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Stop It: A movie that wants women to speak up

Mar 01, 2018 This movie endeavours to raise awareness on crimes against women by encouraging girls and women to come out of their cocoons of silence.

India is not a leading country when it comes to sustainable development

Feb 18, 2013 In an exclusive interview with OneWorld South Asia, Jonathon Porritt, Co-Founder of Forum for the Future, talks about the important role governance could play in helping countries like India and China in tackling the challenges brought by the climate change issues.

We must not continue to poison the world: Lord Prescott

Feb 15, 2013 Lord John Prescott is the former Deputy Prime Minister of the UK, credited with spotlighting the issue of climate change in his country. He says that less developed countries should be allowed to grow to reduce their poverty while the developed ones should use technology to reduce their carbon emissions.

UNIDO promotes energy issues in South Asia: Ayumi Fujino

Feb 14, 2013 Ayumi Fujino, Regional Director for South Asia, UNIDO, talks how her organisation is promoting energy and environment in the South Asian region. She says that an initiative like the DSDS-2013 enables organisations like UNIDO to share and to learn.

Climate change impacts on South Asia will be tremendous: CDKN

Feb 12, 2013 The havoc that climate change can bring upon us could pose one of the biggest threats to civilisation but the South Asian nations are not even exchanging notes about this serious threat to them, says Ali Tauqeer Sheikh, Asia Director of CDKN, at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit-2013.

Brice Lalonde, Executive Coordinator, Rio+20, speaks on SDGs

Feb 10, 2013 Brice Lalonde, Executive Coordinator, Rio+20, has been attending TERI's annual summit, the DSDS-2013, for a long time now. He talks about the Sustainable Development Goals, the MDGs and how the DSDS-2013 influences the course of development.

Dr Manmohan Singh inaugurates DSDS-2013

Feb 02, 2013 While inaugurating the DSDS-2013, the annual flagship conference of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), the Indian Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, said that the growth strategies of developing countries could not be held hostage to the demands of the developed nations.

DSDS will have great discussions on sustainable development: Sachs

Jan 16, 2013 Just weeks before the DSDS-2013 begins, Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director, The Earth Institute, Columbia University, says that the DSDS is an important event if we want to achieve a globally shared framework on sustainable development.

Dr Annapurna Vancheswaran on DSDS 2013

Jan 09, 2013 Dr Annapurna Vancheswaran, Director, Sustainable Development Outreach at the TERI, talks about how the DSDS-2013 to be held on January 31 this year will focus on resource efficient growth and development and how those challenges can be met.

International meet on good governance in South Asia

Dec 13, 2012 OneWorld South Asia brings you snippets from 'International Conference on Governance and Public Service Transformation in South Asia', held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It brought together academics, activists, bureaucrats and aid donors to deliberate on the post - MDG agenda for the region.

Imparting education to women in Nepal

Dec 11, 2012 This video by the 'Foundation Care for All' portrays the implementation of ‘Care For All’ programme which aspires to uplift the literacy levels of women in Nepal thereby making them more independent.

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