on Radio’ said that he finds it very fruitful to utilise his weekly offs to make programmes which explains Mathematics to the listeners by using very easy methods.

Time to introduce professional farming methods: Rawat

May 21, 2013 India’s Minister for Water Resources, Harish Rawat, lauds the innovative apple project of Uttarakhand, a model that has freed small apple farmers from the clutches of middlemen besides introducing business acumen in them.

For My Children

May 01, 2013 For My Children, a short film produced by Open Space and, is the story of the millions of migrant workers who live an invisible life in the heart of our bustling cities. An intensely personal journey into their hopes, hardships, disappointments and dreams, this story questions our notion of development and progress.

Wedding Busters: Stopping child marriage

Apr 18, 2013 Meet the Wedding Busters - a group of Bangladeshi children, supported by the Plan International, who have successfully stopped 7 child marriages in their community. In Bangladesh, 66 per cent of girls get married before they are 18. All too often they are pulled out of school and lose out on their dreams.

Story of Akhtar, a young Afghan migrant

Apr 12, 2013 For more than four years, a young Afghan migrant, Akhtar Azimi, has travelled across continents to find a place to call home. He has been rejected for asylum in every country on his journey. The UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Migrants is working with governments to facilitate migration and give refugees such as Akhtar the chance to make valuable contributions as citizens in new communities.

Changing the culture of toilets in India

Apr 01, 2013 A World Bank initiative promoting the installation of toilets has been a success in some parts of India, where people have traditionally defecated in the open. There are more cellphones than toilets in India, and it's estimated 1.2 billion people don't have access to sanitation, which has led to disease, infant mortality, and widespread economic loss.




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